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World Chaos and Our Rise into the 5th Dimension

by Dennis Whitney

This is quite an exciting time to be alive, though an equally scary and uncertain time, as well, wouldn’t you say? With planet-wide geopolitical, financial and climate changes rapidly unfolding at a clip we can hardly keep pace with. And despite the bubble-world views of some still living under a rock somewhere, these dramatic changes are happening now, as anyone can plainly see. I’m sure we can agree on this?

But it’s where we are heading that has incited so much confusion, stress, and fear, that it hardly seems we’ll come out of this in one piece. But we will, if we are to believe the enormous evidence left behind by the Bible, the Hopi, the Egyptians, the Dogon Tribe of Africa, the Mayans, Nostradamus, and any number of arguably qualified seers and channels of today. So, for all the pain, and the good these changes will eventually bring into our lives (as I’ll explain), this turmoil too shall pass. And we will be a more enlightened, caring, and prosperous species for it. It’s less about faith for me, and more about the evidence I’ve been witness to over many years. For me, it is 100% inevitable we will face the changes that have been foreseen. You may not agree now, but there will come a time soon as each one of us awakens to this reality. I see it every day. One day it’s a puzzle with 30 missing pieces, the next, it’s a seamless and coherent understanding of life’s circle. It is strange, I’ll grant you that. But some of you will wake up one day, feeling like you’ve just crammed for your college exam in your sleep! You will just KNOW things, and not understand where the knowledge came from. Just go with it. You are, as they say, awakening.

As I write this, I think of all the discussions I have had with so many others over the years, and it always comes back to the same central point. If all this ‘good’, as I am touting, is to eventually arise after this horror storm, which is now encroaching upon our planetary shores, why is all this coming pain necessary? What good can possibly come from witnessing so much loss, as has been predicted in the years to come? It makes no sense. Well, it will, and here’s how.

The basics of vibration, light, and dimensions

But let’s start with a few basics of the human-spiritual form. If you tuck these next thoughts away and always refer back to them, my hope is, it will give you tremendous solace as things unfold. It will give you meaning in the pain, and of a greater plan of which we each now play a part.

As most people have heard in their lives, ‘We are light. God is light. God is love’. And let me preface this by saying, I am not a devoutly religious person by any means, and these following points can be applied to any faith. I only use the phrase above as a reference to what we have all heard at one time or another in our lives.

But again, we are light. Literally. At a micro-cellular level, we are actually made of light! This is not a euphemism for something. We are light beings. The density of this light, which is also VIBRATION (Which I will speak much about), keeps us grounded in our dense, human, physical form, and detached from the reality and communication with higher realms. Light is also a medium for which we store all of our life’s experiences and information. The body is a hard drive for all we know and learn. Ever hear the stories of a near-death experience? What’s the first thing they say when they mention they go to ‘The light’? A life review of all they’ve done and emotions they’ve felt in their entire lives. Like a DVD playback of all stored experiences. Like a hard drive.

So, that being said, this light is pure vibration, storing information. We also know by the discoveries of a few brilliant scientists in our time, that there are at least thirteen dimensions. But what are dimensions? They are merely layers of vibration and light (Go to the light, move to the next dimension!). As the vibration of molecules in any object is raised, it approaches the next dimension, if the frequency is high enough. At which point, these molecules of light (or seemingly physical objects, such as us) will virtually disappear before your very eyes. It’s all just an illusion! Anything physically ‘solid’ is not as solid as we perceive it! It’s all just light in its densest form! But it’s important to recognize that those of a higher vibration (the Dead, Light Beings, saints, gods, UFOs, etc.) can see what’s below (basically, us), but not the other way around. This takes practice and meditation to communicate with beings within these realms, and establish that connection. But once the link is made, and the portal is opened, you’re locked in to the next world! Just ask the Tibetan monks, Buddhists, Native American elders, and spiritual shamans. They know what life’s reality is, and have tried to teach us. But too few of us have listened to their wisdom. This is why so many of us are so close-minded to the realities we cannot see. Out of sight, out of mind. It doesn’t exist! Wrong.

Need an example? Here’s a few: Infrared, ultraviolet, gamma, x-ray, they are all progressively higher frequencies or vibrations of light. And they all fall outside of our human visual light spectrum (The stuff we can’t see). But we’ve all seen infrared camera footage, and the x-rays of the bones within our bodies. These are very real objects being seen to exist in an unseen human world. Yet there they are. Dimensions are literally, the same thing. Life exists and abounds beyond what we can see, touch, or feel, yet right along side of our visual plane of existence! Kind of sounds like many of the phenomena we debate, doesn’t it?

So in a nutshell, cells equal light, light equals vibration and information, and vibration equals dimension and greater knowledge, as more experiences are stored within each rising layer (hard drive) of these unseen worlds.

So, we are electrical beings at our core, ready to modify our vibrations, to move between worlds! And these vibrations can be measured in the form of our aura, or electrical field around us. And if you’ve ever seen pictures of this aural field by special cameras, or spectrometers, they are colorful and fascinating! Vibration, energy, and all the colors of the light spectrum that apply to that person, can be monitored, studied, and mapped, depending upon one’s own vibration. Starting to see the link yet? Dimensions, the Afterlife, our own existence, and UFOs all come back to vibration!

So, what things in life raise our vibration? They are the emotions of empathy, love, compassion, and positivity (which can also be attained through meditation). These are the emotions that can send a surge of electricity through you, giving you that ‘shiver’, when fully immersed within them. And these can be measured, as well. The things that will lower vibration, and keep you in this dense, physical form, are anger, greed, jealousy and hate. These are also measurable against our own auras. It is this darker reality, through these negative emotions we will soon look to leave behind, as we reach for the next highest plane of existence.

What this all means in regards to the coming world changes

So with that foundation, let’s look to the world at hand, and why good can and will come with the onslaught of such incomprehensible pain of so many. It is for another discussion WHY all these things are coming upon the planet now, and I certainly have my theories. But for now, we’ll go with the understanding that it’s now simply happening!

As events unfold in the news, and chaos comes to set up shop upon earth, wars begin and spread, resources dwindle, natural catastrophes slam us and terrorism rises out of desperation and ideology, there will come much panic, crime, and all the things we think we aren’t capable of as humans, and they will begin to manifest themselves in ugly ways. But all of these things give evidence to a crashing paradigm (Which we want). Decades, and even centuries of waste, greed, and destruction of our planet are now speeding toward a brick wall! We will be fighting our way through to a new way of doing things, never looking back at what was. It is scary. But the prophets, seers, and religious texts of old tell us what’s on the other side of all this, which is much peace and beauty. Quite possibly, some civilizations have likely already gone through this themselves, and now it’s our turn!

To believe the texts, tablets, cave drawings, Hopi elders, and Egyptian histories, is to recognize that every 5,200 and 26,000 years, there seems to be a great change upon the earth. We are approaching this extraordinary and exact moment of the 26,000 year galactic cycle… in 2012. And the Mayans have suggested that this will be the moment in this astrological procession that will place our earth and sun in perfect alignment within the center of the universe during this great change. The sun, will be feeding us a concentrated dose of light and vibration! Earth is about to become the main character in the galaxy’s Big Show! To look at all of this as happenstance goes beyond mathematical probability. Whomever you look to for higher inspiration, there seems to be an absolute plan and purpose afoot right now. At least, those are my thoughts.

The moral of the story

So, if we are to believe there will be events in our time that will drastically and catastrophically reduce a good percentage of the human population in a single afternoon, how ever that may come, what becomes of the rest of us left behind that survive the event?

Remember, it’s the cumulative and shared effect of the rising vibration and energy of every individual on the planet that will lift us into another realm, away from the pain, suffering, and terror of it all. And this rising vibration, of all who remain on the planet AFTER the WORST of events, will be fed by all of the love, compassion, and empathy for those who were lost. A virtual worldwide spike in vibration through love and compassion. The worst, as I said, will bring us to where we need to be, and raise the planet’s vibration. This, is a very good thing, born from something hideous.

So, although more geographically centralized, horrible and personal events happen to every nation every day. But they are THEIR nation’s personal traumas, although we grieve for them and their situation. But those on the other side of the planet just can’t relate to another’s own personal pain the way you can, when it happens to you. Every nation and its people witnessed the events of 9/11, but it is OUR nation that felt the deepest of emotions. They were OUR citizens! Our nation then experienced a spike in vibration through overwhelming continent-wide emotion, which virtually jolted the earth’s grid in a measurable fashion, but not to that extent on other continents. It will take something so huge, horrendous and painful to strike worldwide, for all of us to look at each other as neighbors, forget all of our differences and pettiness, to jolt the planet’s grid through our collective emotions.

And where exactly will this bring us? Eventually to the 5th dimension, with a stopover in the 4th. This rising vibration will take us through the 4th dimension (time), where all things are no longer linear, and are happening at once. The past, the present, and the future. Time will no longer exist as we understand it. I used to have a hard time grasping that concept, but this analogy should help. Imagine being in a helicopter over a parade below. You can see the first car (the future), the second car (the present), and the third car (the past) all at once. So when someone says, “Well why don’t we just change what’s happening today to steer our future?”, all you have to do is look to see that the first car has already gone down the street and around the corner. The future has already dictated the past and present, because it’s happening at once. Does that make sense?

We will then move toward our ultimate destination, as living beings, which is the 5th dimension. There are many higher dimensions, for which your life’s knowledge, experience, and actions will place you in the Afterlife, with like beings. But for the purposes of our own survival and salvation today, this will be the end of the road for us. Until we one day pass.

This dimension will open us to an unseen and pristine world, never imagined, with the bluest of oceans and greenest of fields, with none of the smog, but always right beside us! Like getting your planet back before you destroyed it, with structures and beings we don’t quite recognize, but somehow we do. We can expect to be welcomed into the galactic neighborhood by other cultures, inter-dimensional species, and Light Beings (as we are currently being told we are being assisted by in this process). Consciousness, or the knowing beyond the physical brain, will expand to a level of knowledge we never knew possible. Imagine, an entire library download upon our ascension! Communication will also be done more through thought (As has been heavily documented through ET abductions and near-death experiences), as our senses expand and evolve.

Greed, hate, anger, and our wasteful, destructive ways will remain in the old, unseen world of before at its lower vibration. Ingenuity, thought-based technology, and a love and respect for one another will be the new paradigm. Those who never adapted or prepared for the rising vibration, and kept their dark and selfish ways, will be left behind, and a bit confused. Even now, because their own vibrations are so out of synch with the current rise being felt around the planet, these people will become very evident to the rest of us. They will simply go a little crazy. Not knowing what’s happening to them, and never raising their own vibrations because of their lack of understanding and suppression of their own consciousness and belief systems, will simply cause them great confusion, a bit of psychosis, and a REALLY tough time coping with the changes! We’re seeing it now! Look at the stoplights and traffic, in stores, and just everywhere! People seem a bit off-kilter, and not quite right. That’s because their not, and they have a long way to go to help themselves right now. In the end, they will simply have to live their lives and learn their lessons of life in the vibration they know, before advancing in the next life. Just like school. We will go from high school seniors to college, and they will have to repeat the 12th grade. They simply will not be part of this dimensional shift, as their vibrations will remain low. There’s no sneaking in to this club. No shortcuts. Positivity, love and compassion will be the answer, with always a view to the light (literally) at the end of this rainbow!

It is suggested in this time, to not only practice these positive emotions, and steer from all lower vibrational personalities in your life, but to also involve yourself in meditation, which also raises your personal vibration, and allows your consciousness to begin communication with the dimension now awaiting us, as one of the new humans! Good luck to us all, it’s going to be quite a ride!

Dennis Whitney is an avid ufologist, ufo experiencer, practicing survivalist, and writes about Consciousness, UFOs, 2012, Emergency Preparedness, and Climate Change in various online publications. He is also a contributor to UFO Magazine, and In 2008, Dennis also became a strong advocate for action, in pressuring the United States government into an official and public Disclosure of the ET presence by 2009, through a worldwide letter writing campaign to then-incoming President Barack Obama. Visit for more on this effort, alongside Mr. Stephen Bassett of .

Dennis lives in California, USA, and for years, has been taking photos and videos of many UFOs in the skies overhead, which have also been seen on the History Channel. He has also reported from the James Gilliland Ranch in Washington State, and is convinced of something very special and profound taking place there. He is on personal terms with many of the world’s top ufologists, and is dedicated to the education and sharing of the valuable information they’ve shared with him over the years.

You may reach him through email at: for any questions or commentary on these subjects. Also, if you are a specialist in your field of similar phenomena or science, you may be featured in a future column in a special Q&A segment, with space dedicated to market your newest book, website, or chosen interest. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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