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Alert Meldcode! Aan Burgers,Ouders en Kinderen

June 22, 2011


Belangrijk om te tekenen. Omdat dit nauw samenhangt met de meldcode van de overheid. De vragenlijsten kunnen een aanleiding zijn om bij ouders zonder enige wettelijke onderbouwing zo je kinderen bij je weg te halen.

Er is mogelijkheid om dit als burgerinitiatief te kunnen indienen, omdat wij als burgers in Nederland dit recht hebben.

Neemt u aub heel even de tijd en de moeite, het zal namelijk uw kind maar wezen.

Er is zelfs een cursus gepland in Noord-Holland voor huismeesters om huiselijk geweld te signaleren. Ik ben tegen huiselijk geweld, maar het kan niet zo zijn dat de concierge een hekel aan u heeft en u leeft toevallig in een niet zo goed geisoleerde flat, en de concierge een keer een conflict opvangt tussen twee echtlieden.

En dan maar denkt dat hij of zij dit wel even zal gaan melden. Dit kan natuurlijk niet en loopt de spuigaten uit.

En van af en toe een confict kan een kind namelijk ook groeien en zich verder ontwikkelen. Door te zien hoe een conflict opgelost kan worden en ook om daar zelf van te leren, ook om later voor zichzelf op te kunnen komen.

Zolang er tenminste niet geslagen wordt en het niet iedere dag voorkomt is er niets aan de hand.

Maar dit kan met de meldcode en de gerelateerde vragenlijsten al een reden zijn om zonder proces-verbaal dit in werking te zetten.

Source: http://nederlandvrij.com

Video: Debtocracy (Dividocracia- legendado em português)

Junho 22, 2011



"Documentário que revela a crise econômico-social pela qual passam os países periféricos da União Europeia, em especial a Grécia.
Vemos como as políticas económicas neoliberais impostas pelos agentes financeiros da UE levam à bancarrota os países de sua periferia e os deixam manietados às decisões das grandes corporações financeiras supranacionais.
Este documentário expõe a crueldade que move o neoliberalismo em seu afã por ganhar cada vez mais às custas do sacrifício de todos os demais sectores da população. Também deixa claro que, com a decidida mobilização das maiorias populares, o monstruoso aparato financeiro pode ser derrotado."

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V

Source: http://persuaccao.blogspot.com

Unveiling the Mystics of Sacred Geometry

March 16, 2011

Sacred Geometry, how can I find the words to describe it? We wanted to do this post a long time ago, but I hardly would just scratch the surface of it. So I started doing my research a week ago, as usual the first would be a google search for “Sacred Geometry”.
A lot of esoteric links pop up and it leads to lot more, so my mind is exploding with information. There is so much more to put in, but let me try compiling what I have watched and learnt and hopefully we shall present a decent overview on this subject.
Let me start with the basic, what is sacred geometry? Certain ratios and shapes find themselves repeating throughout the universe, these geometric shapes and figures seem to radiate positivity.

According to this post from
Sacred Geometry Mandala Art, Pythagoras described geometry as visual music. Music is created by applying laws of frequency and sound in certain ways. States of harmonic resonance are produced when frequencies are combined in ways that are in unison with universal law.

These same laws can be applied to produce visual harmony. Instead of frequency and sound it is angle and shape that are combined to produce visual symphonies that show the harmonic unification of diversity.

Read the rest of the article here: fractalenlightenment.com 

Natural Cure For A Sunburn

June 1, 2011

Tis the season for sunburns!
Here are some natural remedies that may help alleviate your pain!

Aromatherapy: Spray the affected area with lavender and chamomile. To prevent blistering, also massage two to three drops of lavender oil directly into the affected area.
Herbs: Apply cool aloe vera gel liberally to the sun burnt area. If you are badly sun burnt, apply a salve made with St. John`s wort and calendula flowers.
Topical Treatment: Apply a mixture of two parts apple cider vinegar and one part extra virgin olive oil to the affected area. This will help soothe the pain and hasten the healing process.
Homeopathy: Natrum mur. is a useful homeopathic remedy for preventing sunburn, while Urtica Urens and Rhus tox can help speed recovery after sunburn occurs. Calendula lotion applied topically is also helpful.
Juice Therapy: Carrot juice is perfect for a speedy recovery.
Nutritional Supplementation: Vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

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WW3 and Image of the Beast

September 22, 2010

I theorized in my previous article about the 3 Empires that would exist just preceding the formation of the 4Th Beast Empire of the Anti-christ.

Daniel 7.
3 empires will exist at the same time before the Prophetic time of the Anti-christ. All 3 Empires will be world powers.
  • First beast: A lion with eagle’s wings, has its wings torn off. It is then standing on two feet and given a man’s heart. This is the British/American commonwealth empire. All English speaking peoples.
  • Second beast: A bear, raised up on one side, has three ribs in its teeth. He is told to gorge himself on flesh. This is the Russian empire including all the Slavic nations, Balkan states and central Asian states.
  • Third beast: A leopard with four wings and four heads is given authority to rule. China and south Asian nations.
The Antichrist Beast: Rev 13:2
And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.
It has the attributes of the Three of Empires that it overtakes. Literally this Beast Empire will be a joining of the China/Russia/America empires or most likely the survivors of the next Great War. Human desperation pushes Technology at an incredible rate during times of war. WW2 started on horse-back and ended with a Nuclear weapon. What will come out of WW3? Nano-bio engineered synthesis. The merging of Man and Machine.
So the basic scenario could play out like this: The US empire becomes weakened, the Russian empire comes back and looks to conquer and the Chinese empire looks to become the economic and cultural super power of the day. As is typical in history some series of unseen events will play havoc on the plans of all three empires. The American Lion/Eagle will engage in deadly combat with the resurgent Russian/central Asian Bear and the Chinese/South-Asian Leopard will play both sides but get dragged down into a the nightmare conflict that will go NBC(Nuclear-Biological-Chemical).
The World will go right to the brink. There will be an unfathomable desperation after the war that we cannot possibly imagine. A Billion dead, entire nations poisoned with radiation… mass starvation…. unforeseen mutations in nature… ecosystems devastated. The Hell we will create will shake the Human race to the core. The greatest explosion of  technological discovery and invention happens in times of war. WW2 was started on horseback and ended with a Nuke. WW3 will usher in the age of Nano technology and computer-organic organisms. And one other very overlooked technology…Time Shift capability.
Hollywood Prophets and the birth of Artificial Intelligence
Hollywood and Science Fiction writers gave it to us first. Well not really. The good ole Book of Revelation gets the credit.
“And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads.”
He is the False Prophet/side-kick of the Anti-christ. His counterpart in the un-holy trinity the Beast-Messiah is going to get assassinated on come back to life. Cloning… instant DNA regeneration…. something is going bring this guy back from sure death and the whole world is going be amazed. His wound will be healed.
Enter the Dragon
False Prophet guy tells the world to make an Image to beast. Then he has power to GIVE LIFE unto the Image of the beast. It speaks and causes those that do not worship the Image to be killed.
It Speaks and Causes. It becomes alive. Artificial Intelligence. It’s a Terminator. It’s a cyborg. It’s a melding of organic life and technology. Its motivation and source of power comes from the Dragon who was cast down to earth. There is an Alien/non terrestrial component to it.
I present to you the idea that God is not an overly cruel dictator that tosses people into a burning lake of fire for anything less than the most horrendous transgression. But whoever worships the Beast or his Image or receives the mark of his name is going to be toast. Taking the Mark of the Beast and handing over your conscious free will is going to be a one-way ticket out of the human race. Like joining the Borg.
Whatever it is… it is going to be insidious. We have been warned. If we try to play God and create life… we may get more than we bargained for. Maybe an army of super-human techno-genetic freaks with no souls or the slightest human inclination. Somehow the whole thing will get spun with the promise of immortality…. a way out of the dying poisoned murderous world where people exist. Follow the one who came back to life… surrender your will and consciousness to the Image… take the mark…..In your hand or head….. join the collective….give yourself….mind, body, and spirit over to the bright shinning abomination.
We were warned starting 2 thousand years ago, and the message has been beamed into our minds through TV and films and modern techno culture for the last forty years. Scientist are within a hair of some incredible developments. Quantum communication was just achieved by the Chinese. Artificial Skin for a robot is in prototype in a laboratory. Mind reading computer technology is right around the corner. The Army has exoskeleton frames designed to make soldiers runs faster and carry more.
How do you dodge a bullet… don’t change the laws of physics… change TIME. We have proven it can be done on the sub-atomic level. Some people think we are now doing it on the nut-and-bolts level with People and objects. “And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High and think to change TIMES and laws: and they shall be given into his hands until a time and times and the dividing of times” (Daniel 7:25).

The English translation is terrible, he will change or alter the nature of time. The anti-christ beast is going to present himself as the new god, the god-man of the new quantum-era. I suspect whatever we discover in that Big-bang machine looking for the God particle will not be divine. I imagine there must be an interface between the world of Spirit and the physical universe. Somehow pure Evil is going to make the jump into our world… pure evil is going breathe life into some freakish hybrid bio-tech creation and bring hell to this earth.

Source: http://scarletwhore.com

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Penalty of an Ancient Fraud

By John Kaminski

Why killing is the biggest business of all
And Moses said, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel: Pick up your swords, go from camp to camp, every man shall kill his brother, every man shall kill his companion, every man shall kill his neighbor.

— Exodus 32:27

Their children shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled,
and their wives ravished.

— Isaiah 13:16

And you shall eat the flesh of your sons and daughters.

— Leviticus 26:29

Their town is all green graves, and blood under the feet of its men.
— Aneirin, Welsh poet, c. A.D. 660

Who is the third who walks always beside you?
... Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded ....

— T.S. Eliot, "What the thunder said," A.D. 1922

When you become aware of a fleeting thought and try to catch it, it always seems to disappear. But if you try to walk away from it, it pursues you like a shadow, an invisible wraith of foreboding that lurks behind your left shoulder. Uneasily, you turn around to face it, and once again it is not there.

They are numbers on a newspaper page. Silhouettes on a TV screen. Imaginary insects tickling the back of your neck. Objects of hatred targeted by the pastor's pointing finger. Terrorists lurking in your own neighborhood, aiming to blow you up.

Who are these people we feel we must kill in order to assure our own safety, to validate and verify our own lives? Who are these faceless savages who give us nightmares, and accelerate the sales of drugs to calm us down.

Yesterday they were the Palestinians. In our minds we were taught to see beasts with dynamite-encased ribcages ready to shatter our lives on a moment's notice. In reality today we see desperate children throwing stones at Apache helicopters, then lying in the street bleeding after Israeli target practice.

Before that there were the niggers, coming to rape your white daughters. Subsequent exercises in reason reveal to most of us they were really innocent African abductees dangling from a tree limb in a drunken Southern town.

And before that there were those filthy savages called Indians, on whom white Europeans perfected their genocide techniques that became America's principal export, a social technique which — when combined with the latest style in weaponry — provided those in the United States with their much-admired level of prosperity. Subsequent perspective on these forgotten souls — these native Americans — has never evolved, and to this day, they are abused and ravished by the local cops.

Today's terrorists du jour are Iraqis (and Arabs in general), the ungrateful recipients of radioactive gifts from that high-tech plantation called America.

Wrapped in tiny shawls and speaking an odd language (as enemies usually do), they bring us nightmare bombs that manifest the threat we must overcome to stay alive, that give us our reasons for productivity and ingenuity. Funny how it works that way, how civilization evolves responding to threats, whether real or imagined.

Suicide bombers! Splashing the entrails of our own fear all over the front pages of our shrewdly designed existences. Funny how when you see how these creatures of horror evolved, we appear to have invented them ourselves, right in the pages of the Old Testament. You could also call it the Torah, but doing that allows Christians to evade responsibility for this violent horror that grips the world, and it would not be fair to do that, to pin everything on the Jews.

The one good thing about both creeds is that they both stress personal responsibility, and that's what we're trying to define here. That's true, even though they both advocate killing those whose property you covet, as the excerpted quotes at the top of this essay so aptly illustrate.

Few of us ever contemplate that these terrorist threats are works of fiction, crafted by those with an ulterior motive. Usually that motive, if history is any guide, is about stealing someone's land. When you read about so-called villains, the horror is created to achieve the objectives of someone who gains something from creating that threat. As I said, it's usually about land. Or if not, about a very lucrative commodity.

Perhaps it goes back to Cain and Abel, or Abraham and his two sons, one of whom was disinherited, and traces directly to the giant wall the erstwhile sons of Isaac are currently building in the West Bank. After all these centuries, still trying to deny the rightful patrimony of their brothers. And murdering their first-cousins at will. And with glee.

There are innumerable instances of righteous killing of those who had something we wanted. Our civilization is built on these lessons. We are still practicing them.

Justice always takes a back seat to avarice because it is conveniently created and administered by those with power over others.

Those who pretend to be religious are only pretending. The laws of God are contrived to facilitiate theft, not forgiveness.

Yet the thought is fleeting. When you turn around to face it it's not there, like a faint but painful memory of some childhood sexual trauma.

Fleeting. And our lives are wasted with murder and mayhem, scarred on our souls like a planet turned to ash by the poisons of our own desires.

Mnemosyne, goddess of memory, what a duplicitous gift you give us. Sweet reverie, how could we kill without you? But we have our Holy Orders!

Somehow our well-being is tied up with having enemies: Palestinian grasshoppers, black rapists, Indian savages. And tied into religion. Defeating death. Repelling the infidel. Planting the flag of Christ in some foreigner's land.

We know who most of yesterday's enemies are. They're still bleeding, those beleaguered few still left alive.

Conject, if you will, on whom tomorrow's enemies may be. And the lies that will be used to condemn them. Chances are good, if history is any guide, it will involve land. And precious commodities of some sort.

Certainly, Bush/Kerry has the Venezuelans in its gun sights. There is simply too much oil there to be left in the hands of people with such dark skin. And Lula's Brazil would be a natural progression once South Guanatamo is established in Caracas, although the Brazilians are reportedly close to perfecting their own nukes, and we all know the United States doesn't pick on countries which can actually fight back.

Which is why — OK, also because of Wal-Mart — that the U.S. will never go after China. Much too tough. Their day is coming. Hell, the U.S. isn't even tough enough to stop the Aztlantics from grabbing San Francisco, Santa Fe and San Antonio, something that will probably happen in the 21st century.

But the Lord says it's cool to kill people for their possessions. And the human race is apparently not ready to distinguish between the spoken words of God and the satanic scribblings of the pederastic priests who interpose their deluded dogma and insist it is the wish of the Messiah.

I lately have been deluged by letters from "concerned" Christians for blaming their faith in my "Fallujah" piece (see http://www.serendipity.li/iraqwar/hallelujah_in_fallujah.htm). Makes me realize how sick this religion is, in that so many people would be more worried about saving their selfish souls than in the unjust butchery of innocent people. That is not how to save your soul, people, and the principal thing that is absolutely wrong with all religions.

Got another note from a feller in Mississippi who actually bought one of my books but had to send me a little comic book illustrating why it was more important to "keep the Lord's holy word" than it was to do good works. It depicted a couple, who had spent their lives feeding the poor, meeting a man who had committed murder but who had "accepted" Christ. At the end, when they meet their maker, the wrathful God welcomes the reformed killer but sends the altruistic old couple straight to hell, pontificating that it doesn't matter what good works you do — it only matters if you follow the word of God.

This may explain why I have such contempt for religion.

I have nothing against God, but religions are pure evil. Simply mind control propaganda meant to assure the serene unconsciousness and political ineffectivness of the deceived populace.

Why is it that bullets and holy men in black cassocks always seem to go together?

In this world we try to find someone to look down our noses at, someone who makes us feel that we are better than them. Who is it that declares these evil infidels? How many pagans were slaughtered by the fledging Constantinian church?

I suggest that the true pariahs are the ones who create these distinctions: the Brahmins, the British, the Americans, the white Europeans who propagandize these falsely discriminatory distinctions and teach our children to kill because of the color of someone's skin.

It's all a ruse to begin with. It's not really about lineage; it's about cold hard cash.

The true villains on this Earth are those who enslave and exploit, who manipulate and massacre to prove to themselves they are the superior ones, when all they are proving is that they are the weak and evil ones. This concept of elite respectability is a sham anyway, since most fortunes in this world were built on illegal activity, from British drug smugglers to Israeli arms merchants to American drug profiteers. As they say, "behind every great fortune is a great crime."

So it is with Western history. The people who wrote the Bible were the bad guys, who went around killing everyone and then invented noble-sounding reasons for doing so. And we Americans, with our vaunted Western civilization, are their literal heirs, in every sense of the word. We have perfected killing and destruction as the highest art form of human civilization.

All the while marching on subliminal orders from the Old Testament.

In Richard Duncan's very scary piece on the savage world he predicts will develop at the shocking end of the age of oil (http://dieoff.com/page224.htm) he foresees it is the indigenous people who will fare the best, because they are well prepared for living close to the land without canned food and automatic can openers. Said the pessimistic geologist, "If God made the earth for human habitation, then He made it for the Stone Age mode of habitation."

And I am constantly reminded of Ernest Becker's maxim: "The greatest evil in human history is material production."

Something to keep in mind when you realize the elite are now trying to kill us all off with biotech food that curdles your insides, with aluminium and barium poisoning from the sky that clogs your lungs with hard mucous, with designer prescription drugs designed to make you more dependent on even more poisonous medications, with brain-numbing fluoride in the water, with gene-shattering aspartame in our soft drinks, with radioactive polonium in our cigarettes ... it's all too clear that the preconscious triggers from all our religions and philosophies are predicated on self-destruction over our obsessive guilt that we die — and that our loved ones must die — and we can do nothing about it.

It's so clear why we are hellbent to destroy ourselves, and it is best reflected in my favorite Bible quote of all — Deuteronomy 28:56-58:
If your mother does not obey all of God's holy laws, she will be forced to eat her own children!

Come back to Earth, people, before it's too late. If you cling to your hope of heaven, and forget to heal the wounds of those you have injured because of that hope of heaven, it will surely produce exactly what it is aimed at — the death of us all.

It takes a little more understanding than that to truly live. It takes understanding that the messages in the holy books are only false justifications for killing our brothers and sisters. And it is in that sense that God has truly become the devil.

People are always asking me to stop complaining and suggesting something positive they can do fix the evil in this world. Well, here's an idea.

Boycott your churches. Snub your synagogues. Ignore your mosques. Until those preachers come out foursquare for peace and justice, refuse to accept their pitiful propaganda.

The minute you start worrying about your immortal soul is exactly the point at which you lose it.

Besides, that's not God who resides in most houses of worship anyway. It's Moloch! It's Baal. It's Marduk. It's definitely Mammon. The Evil One, posing as your deity, teaching you how to pretend to be good rather than actually teaching you how to be good.

Tell your pastor you have a higher standard of morality than he is able to reach, as long as he keeps preaching that Old Testament bigotry and stays silent about America's mass murder of innocents for reasons that are provable lies. What kind of morality is silence about that? Ask him. Tell him. Stand up for what's right.

Quit worrying about your soul. It will take care of itself. Besides, if you're an American you've already lost your soul anyway. You have almost no chance of getting it back.

The only thing God really cares about is how you treat others.

And bombing innocent people in order to steal their land and their valuable possessions, as that fake God in the Old Testament incessantly recommends, doesn't really cut it, does it?

John Kaminski, skylax@comcast.net, is the author of America's Autopsy Report, a collection of his Internet essays that have appeared on hundreds of websites around the world, and The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Official Version of What Happened on September 11, 2001, a booklet designed to be read by those who continue to trust what the U.S. government is saying.

Source: http://www.serendipity.li 

A Kabbalistic View of Business

Jonathon Clark


Business Tree of Life

In seeking to understand the way a business works we first need to realise that this understanding must come at several different levels.

At the most basic, physical level of a business we need to know about operational details – at what temperature the kiln should be set for firing pottery or how long the clay pots should be left in the kiln once it is ready.

While much of the activity in a business is carried out at this level it eventually becomes apparent that there is more to deal with than just physical facts. At the next, non-physical, level we may include the psychology of the people who work in the business. There have been many models over the years attempting to deal with this aspect; they include McGregor’s “Theory X and Theory Y,” Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” (1) and behavioural models such as those formulated by Myers-Briggs (2) and Belbin (3).

Helpful as these models have been there still appears to be a dimension missing in understanding the way in which a business exists and that is what might be called the spiritual dimension.

To gain a better comprehension of the overall context in which a business functions and which embraces the spiritual dimension it might be useful to understand something of a tradition of wisdom known as Kabbalah (4).


Kabbalah, a Hebrew word meaning “to receive,” is a body of knowledge which, according to legend, was given to Abraham by Melchizedek, a King and High Priest of Jerusalem. It deals with the fundamental laws of existence and while it may be most commonly associated with the Judaeo-Christian tradition some of its teachings have common ground with the esoteric forms of other religions.

Whilst subscription to a particular religion is certainly not a pre-requisite for understanding Kabbalah it does suppose the acknowledgement of God or a Supreme Being or Guiding Force. The names are rather less important than the acceptance of the principle. Before referring to a business in Kabbalistic terms it is appropriate to set out some of the main points of Kabbalah.

The main tool of Kabbalah is the diagram known as the Tree of Life consisting of ten circles or “Sefirot” (singular “Sefirah”) and twenty-two paths. This is one of four trees which interconnect to form a second diagram known as Jacob’s Ladder (Click here for a full view of Jacob’s Ladder) and refers to the vision in the dream of Jacob at Bethel of a ladder on which angels could ascend and descend between the highest heaven and the densest parts of the physical world. The four worlds are known in descending order as Azilut (the Divine or world of Emanation), Beriah (Creation), Yezirah (Formation) and Assiyah (Action). The human psyche is described by the world of Yezirah and is the one which may also be used to map the psyche of a business.

The ten Sefirot are the ten different qualities of God and, because God is everywhere and contained in everything, then any worldly situation may be placed upon the Tree of Life as a reflection of the Divine.

This last statement has enormous implications as it means that, whatever situation is under review, referring it to a diagram of the “Tree of Life” may help to resolve problems or deepen one’s understanding of the position.

God, according to Kabbalah, created the universe because He wished to behold His own image and, God being perfect, man’s role is to beautify the world in order for the image to be perfected.

The soul is believed to live through many physical lifetimes and actions in any one incarnation may reap punishment or reward in the same or future lifetimes. Eventually the soul is re-united with God but this re-union can not be achieved until all past debts – or karma – have been paid.

When we are conscious of how the Tree of Life operates in the context of a business then we are better able to keep the business in balance and to make it beautiful. In doing this we are therefore able to raise the level of the world and polish God’s image a little brighter.

The conventional view of a business is that its purpose is to make money but this is only one of its dimensions. Certainly the more financially successful a business the more it can achieve for all connected with it but to see it simply as a money making machine will ensure its premature breakdown. Good sense as much as Kabbalah should tell us this!

By focusing instead on the consciousness of the company and keeping its true purpose in mind – the perfecting of the world – there lie opportunities of great fulfilment for managers, employees, customers and shareholders alike and financial prosperity will also flow as a natural consequence. Prosperity resulting from right action in business will be of a far more lasting and stable nature than the money from actions taken for short term gain. This is not to say there will not necessarily be hard decisions and moments of crisis but by understanding the Tree as a frame of reference for the business there is the greater likelihood that difficulties will be overcome.

Looking at the diagram of the Tree we see that there are three pillars; the right-hand pillar is known as the pillar of action and the left hand pillar is known as the pillar of form; this embodies the concept of active and passive and a balance must be kept between the two. When too much emphasis is placed on one side then the laws of nature will swing the whole model back to balance again.

The central pillar is known as the pillar of consciousness and it is the ascent of this pillar which is our task as human beings either as individuals or as part of a company or business.

By ascent of this column, by paying attention to our consciousness the Tree – of the individual or the company – remains in balance without the self correcting mechanism which is bound to occur (sometimes painfully) when too much emphasis is paid to either forceful or passive action.

Intention is everything and is best expressed in the words of the song “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.”

As we shall see, the triangles connected by the Sefirot are also important in understanding the behaviour of a company or individual.

The traditional names and meanings of the Sefirot are also can now be set out together with the equivalent way in which they might be translated to the setting of a manufacturing company.


Keter: The Crown, contact with the Divine Spirit down through which the energy of the upper worlds flow:

The creative energy which was present in the founder of the company as the idea of its formation occurred and which continues to exist for the possibility of extensions and growth of the business. It is not the invention of a particular product which is embodied by Keter but the energy flowing into an individual which enables wisdom or insight to be received. One has to be in state of grace before such insight can be gained.

Hokhmah: Wisdom, Inspiration or the active intellect.

The inspiration for a new idea or new generic product e.g. the vacuum cleaner or portable telephone. This idea is seen in a flash of clarity which is made possible by the Creative or Divine energy of Keter. This is the 1% of “99% perspiration, 1% inspiration.”

Binah: Understanding or passive intellect.

The flash of inspiration which conceives of the idea of a portable telephone may occur in a moment but it then has to be translated into circuit diagrams and materials so that it is workable and safe. Binah is the “99% perspiration, 1% inspiration.”

Da’at: “Knowledge” This is known as a “non-sefirah” or black hole through which access to other worlds may be obtained.

Da’at represents the collective knowledge of the company and in the context of a corporate body it is the point through which access is obtained to other corporate bodies.

This is also the position of the shareholders who have the power to remove the chairman situated at Tiferet (see below). However, they do not partake directly in the running of the company so their position in a space which is not actually a sefirah is appropriate.

Hesed: Loving Kindness or Mercy.

In the company context this means expansion and enthusiasm and is the place where a genuine love for the work and for all associated with it is generated. When the idea of creating love in business started to be discussed openly in the nineteen-eighties (a successor to Drucker’s “Human Side of Enterprise) this was the Sefirah which was being developed. McGregor’s “Theory Y” is also located here.

Gevurah: Judgement or Discipline.

This is where decisions are made about the direction of the company of a strategic nature although each individual in making decisions within their own sphere of operation will be using their own Gevuric qualities if operating from Tiferet rather than Yesod (see below).

Over reliance on Gevurah produces a harsh kind of environment – the nineteenth century mills were extreme examples and unless Gevurah is consciously tempered with the loving kindness of Hesed then the Universe brings itself back into balance – hence the rise of the Trade Union movement to counteract the employment practices of the nineteenth century which worked too much to the advantage of the employer. This is the place of McGregor’s “Theory X.”

Tiferet: Beauty or Wisdom – from another name “The Seat of Solomon”.

In an organisational diagram of a company this is the place occupied by the chairman who makes the overall decisions necessary to ensure that the company remains balanced between the active and passive pillars and brings through the Divine Spirit into the everyday world of the company described below.

Although Tiferet is embodied by a Chairman the Tiferet of a company is an essence that extends in time beyond individual occupation of that position. The Tiferet of a company is therefore accessible to anyone who aligns themselves with the essential energy of that company. At the individual level each person has the option of operating from the detached state of Tiferet or the ego centred state of Yesod.

Netzach: Meaning “To make Eternal” or to set cycles in motion.

This is the home of the sales and marketing departments who generate interest in the company products and attract customers. Other activity cycles are also initiated here such as production of goods and accounting.

Hod: Reverberation – the continuation of that which has been set in motion at Netzach. The measurement of cycles.

This is the home of the information systems in a company – everything from time sheets to annual accounts are dealt with here. It is often said that the management of a company in trouble will demand more and more information much to the chagrin of the employees. In terms of the Tree this means a greater concentration on the Sefirah of Hod with sheaves or reports. If a conscious decision is not finally made on the basis of the information received then “paralysis by analysis” occurs (remember this is the passive side of the Tree) and self correction takes over with the relevant manager deciding to “do” something – “anything” – and another cycle is set in motion by swinging back to Netzach.

Where a company is “run by accountants” then there is a great emphasis on Hodian matters with the danger that business opportunities are lost as those in charge are not noted for their spontaneity. At the other end of the scale when a company is “run by salesmen” there is the danger that the company flies by the seat of the pants and every sales opportunity – good or bad – is accepted. Without due attention to good accounting the company tends to swing out of control by, for example, giving away too much discount, and becoming unprofitable.

This is also an unstable situation with too much concentration on Netzach – the “courting” of customers and the instigation of the razzmatazz of too much corporate hospitality. The three pairs of Sefirot on the Tree must always work in harmony with each other for stability to exist.

Yesod: the Foundation. Sometimes known as the reflection (of Tiferet). The repository of moods.

This is the image of the company and is therefore the Sefirah to which most people relate most of the time. Actions are carried out by reference to how the company will be seen or reflected in the eyes of those outside it. However, while the image of the company is important there is no direct connection between Yesod and Gevurah or Yesod and Hesed so that decisions taken at a Yesodic level may often be incorrect.

In terms of Jungian psychology Yesod equates to the ego while Tiferet is the Self. For example, a company may make a donation to a local charity but if this is done solely for the kudos it will bring then the donation does no good for the energy behind the gift is wrong.

The decision about making the gift needs to be taken in the light of which charity is the most appropriate (Gevuric decision making) and where the greatest love (Hesed) can be created by the gift and expressed by those giving it. A gift made from the consciousness of Yesod (ego) is able to access these qualities only remotely.

Yesod is also the place where budgets are set and monitored. They govern the life of the majority of employees who are usually unaware of their broader implications. For the managers who sit on the pillar of consciousness between Yesod and Tiferet there is the danger that they will be driven downwards to Yesod by the demands of the budget even in cases where the longer term good of the company demands a revision of targets which can only be made from the detached position of Tiferet. It is the ego which insists that “it will not give in” when the Self recognises the art of the possible.

Malkhut: The Kingdom

We are describing the psyche of a company – the Yeziratic world – but this is interleaved with the Assiyatic or physical world beneath it. The central point (Tiferet) of the physical world is at the same place on Jacob’s Ladder as the Malkhut of the psychological world. As such the Malkhut of a company deals with its physical nature – both the product and the workplace. Bearing in mind that the central pillar of consciousness contains the energy of the company it is clear that beautifying the workplace and the physical product will enable greater energy to flow up the Tree. Similarly, the physical products will carry the energy or consciousness which has come down the Tree in the individual psyches of those people making the products.


The three triads Yesod/Netzach/Malkhut, Yesod/Hod/Malkhut and Yesod/Hod/Netzach represent the day to day way in which the company acts, thinks and feels respectively. It is essential that these three be kept in balance. The most common danger is to act continuously without taking time for serious thought. However, while this may be true of a private business, the danger in the public sector is the continual round of meetings (thinking) which result in little or now action taking place. Perhaps the most common feature in both these traditional types of environment is the lack of positive feeling which is built up so that employees frequently don’t feel very good about their company. In the absence of a conscious decision to generate a positive feeling the business simply sucks up whatever negativity is swimming around.

As a result of this lack of attention to the feeling aspect in companies the “New Age” business has evolved in which much attention is paid to dealing with the relationships between people in a business and the deliberate generation of a positive and loving atmosphere.

Commendable as this is it counts for nothing if too much emphasis is given to this area at the expense of the other triads in the lower face of the Tree in which case the result is often that of an ungrounded, airy-fairy environment – note that the feeling triangle is the only one of the three triads centred on Yesod not in direct contact with Malkhut which represents physical reality.

These triangles in the lower part of the Tree are all areas which are the concern of the day-to-day operations and where the ego and image of the company is to the fore. This is where people argue for “rights and wrongs” collectively or individually and where issues of sunroofs on company cars can assume more importance that the long term viability of the business.

The triad formed by Hod/Netzach/Tiferet is where people launch their careers and is inhabited by those who wish to “get on” rather than be one of the masses. Seen as a pyramid with Tiferet at the peak it aptly represents the decreasing number of people who reach the higher levels of management. More and more as these people climb towards the central part of the Tree they are able to take the longer term and more detached view that embodies the state of Tiferet.

Tiferet represents impartiality and neutrality and is one point of the vital triangle of Tiferet/Hesod/Gevurah. In psychological terms this is the triangle of the soul and for a company it symbolises the Board of Directors of which Tiferet is the Chairman. For the Chairman, the company may be seen as a child and he gives a little guidance here, a little nudge there. Some brightening of the company’s image may be called for (a polishing of Yesod) or greater discipline regarding safety standards (more Gevurah); a change in the presentation of accounting information (Hod) or the purchase of a new factory (Malkhut).

Not all chairmen, of course, are able to act this way all of the time – indeed, if they could, they would long ago have ascended to a higher and more saintly world – and the challenge for the chairman is to handle this power responsibly. Where this power is abused and, for example, impossible targets are set for companies or employees are exploited or no regard paid to the environmental consequences of the company’s actions then the Chairman is acting out of his own personal Yesod (ego) and mistakenly assumed that the purpose of the business is for it to glorify him personally rather than be a part of the beautification of the Universe and of God’s Creation.

Few chairmen, unfortunately, are aware of the true nature of their responsibility and an old Israeli proverb might act as a salutary warning – “If the head stinks then the whole fish is rotten”

Either side of Tiferet are the two triads of Tiferet/Netzach/Hesed and Tiferet/Hod/Gevurah. Placed on Jacob’s Ladder these are no longer part of the physical reality of the company but represent the positive and negative emotional experiences of the company throughout its life.

For example, the stories of the wonderful boom market in the nineteen eighties when profits were high and business plentiful will be passed from generation to generation of employees as a positive experience in the collective psyche. Conversely, the stories of the ogre of an office manager who retired in 1955 may still be used as a threat to potential miscreants entering the company by those who remember their own tortured apprenticeship.

The Tiferet of the company is the heart of the company and although it may be personified by a chairman, even chairmen change as companies are bought and sold. However, at the centre of the company is its core and this can be accessed even by those who are normally concerned with only the day to day transactions. When that core is accessed then the person accessing it is in touch not only with the emotional experiences just described but also with the great intellectual concepts of the triad Tiferet/Binah/Gevurah in which are present the history of the company and code of practice.

In legal terms these are wrapped up in the Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as the drawings of the products and ideas noted in the description of Binah. Only at the Tiferet level of consciousness does one have access to the understanding of what is and is not possible in a company in the broader context of the legal and historical framework.

Someone on the shop floor may have an idea for what appears to be a new production process but, perhaps, only by referring to the minutes of a Board meeting held forty years earlier can the Chairman and the Board see exactly why that practice should not be re-introduced – information which is not accessible from someone acting only at the Yesodic level of the company.

On the other side of the Tree is the triangle Tiferet/Hokhmah/Hesed – again only accessible from the neutral position of Tiferet – whence all bright ideas and inspirations flow. In the example just quoted one could say that the Chairman would access the idea of changing casting production by reference to the active side of the Tree while the reasons for not doing so would be obtainable form the passive side of the Tree.

All this knowledge about the company, its practices, history, image, feeling etc. is held in the black hole of Da’at. This is the knowledge or “intellectual property” which is so sought after that the “industry” of industrial espionage has arisen. Above Da’at is Keter and, crossing the abyss from Tiferet, the chairman is able – sometimes – to be given a glance of divine light or divine guidance which will enable him to act for the good of the company and of the Universe.

On occasion this may even involve the transgression of earthly laws for the denser the matter the more laws are necessary but such transgressions are not carried out lightly. Knowing when such exceptional actions should be taken is part of the responsibility of operating at a higher level of consciousness and always there is the duty to ensure that it is not the false voice of temptation which is calling.

For the Board of Directors, symbolised by the triangle Tiferet/Hesed/Gevurah there is constantly the choice of acting according to the active or passive intellectual triads of Tiferet/Hokhmah/Hesed or Tiferet/Gevurah/Binah respectively or surrendering to the great triangle of the Spirit which is represented by Tiferet/Hokhmah/Binah and in the middle of which sits the Abyss of Knowledge which is Da’at. This last triangle also represents the lowest part of the world of Beriah (Creation) and for a Board of Directors and Chairman to surrender their conscious actions to the energy of the higher and unseen worlds from where the Holy Spirit emerges can be a little unnerving to say the least.

The Divine Light is contained in the triangle Keter/Hokhmah/Binah and is well above the physical world amongst the angels and archangels. Hovering above the physical and psychological world is the world of Spirit or Creation (Beriah) and, beyond that, the world of the Divine (Azilut). Such energies have their part to play although only a few may be aware of them.

As has already been stated the individual always hasthe opportunity to access the upper Sefirot of his own psyche and by doing so it is sometimes possible that the Divine Light in a company is more visible in the eyes of a holy welder than in the Boardroom.

When the energies from those higher worlds can be brought through to benefit our everyday business then we are truly helping to make our companies “on Earth as it is in Heaven” and God will be closer to beholding the Glory of His own Image.

The diagram of the Tree of Life gives us a framework within which to carry out this task and by understanding that structure we make the task of applying our knowledge that much easier.

The structured approach of the Tree of Life might seem at odds with the organisational trends of recent years in which there has been a move away from hierarchical organisations. There was much talk in the eighties of groups of people which would surface within an organisation, perform a task and then disappear, this in stark contrast to the rigid departmental structures which had typified organisations previously.

Even though the names may have changed and “facilitators” and “team leaders” have replaced “managers” the functions carried out within these “new companies” are still capable of being described with reference to the Tree. People still have the choice of acting from Yesod or Tiferet (ego or self) and attention still has to be paid to marketing and measuring (Netzach and Hod). The form may have changed but the essence is still the same – a fundamental principle of Kabbalah.

Where once, in the Sinai desert, the main activity was the building of the Ark of the Covenant so today the majority of mankind – certainly in the “developed” world – spends much of its time in industry and commerce. Where Kabbalistic principles were certainly applied in the construction of the Ark they have not so far made a major impact in today’s business world and yet they perhaps provide the key for which many industrial leaders have been searching.


1. For a general discussion of the works of Maslow, McGregor and other related works the reader is referred to “Management and Motivation” edited by Victor H. Vroom and Edward L. Deci, published by Penguin as one of their Penguin Modern Management Readings.

2. A description of the Myers-Briggs model is to be found in “Gifts Differing” by Isabel Myers, published by Consulting Psychological Press. See also “Please Understand Me” by David Keirsey and Marilyn Bates, published by Prometheus-Nemesis Book Company.

3. Management Teams by R. Meredith Belbin, published by Heinemann.

4. For further study of Kabbalah the reader is referred to the works of Z’ev ben Shimon Halevi

This is the full text of the paper delivered at the first international Kabbalistic conference in Toledo, Spain, 1995.
The above article was published under the title “Qabalah y Negocios” in Escuelas de Misterios, issue 18, in 1995.
Copyright © Jonathon Clark, 1993-1997

Advontuur in nieuwe muziek

Door Jacques Groenen

  1. De Doorbraak
De nieuwe muziek werd geboren in een flits. Op de vroege ochtend van 22 februari 2007, om precies om 07.00 uur kreeg ik een ingeving en even plotseling als onverwacht was daar de formule van een volledig nieuwe muziekstemming. Een uur later had ik alle frequenties uitgeschreven en kon ik beginnen met het daadwerkelijk hoorbaar maken van de nieuwe muzieknoten.

Het zou nog tot 22 februari 2008, precies een jaar later duren, voordat de nieuwe muziek in een klein gezelschap voor het eerst ten gehore werd gebracht.
  1. De voorgeschiedenis
Muziek heeft me altijd al geboeid, van Westerse klassieke muziek tot rock’n roll, van Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert en Chopin tot Satie, Strawinski, Shostakovitch, Ravel en Messiaen, van Robert Johnson en Bo Diddley tot Beatles en Stones, van Elvis Presley tot Michael Jackson, van muziek uit India, China en de Andes tot New Age meditatie muziek, “hersengolf”-muziek van Jeffrey Thompson, muziektherapie van Jonathan Goldman en de Solfeggio frequenties. Ik kocht en beluisterde het allemaal, eerst op vele LP’s later op nog meer CD’s.

Al veleVele jaren hield ik me bezig met muziek in A = 432 Hz (Herz = aantal trillingen per seconde), nadat totdat? ik eerder al op iInternet een artikel had gelezenlas over het ontstaan van de huidige muziekstemming in A = 440 Hz aan het begin en einde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Dit bracht me ertoe me te gaan verdiepen in het fundament en het begin van elke muziek:, de muziekstemming, gebaseerd op een enkele noot en een (geometrisch) patroon waardoor alle andere noten van deze ene noot afgeleid kunnen worden.

Als socioloog, organisatie-adviseur, trainer en innovator was ik eraan gewend geraakt om niet alleen de fundamenten van sociale verschijnselen op te sporen, maar deze ook te veranderen. Creatieve destructie noemde de econoom Schumpeter het en zo werd het vernietigen van oude en het leggen van nieuwe funderingen voor totaal nieuwe bouwwerken (inclusief mijzelf als spiritueel-mentaal-biologisch gebouw) een rode draad in mijn bestaan. Niet voor niets is de naam van mijn bedrijf Fun-da-Mental (www.Fun-da-Mental.nl).

Vemu Mukunda, de inmiddels overleden muziekleraar uit India en bespeler van de veena, leerde toonde mij hoe Indische muzikanten letterlijk de menselijke emoties en hun fysieke locaties in het menselijke lichaam bespelen. Verder leerde hij me hoe iedereen eenje ieders persoonlijke grondnoot heeft die je kunt opsporen met behulp van het luisteren naar iemands stem met behulp van eenen een stemapparaat, waardoor je jezelf vervolgens kunt stemmen en afstemmen. Het was de basis van mijn spirituele tuning en toning workshops, waar ik mensen leerde hoe hun chakras te tunen met behulp van hun stem, met de vocale klinkers U,O,A,I,E en frequenties gebaseerd op A432. Daarnaast leerde ik hen, bovendien hoe dit allemaal in verband staat met geometrische vormtaal.

Geometrie is een andere rode draad in mijn leven. Volgens Pythagoras is architectuur gestolde muziek en dit is waarschijnlijk de reden dat de meeste moderne architectuur me niet echt kan boeien., Hhet is me teveel ruis en te weinig muziek. Tijdens reizen bezocht ik altijd de indrukwekkende bouwwerken van oude culturen en in de jaren 80 tachtig opende The Power of Limits van de Hongaars-Amerikaanse architect György Döczi mijn ogen voor de gulden snede spiraal als architectonisch beginsel in de oudheid en de natuur. Dinergy noemt Döczi het patroonvormende proces van de eenheid van tegendelen dwat wonderwel paste in het Yin-Yang denken dat destijds de basis van mijn spirituele zoektocht was. Drunvalo Melchizedek bracht mijn in de jaren negentig verder en dieper op dit pad. De, inclusief de Gulden Snede en Fibonacci-getallen als werden de basis van onze muziek.

Vanaf 2000 werd dit hele fundament rigoureus onderuit gehaald door Ashayana Deane en de Keylontische Wetenschap. Ik kan haar daarvoor niet dankbaar genoeg zijn., Zze gaf me de sleutel terug van het oorspronkelijke paradijselijke universum! Er is nog een andere spiraal zo leerde ik, de Kristal spiraal en de Vesica Pisces van de Gulden Snede is een bi-vectus (wat is bi-vectus?) die je afscheidt en afsnijdt van de echte Oorsprong en de Drie-eenheid. De Kabbala is een degeneratie van de Kathara Grid en nog veel meer van dit (waar verwijst ‘dit moois’ naar? Kathara Grid, of bedoel je dat Ashayana je nog meer moois onthulde?) moois.

Geen wonder dat ik me steeds meer ergerde aan de Gulden Snede en Fibonacci gitaarmuziek die ten gehore werd gebracht op de workshops op vele dvd’s van diezelfde Ashayana Deane. Er moest andere muziek zijn, kristal spiraal muziek…
Op 22 februari 2007 kreeg ik een godinnengeschenk en was mijn muzikale legpuzzel in een één keer klaar, volledig in overeenstemming met een droom die ik jaren eerder had gehad. Eureka!

Juist op die avond zou ik in Sauna Kastelenplein in Eindhoven een lezing geven over muziek in A432, terwijl muziek in deze stemming ten gehore werd gebracht door pianostemmer, pianist en cellist Michael Strategier en violiste Martine Nijenhuis, beiden van de Band of Wizzards. Ik kon dus meteen mijn verhaal over de nieuwe muziekstemming vertellen en laten horen. Niemand die er veel van begreep, A432 was al nieuw en nu was daar al weer een andere muziekstemming…
  1. Van frequentiegenerator naar Verituner
Het is gemakkelijk om de frequenties van een nieuwe muziekstemming op te schrijven;, ze ten gehore brengen en omzetten in muziek is een ander verhaal. Het is als het leren van een nieuwe taal, terwijl niemand op aarde deze taal nog kent en of spreekt en dus een avontuur in het volledig onbekende.

Gelukkig bestaan(d) er frequentiegeneratoren die elke frequentie die iemand wil horen kunnen genereren., Ddat is dan nog geen muziek, maar een pure sinusgolf. Deze pure frequenties maakten ogenblikkelijk indruk op me en vrij snel deed de gelegenheid zich voor er iets nuttigs mee te doen in de richting van echte muziek. Op initiatief van de TU Eindhoven, Fontys Hogescholen, Philips en anderen was MAD opgericht, Emergent Art Center, waar kunst, wetenschap en technologie zich met elkaar verbinden. Kunstenaars en bedrijven werken samen aan creatieve innovatie. Daar ontmoette ik de Tilburgse geluidskunstenaar Olivier Nijs en deze wist de frequenties van het eerste deel van mijn stemming van 12 noten (de stemming heeft 24 noten in een octaaf) via een software programma te koppelen aan de toetsen van een virtuele piano. De eerste indruk van wat muziek in de nieuwe stemming zou kunnenkon zijn was er nu. Het Dit smaakte naar meer, naar echte muziek.

Een half jaar later was deze muziek er en sloeg de op een hand te tellen toehoorders ogenblikkelijk met stomheid en om ze vervolgens in extase te brenegen.

Het ging als volgt:

Michael Strategier maakt bij het stemmen van piano’s gebruik van een stemapparaat, de verituner. Het lukte hem Dave Carpenter, de Amerikaanse ontwikkelaar van deze software, ervan te overtuigen om tegen een vriendenprijs de software te voorzien van een nieuwe module voor het stemmen in de frequenties van de nieuwe stemming. Waauw!
       4. De nieuwe muziek klinkt weergaloos
Een paar maanden later kon Michael aan de slag met het herstemmen van zijn eigen piano en vervolgens het leren spelen in de nieuwe frequenties. Het was inmiddels eind 2007 en ik zag er naar uit om voor het eerst “mijn” nieuwe muziek te horen en te zien ontstaan door het toetsenwerk van Michael. De première werd telkens uitgesteld wegens ziekte van Michael en inmiddels is duidelijk dat dit wel eens te maken kan hebben gehad met de nieuwe frequenties, omdat de meesten die de nieuwe muziek voor het eerst horen er ogenblikkelijk diepgaand door getroffen worden. We spreken over op dezelfde golflengte zitten en goede vibraties. De nieuwe muziekvibraties brengt alles in een andere trilling en omdat trilling het fun-da-ment is van alles komen wije (en onze hersengolven!) in een geheel nieuwe vibratie en een ander bewustzijn door het ondergaan en luisteren naar de nieuwe muziek.

Precies een jaar na mijn muzikale ochtendstond in 2007, op 22 februari 2008 hoorde ik voor het eerst Michael’s intuïtieve notendans. Het was zo bijzonder dat ik ogenblikkelijk ook deel 2 van de stemming ook op de Verituner wilde. In april 2008 werd mijn inmiddels aangeschafte piano gestemd volgens het frequentieschema van deel 2. Ik konm beginnen met mijn zelf-opleiding in pianospelen. Michael speelde in de tussentijd in de muziekstudio een geïnspireerde CD vol met nieuwe muziekklanken als achtergrondmuziek op de CD met verhalen in het boek Vivioen en het rijk van binnen van Lilian van Bennekom. Vervolgens ging hij naar Turkije om de auteur van het Kennis Boek te ontmoeten en deze vertelde hem prompt dat de nieuwe muziek niet van deze wereld is maar van een veel hoger bewustzijnsniveau. De nieuwe tijd komt eraan, we are Tuning The Future!
  1. Crescendo!
Inmiddels zijn we al weer ruim een jaar verder. Michael’s piano staat in Heiloo en de mijne in Nuenen, bijna 200 km van elkaarverder. Pogingen om twee piano’s gestemd in beide delen van de nieuwe stemming in één ruimte te krijgen op de Hogeschool Utrecht in Amersfoort en studenten muziektherapie de gelegenheid bieden erop af te studeren zijn voorlopig op niets uitgelopen. Het bouwen van een nieuwe synthesizer met twee keyboards is wel in gang gezet, maar verloopt wegens de kosten langzaam.

Niemand, heeft de complete nieuwe muziek nog kunnen horen. Wel heb ik geppogd, afgezien van mijn pogingen om de klanken van mijn piano, gestemd in deel 2 van de stemming, te combineren met de muziek op CD van Michael’s piano in deel 1, met als gevolg fantastische resonantievelden. Om de komst van de nieuwe muziek te versnellen hebben we besloten om de wijde wereld in te trekken om en hulp te vragen bij het scheppingsproces, het bouwen en stemmen van nieuwe instrumenten en het ons leren uiten en verstaan in de nieuwe muziektaal. Begin september 2009 komt www.tuningthefuture.com op iInternet. Op die website en daar bieden we onder andere een CD met de titel “Vivioen’s Gift” en losse nummers in deel 1 van de stemming te koop aan. De volledige broncode en architectuur van de stemming, een PDF over de achterliggende spiritueel-wetenschappelijke grondslag van de stemming en een PDF over de 18 Solfeggio frequenties (wordt momenteel door Dave Carpenter op de Verituner gezet), zullen eveneens verkrijgbaar zijn. Ik heb namelijk ontdekt dat het er geen 6 of 9 (6 of 9 wat?) zijn zoals doorgaans wordt beweerd, maar 18 en dat er een nauwe relatie is met het Enneagram.

Michael en ik nodigen iedereen uit voor een nieuw en transformerend muzikaal avontuur!

Via de Tuning The Future group op Skype en tuningthefuture.ning.com kunt u meedoen.