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Humanity Saving Humanity

December 2008

Thirty first Ark

  1. Humanity is at a crossroads of evolutionary choice, the opportunity to become spiritually more than we are, humanly more than we are, and naturally more than we are, and avert worst case global reality vectors, and birth a flourishing human civilization into the first twenty years of the third millennium.

  2. Humanity is at a crossroads of evolutionary choice, the opportunity to succumb to becoming largely spiritually impotent, morally bankrupt, globally unbankable, permitting by passive acceptance alone, the escalation of wars into the destruction of humanity by humanity.

  3. The last best hope for humankind, is humankind working with each other, working to improve the conditions in which we exist, finding within themselves the desire to care about each other. The best of humanity is human kindness, especially when it can be sustained under stress.

  4. The positive future is personally realized through spiritual passion, compassion, caring, service, action, involvement, trust, inquiry, awareness, giving, responding, forgiveness, healing, hope, friendship, partnership, appreciation of diversity, social inclusion, community belonging, spiritual vision-work, and through various forms of prayer, communicating with, communing with the divine.

  5. The time-tested formula of being soulfully long and caring, honestly concerned, for everyone as your own extended family, however dysfunctional, can stop self-destructive cycles and vicious circles of evolutionary resistance, that otherwise will generate a negative global future.

  6. The realization of inherent human kindness and inherent spiritual value of all humans, has always been the hope of an genuine, authentic prophets of God - Jesus of Nazareth, Mohammed, and Buddha, and others.

  7. We have already been evolving well enough to be on the optimal side of mass-quantum singularity splits that have occurred a few times in the past. The super majority of humanity is currently carried in the current reality compared to splits offs in the last 10 years, If we as a whole, in interdimensional evolutionary terms, can get ‘this’ far, after at quite a few split-offs already, why should we not just keep on trucking?

  8. As the channeled nonphysical entity Lazaris (through Jach Pursel) says, you create or allow your own reality.

  9. As the channeled nonphysical entity Zoosh (through Robert Shapiro) says, many Earth changes of physical consequence have already largely happened, but we did NOT, as a populace, stay in those alternate ‘lower dimension’ growth progressions, a few did, but not that many.

  10. As a species, at this juncture in our evolutionary growth, we are doing not too badly with difficult problems. But this is not some kind of passive status quo that will take care of itself. Without substantial personal participation to change things, to defuse and disarm the negative attractor pattern potentials, wars escalating into 3rd world war. The current 1999 probability of many extreme geospheric or cosmic impacting calamitous Earth-change events in our current global causality vector is (sorry hole diggers) very low, despite all signs to the contrary.

  11. There is consideration for allowance and possibility of global Earth singularity splits, where one original Earth timeline splits into two more distinctively different timelines, following mutually exclusive global future causality sequences. Regardless of that allowance for global dimensional bifurcation events, in our current global reality singularity set, reside 90% of the conscious focus of souls.

  12. With 90% of Earthly humanity together and not lost to other split offs over the last decades, the original soul pool is remaining together. We retain the optimal opportunity to integrate the greatest levels of diversity of human soul. In the name of love and with love.

  13. It is in error for any soul to consider they will automatically occupy one future reality vector or another. There can be no presumption of multiple future timeline reality vectors arising out of our one current global singularity. Without understanding the intimate dynamics of what produces this mass-quantum ‘singularity mitosis’ phenomenon, no one is in any position to pass judgment on any future possibility, or presume when world causality should or will diverge, and pass judgment on where others stand. This underscores the complexity of the natural world of souls.

  14. We must only and ever assume that only one joint future will occur and that no world future timeline splitting can or will happen, despite any earlier statements in this written work. Just because global quantum splitting CAN happen doesn’t mean it will, especially when all the human soul energy in the mix is voluntarily sheltered and cushioned by a smaller group of humans on this planet.

  15. This global causality umbrella heading on the best case path is operating. The current super-majority of human souls on this planet are being shielded by the minority against negative vector resonance entrainment. Some of humanity has been evidencing the unpredicted capacity for having a full range spiritual powers awakening within themselves, in evolutionary terms.

  16. Given the calls of MANY unfortunate human souls who wish to stay together and not be separated, more able and best case vectored compassionate souls are creating a mutuality umbrella for all souls who are willing.

  17. The idea is to not abandon any of the family of mankind, but to assert new physical, emotional, mental, mystical, and spiritual means to resolve many so called intractable problems of longstanding pain and suffering hurt and hatred.

  18. There is the preference to keep the whole human soul group together, as much as possible, to evolutionarily upgrade our complex species together.

  19. The prime intention is to find ways to defuse and begin to more gently solve the nature of human conflict and hatreds, suffering, pain and injustice.

  20. Whether best case ‘innovative’ future, medium case ‘high-stress’ future, or worst case ‘corewipe and re-boot’ future is afoot, only one will happen for you, not all three. Whatever happens we are all in this boat together.

  21. The only rational approach for all spiritual beings is full participating presence in altering and dismantling the circumstances of all aspects of the worst case reality causal vector potentials. In the name of love, and with love.

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