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Code Name Castillon: 19th Century Esoteric Diary Discovered

July 4, 2008
Mary Alice Bennett

A scholar in Britain has acquired a 19th century diary of a gentleman involved with either the Rosicrucian Revival or the Golden Dawn's Ahathoor Temple in Paris. Much of what is written is about day-to-day activities and the interesting parts are in code. It is written in French and presumably the code is in French as well. If he is writing about the ceremonials of a secret society, it is to be expected that he would keep them to himself. After all, the Freemasons took vows of secrecy that were enforced with the penalty of death.

There is one entry about a soiree at the house of a certain Comtesse Ernestine Vigy Le Breanne in Paris during the course of which a woman who appeared to be of Middle Eastern origin was introduced as "Semiramis" performed a rite said to be of Ancient Babylonian origin. Her companion, Tamara Arkadovna Pregashvili was said to be a Russian Georgian Princess. Pregashvili said that Semiramis was an avatar of the Great mother Goddess Cybele.

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