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EU “Democracy” Unveiled

by Gabriel O’Hara

When countries took the first step in what would expand in to the EU, the people and their political representatives never imagined their nation’s rights along with their culture would not be respected and undermined. The assumption was each nation would be treated how the law treats individuals. Just like how a young red haired woman is legally equal to a tall broad portly middle-aged man, they both have the same rights which are respected regardless of size or opinion. Unsurprisingly it is not legal even for two large men to intimidate a young lady to down a dark lane against her wishes. But psychologically things have changed in the EU. The unelected leadership are implanting their “imaginative” opinions around the union with their easy access to the media. Under the EU’s own rules if one nation rejects a treaty it does not get passed in to law. It is now EU psychologically acceptable, even if it’s against the rules, for large nations to drag smaller nations in to a treaty against their wishes. No will not be accepted, nations must be pressured in to giving the only answer, yes.

It is also EU acceptable to say Ireland is undemocratically holding back other EU countries that ratified the Lisbon treaty, such as France . To accept this statement all one is required to do is to demote information. Undervalue the information that French citizens had a referendum on the EU Constitution (over 96% the same as the Lisbon Treaty) in 2005 and voted No. The next step is to put a neutral value on the fact the French citizens were denied a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Finally overvalue the information that a few hundred French politicians ratified the Lisbon treaty and now you can “think” the Irish people are denying the French people democracy. With practice one can become fluent in this way of “thinking”. EU “democracy”.

On the day of the No vote, Gordon Brown according to reports, called French President Nicolas Sarkozy, “to assure him that British ratification would continue.” After the vote was announced on Friday June 13th European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso said the treaty is “alive and we should now try to find a solution.”

Rogue Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen had the choice to stand behind his people’s democratic decision but he choose, like his predecessor, to squirm up to the EU elite and ask for time to find an “option” around democracy. Last Thursday at an EU summit Cowen said, “We also agreed it is necessary for Ireland to have time now to analyse last week’s vote and explore options.” The Cowen option is not to exercise his right to demand ratification to end but to buy time allowing the other EU governments (not the citizens) to ratify the treaty; manufacturing a 26 to 1 situation allowing pressure to pile on the Irish people for YES vote in a second referendum. Inside sources have informed the Irish Independent that Cowen has until next spring to prepare for a second referendum.

EU politicians are calling for Irish Commissioner Charlie McCreevy to resign because of what he also said he never read the treaty and expressed his opinion on certain negative aspects of the EU, but when Irish MEP De Rossa actually voted not to respect the Irish referendum last Feb at the EU parliament they remained silent. The EU parliament voted in favour of not respecting the Irish referendum by a huge majority of 499 to 129, obviously the EU does not support democracy by the citizens of Europe but rather democracy for the hand-picked political management of the elite, an oligarchy.

Irish had to vote twice on Nice until we said yes. In 1992 the Danish voted No to the Maastricht treaty and were forced to vote a second time until they vote yes a year later. Switzerland was forced to vote five times in a referendum, maybe on the sixth time the propaganda will work. But once you vote yes they don’t ask again.

Over 80% of laws in countries under the Union now come from the EU not their national parliaments. What type of people are managing the EU? Let’s briefly have a look at what the European Commission president Mr. Barroso’s calls a “high quality commission”, as stated by British Member of the European Parliament Nigel Farage:

- Commissioner Barrot
“From France we have Mr. Jacques Barrot, he will take on transport. In 2000 he received an 8 month suspended jail sentence for his involvement in an embesslement case and was banned from holding public office for two years.”

- Commissioner Kovács
“From Hungary we have Mr. Kovács. He will take on taxation. For many years a communist apparatchik. A friend of Mr. Kadar, a dictator there, and an outspoken opponent of the values we hold dear in the west.”

- Commissioner Kallas
“From Estonia we have Mr. Kallas. For twenty years a soviet party apparatchik, until his newly acquired taste for capitalism got him in to some trouble. Though to be fair he was acquitted of abuse and fraud, but convicted for providing false information. And he is going to be in charge of the anti-fraud drive.”

- Commissioner Peter Mandelson
“From the UK we got Peter Mandelson. He’ll take on the trade portfolio. He of course was twice removed from the British government”

- Commissioner Kroes
“From the Netherlands we got Neelie Kroes, she’ll take on competition. She is accused of lying to the European Parliament, now these may only be allegations, but they are made by Mr. Van Buitenen and I think should be listened to.”

MEP Farage continues his speech to the EU Parliament and asks, “would you buy a used car from this commission?”

As expected, the EU has preformed a “survey” of the Lisbon vote with a small number of people, 2,000. From this small sampling the EU will make up excuses why the Irish must vote again until they vote the way they are supposed to, yes, the only option. The excuse for why they forced another referendum with Nice was because of a low turn out, however the Lisbon treaty had the highest turn out this decade for an EU treaty in Ireland , higher than Nice II, which means they will have to think of another excuse.

A ready-made excuse could be that they Irish people were too dumb to understand the treaty. Ready-made because it is widely admitted that the Lisbon Treaty was designed to be unreadable: “They decided that the document should be unreadable.” (Giuliano Amato, former Italian Prime Minister and Vice-Chairman of the EU Constitution Convention - 2007), “The aim of the Constitutional Treaty was to be more readable; the aim of this treaty is to be unreadable” (Karel de Gucht, Belgian Foreign Minister, Flandreinfo, June 2007). Even the Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowen admitted he never read the treaty (but he voted Yes). Of course just to be safe more excuses/artillery will be manufactured from the questions only 2,000 people were asked in a poll. The Irish people will be told they voted for mostly unfounded silly reasons and in October after the next EU summit the media will report to the public how Cowen bravely battled for Irish declarations (unreliable promises from weak politicians) to be added on to the Lisbon treaty.

Important reasons why the Irish voted no will not be highlighted, such as desiring the other 26 nations to hold a democratic referendum, Qualified Majority Voting (weakening Ireland’s position in Europe by cutting our voting weight in half and doubling Germany’s and others), the fact that the self–amending article 48 means the treaty can be changed without another referendum, an unelected 2.5 year to 5 year president and so on…

The Irish media lead the public to believe No campaigners were trying to mislead the electorate about important issues such as EU corporation taxes, they portrayed issues to vote No as fantasy, while promoting the lies that Ireland would be thrown out of the EU, and when news comes out that proves the No campaign right RTE casually reports the story slipping by an admittance that the media lie on corporation taxes undermined the country. Published on the RTE website, 19th of June: “French finance minister Christine Lagarde says France has put plans for changes in the EU system of taxing company profits on hold. This comes after Irish voters rejected the Lisbon treaty last week. A pan-European method of calculating how much tax companies should pay.”

Already the media wheels are spinning that the Irish No voters were not informed (never mind the Yes voters) and as an excuses for a bad reason to vote No the media are saying for some reason Irish No voters thought the EU could make a better treaty. How could the Irish have thought such a thing? After France and Netherlands rejected the EU constitution the EU changed it by 4% and called it the Lisbon Treaty, now they say they don’t know why the Irish people thought there would be a new treaty in the future. If we fall for that poor attempt at manipulation the EU is telling us there was never going to be another treaty ever again. Are the people in the media dumb enough to “buy” this line or are they airing it because they feel the public might be.

The media is important because it shapes people’s opinions, especially those who are too busy to verify what they’ve been told, and the media have been working overtime with the result of this referendum, letting the Irish people know that the result is not acceptable. They are continuously highlighting the celebration among right wing groups and personalities excluding the widespread popular support from ordinary citizens who are celebrating our no vote. This is not a win for extremists but for ordinary people who are deeply concerned with the direction the EU has now taken. We are being exposed to double-speak on a massive scale. The real extremists are now the elites in Europe who are completely alienated from the people and pushing forward their agenda with no mandate.

Let us never forget that the French and Dutch said no to the EU constitution. The EU’s response was to take out 4% and call it the Lisbon treaty, make it unreadable so it wont go to a referendum were it would be voted down again, have the French and Dutch politicians pass the Lisbon treaty in spite of their people’s wishes, for the third time a nation voted No, the Irish, and the EU are still trying to push it through. If they do push it through the illusion of EU democracy that fooled so many for so long will fall and be replaced by an “out in the open” oligarchy for all to see. They come further out in the open by inventing minor “plausible” excuses mixed with fear trying to push through the Lisbon treaty. If Ireland resist political terrorism and vote No again the EU might take 2% out of the treaty, make it even more unreadable, rename the treaty and come back in 2 years, which will unveil the anti-democratic mechanisms of the EU further.

Up to the second referendum the media will bombard the Irish people with political terrorism, continually reporting legally incorrect opinions of how Ireland will be thrown out of the EU if they don’t vote the only way, yes. The fact that the EU gave Irish politicians billions to spend in the past (like farmers who are paid to grow nothing) will be used against the Irish people, who will be pressured like a prostitute to do what they are told. To keep the illusion of EU democracy up these reports will be mixed with “nice” statements of how the EU will be patient with Ireland and how the Irish voters will be “educated” better this time.

It’s vital for the Irish people to stand firm again, we voted against this treaty not for the spurious reasons we are now being led to believe, but because deep down we had a sense of unease that something isn’t right, and that we are losing too much control over our nation to unelected politicians. It is the goal of the politicians and media to distract you from this sense of unease and use whatever means possible to get their way. They have absolutely no concern for you or what you want, their goal is to have more power over you and sell you out to a small political group in Brussels . We already know how corrupt the politicians are, now it’s time for the people to take back control of our own lives and stop being manipulated for their agenda.

Source: http://www.wiseupjournal.com

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