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The Chemtrail & Conspiracy Con Job

February 2, 2009
by Michael Horn

Hintere Sade


As someone who had bought into the so-called chemtrail conspiracy, I am glad to be confronted by the facts, and the logic, presented below by Meier and the Plejaren in their attempt to disabuse gullible people of incorrect notions. In addition to dealing with that conspiracy and controversy, they also speak clear, harsh words about the sources of the numerous other conspiracy theories that are so prevalent in certain circles today – and they also explain the very unpleasant, purely profit driven motives of those who are behind the disinformation and who sow the seeds of fear and confusion. Especially addressed is the vicious, anti-Semitic, fraudulent document known as the “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”.

Special thanks to James Moore for making available so many of the Meier transcripts available at: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/Main_Page

Michael Horn


An Important Message for the Reader of this Document / Eine wichtige Nachricht an den Leser dieser Schrift

We (Dyson Devine and Vivienne Legg) have been given permission by Billy Meier (www.figu.org) to make these unofficial, preliminary translations of FIGU material. Please be advised that our translations may contain errors.

Excerpt from a conversation between Ptaah and Billy in regard to conspiracy theories.

236th Contact report of Thursday, February 3rd, 2005, 10:57PM

FIGU-Bulletin No. 52, June 2005


... Look here, this is a brochure of books in which many books are offered, whereby many among them are those which concern themselves with conspiracies which are supposed to exist on the Earth through diverse organizations, through banks and governments as well as through associations and religious sects and so forth.

If one were to believe all the conspiracy theories in relation to these then the entire world would have to teem with nothing but conspiracies.

Book titles like: "The Nutrition Lie", "The Soup Lies", "From the Devil's Pot", "The Medicine Mafia", "The Iodine-Lie", "Healing Forbidden - Dying Allowed", "Remote Viewing", "Falsified Science", "Skull Bones", "A World of Evil", "The Insider", "Secret Politics", "Banks, Bread and Bombs", "Hands off this Book", "The Invisible Power", "Detecting Forbidden", "Shadows of Power", "The Learned Elders of Zion", "AIDS - Means for the Containment of Overpopulation", and much further nonsense is spread by books, so that angst is incited and false information is spread and the readers believe the entire nonsense.

Look here, this is one such advertising brochure for such nonsensical book works...


... Many of these unbelievable, stupid conspiracy theories which are spread through books are known to me.

Actually it deals thereby only with absolute absurdities, which are put out into the world by irresponsible book writers and thereby make the humans who read this silliness insecure.

Yet the Earth humans do not have much regard for the actual truth, because, in their lack of understanding they will be deceived through untruths, through lies and defamations because, to them, the truth appears too banal or too fantastic.


The whole thing is a gigantic profit making scheme, whereby business flourishes with the angst.

Clever and irresponsible book writers with not seldom very well known names incite, through their insane conspiracy theories, immeasurable angst in humans.

On the contrary, nothing worthwhile is written by these irresponsible elements in regard to how wars and illnesses can be hindered.

It does not occur to any of them to write about the truth of this; that overpopulation has the main blame for all today's existing harm in the world, that wrong and incompetent governing ones are at the national rudders, that they drive the countries into financial ruin, and allow their armies to militaristically invade foreign countries in order to murder and destroy umpteen thousands.

Also they write nothing about the fact that AIDS rages ever more and assumes ever more deadly forms, as you recently said; on the contrary, in relation to that, however, such scribblers assert that the UN or secret services, and so forth, have invented this epidemic in order to reduce the numbers of humanity, and so forth.

Also they write nothing about the fact that the human's sense of living is based on evolution as it pertains to consciousness, that he learns in this regard and should follow the creational-natural laws in order to create love, peace, freedom and harmony among all peoples and humans.


But unfortunately that is not the case, because no financial profits are to be made with it and because the actual truth will not be heard.

Answer in regard to "Chemtrails"

To say about that is, that it deals with a new and completely idiotic conspiracy theory which has already been circulating for around seven years, which is based on this: that condensation stripes (English: contrails, for example, sublimation stripes), evoked by chemical means, are supposed to be poisoning the atmosphere and life on Earth.

The inventors and followers of the "chemtrail" conspiracy theory assert that the condensed aircraft exhaust would contain yet further, and indeed chemical, additives, whereby the added chemistry is supposed to fulfill quite certain purposes.

The entire nonsense of the conspiracy theory is primarily based on the following:

"Chemtrails" are supposed to distinguish themselves from "classic" contrails by their persistence as well as their extensive spreading out.

Therefore it is not supposed to deal with normal contrails, rather with those altered with poisonous chemicals, for which reason they stretch out so widely and are so long-lived.

Allegedly, before the year 1995, or still earlier, such had not been observed, and, consequently, no pictures would exist from earlier times which would show these kind of stripes.

In contrast to the normal aircraft-exhaust contrails, the chemtrails are not supposed to consist of ice crystals, rather of various chemical substances which, in the atmosphere, would evoke conspicuous, exactly parallel and checkerboard patterns which allegedly do not occur with normal contrails and therefore with normal air traffic.

The assertions of the conspiracy theorists extend to the idea that the substances are being sprayed very extensively in order to evoke an influence for the improvement of the climate.

To that end, predominantly aluminum compounds and barium compounds are supposed to be launched and sprayed by the airplanes, which contributes to the reduction of the Sun's irradiation, whereby the greenhouse effect, released through the CFCs, respectively the greenhouse gasses, is supposed to be rectified on the Earth.

The conspiracy theories demonstrate different variations which could not be more stupid and dim-witted and which the conspiracy theorists attempt to prove in the manner that they name "well-known specialists and scientists" who allegedly could deliver "scientific" analyses and explanations for it all.

But thereby, the rule is that, after these are investigated in order to test the established evidence, they suddenly dissolve into thin air.

Or then it is so that these turn out to be delusional esotericists, seedy pseudo-scientists and pseudo-specialists or otherwise deadbeats who want to be smarter than they really are.

As with the conspiracy theory that, in secret laboratories, the secret services and governments, and so forth, artificially engendered the AIDS epidemic in order to put a most extensive halt to overpopulation and exterminate at least two-thirds of the terrestrial humanity, so it is asserted through the theses of conspiracy theorists that, among other purposes, the purposes of the alleged "chemtrails" measures are based on a "spraying" of the Earth's population.

The purpose of this "spraying" is thereby, on one hand, that medical experiments would be carried out with genetically altered bacteria, as well, however, as that the entirety is constructed on a worldwide birth control in such a way that women and men are supposed to be made infertile through the spraying of the chemicals.

What a further conspiracy thesis is based on is that, through the "spraying" of the population via airplanes, the brain and consciousness of the Earth population is so impaired that it succumbs to a total thought-control by the governments, authorities, secret societies and secret services as well as by the Jews, and so forth, and so it can be manipulated and steered as desired.

In this regard, with the Jews, the completely idiotic "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" will also be referred to again, whereby this dimwittedness delivers new material for new conspiracy theories in regard to world rule in the form of a world monarchy through Jews in general, and specifically through the Zionists, who are always especially named because they are confronted with great hatred, although the haters do not know what is actually concealed behind Zionism (Zionism and so forth - see Bulletin Nrs. 14, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34 as well as Special Bulletin No. 34.)

Were the alleged initiators put under the magnifying glass, then the palette is very wide-ranging.

At the start of the "chemtrails" conspiracy theory, which leads back to the Twentieth Century, the USA is considered to be in the front line as the criminal creator of "chemtrails".

Then shortly thereafter the UN was also considered extremely guilty, after which the circle of putative "chemtrails" originators then broadened out further and further.

Today it has already even gone so far that the classic opponents of conspiracy theories are themselves presumed to be guilty, and naturally FIGU also belongs to that, because whoever fulminates against the conspiracy theorists and their conspiracy nonsense is automatically guilty and is involved in the alleged conspiracy.

But the Freemasons and the Illuminati also belong to the alleged evil "conspiracy", as however also the already mentioned alleged Jewish world conspiracy, and so forth, about which an enormous amount of nonsense is repeated by all the conspiracy theorists who, with their dimwittedness which they record in their books, earn a lot of money and shift their readers into angst and terror.

The main criticism in regard to the "chemtrails" conspiracy theory is based on this; that the composition of a contrail cannot be determined from the ground.

Already, from this basis alone, the alleged altered nature of the contrails is extremely speculative.

The truth of the nature and form, and so forth, of the contrails, as these appear in the current time, is based singly and alone on the fact that, through the greenhouse effect, changes are present which did not previously exist.

So, therefore, it is not maliciously or calculatingly the chemicals associated with aircraft exhaust which determine the form of expansion and speed of expansion as well as the persistence of the contrails, rather the changed atmospheric conditions in regard to the temperature, humidity and the wind velocity.

For humans imbued with reason and powers of deduction and somewhat educated in physics it is recognized that particles of aircraft exhaust function as crystallization nuclei in high humidity, and bind further water vapor, and are spread out very far by corresponding wind currents.

According to the Plejaren, neither barium nor aluminum is found in the contrails which are called "chemtrails" from airplanes, nor in the aircraft fuel.

And, were the assertions from conspiracy theorists true, then in recent years, as a result of the alleged "chemtrails", the irradiation of the Sun on the Earth would have diminished and not strongly increased as is verifiable.

Therefore, the nonsense of the conspiracy is thereby also proven, because a successful application of the greenhouse-effect-cleaning chemical supplements in airplane fuels, and so forth, in all the years, would have had to cause a compensating effect.

But the fact of the matter is that the so-called albedo value, respectively, the radiation reflected back into outer space, has diminished, which means that the greenhouse effect is not diminished, rather it climbs higher.

The conspiracy theory in regard to "chemtrails" is not only extremely dubious, rather absolutely dim-witted, on which the book-writing conspiracy theorists, however, come by their financial health, because lowbrows buy the hogwash books and, through the praised nonsense, are shifted into angst and terror which once again induces them to buy more books.

But this truth, as it is announced here, as however with also many other reasonable, advanced opinions, leads the lowbrow believers even more to conclude that the entire nonsense and hogwash serves even more as proof that the respective secret services, organizations, secret societies and governments and so forth actually sit behind conspiracies and would drive them.

So only few truly reasonable humans take the effective truth as actual fact, that namely the entire dimwittedness is only based in conspiracy theories while the lowbrows and those who have succumbed to conspiracy theories feel even more vindicated in their conspiracy theories.

Faithful stupidity and dimwittedness are the fertile ground and the distinguishing feature of all conspiracy theories; and stupidity and dimwittedness, indeed, as is known, know no bounds.

And what is further to say in regard to the alleged "chemtrails" is this, that the ability of the adult and cross-section humans on Earth to remember is quite weak, then how else is it that it is asserted that such kind of instable contrails, as indeed the alleged "chemtrails", have not existed earlier, since no chemicals have been added to the aircraft fuels to compensate for the greenhouse effect, to undertake the thought-control of the humans of the Earth or to poison humanity, make them infertile or even exterminate at least two-thirds of them?

Whoever occupies himself somewhat with physics and meteorology knows that contrails are a kind of artificial cirrus clouds which have already always existed since airplanes have cruised around in the terrestrial atmosphere.

But that already leads so far back that indeed no human is any longer able to remember when the first time was that the first airplane contrail came into appearance.

Indeed, clearly, it is certain that, at that time, no alleged organized alteration of the climate existed in regard to "chemtrails", such as were invented by the money-greedy, human-stupefying and insane conspiracy theorists.

The fact is that, according to meteorology, contrails which stay in the sky are definite signs that a change in the weather is impending.

So also the contrails which - formed like long, thin swords, checkerboards, or stripes, and so forth - spread out, have nothing to do with alleged "chemtrails", rather singly and alone with atmospheric factors, as with temperature, the local wind speed and humidity, and so forth.

So all alleged "chemtrails" phenomena can be explained as meteorological appearances, but also as inadequate interpretations from good and exact research information which is highly stylized by conspiracy theorists into specters of angst and fear.

That is, thereby, not to dispute that such conspiracy theories, as in the case of the alleged "chemtrails", receive an impetus through scientific proposals in regards to a halt to the greenhouse effect and the warming of the Earth.

Contrails, and thereby also the alleged "chemtrails" are worldwide only to be observed regionally, whereby they especially appear at airports and at the airplanes' holding patterns, where they are naturally extremely strongly concentrated, and indeed more and more because air traffic constantly increases.

Logically the contrails, respectively the airplanes' "chemtrails", are consequently not as spread worldwide as the conspiracy theorists assert, rather they confine themselves to the airspace over the airports and the adjacent areas as well as the airplanes' flight paths.

This fact, however, is given no attention, because thereby no money is to be earned, rather singly and alone only through an idiotic conspiracy theory.

That naturally also the esoteric, and the like, must thereby involve themselves with it, may be clear to every reasonable human, because, in these circles, in a similar context, the conspiracy theater occurred about the alleged "photon ring" and to do with the comet "Hale-Bopp" towards the turn of the millennium, whereby a whole series of humans were driven to suicide by the conspiracy's dimwittedness.

The deeds of the profit-greedy conspiracy theorists, who spread their horrendous dimwittedness and nonsense, are irresponsible and criminal, because, with their boundless hogwash, they drive the weak in regard to understanding, or otherwise lowbrow or gullible humans, into angst and terror, hounding them through a thousand hells and, under certain circumstances, even to suicide.

And that a horrendous business is made with it belongs to the order of the day, for which reason idiotic descriptions of books are not seldom, through which conspiracy theories are spread, as is rendered in the following sample:

"Patterns in the sky - circumstantial evidence of a global threat?"

Sometimes things are not as they appear to be.

And then, hidden behind an impressive cloud formation is possibly no natural spectacle, rather a chemical bomb.

For several months many humans have been struck with an oppressive feeling when they view the sky.

Mysterious contrails are to blame which do not dissolve after a few minutes, rather become wider, are visible for hours or even make the sky overcast with a gray veil.

These "chemtrails" (derived from the English designation for vapor trails) are, in the view of several experts, visible traces of secret tests with which the climate change, which has been engendered by humans, is supposed to be arrested or decreased.

Are the chemicals, thereby launched, really safe?

Are humans taken into account at all with such a gigantic experiment?

Are there possibly still much more devious machinations behind this conspiracy in the sky?

The first book on this theme answers several of these questions - out of which many new ones arise.

Because: everything good does not come from above!"

Now, conspiracy theories are well thought out and targeted manipulations, under which the humans begin to suffer and succumb to angst and terror.

Public opinion is also manipulated through conspiracy theories, whereby the book-writing conspiracy theorists earn very much money.

But the humans, who are influenced through the entire thing, no longer feel well, become insecure and then depend even more on the entire nonsense of the book writers, and so forth, to - like the conspiracy theorists - become conspiracy paranoiacs themselves, which not seldom leads to schizophrenic delusional experiences and therefore things and phenomena are seen and experienced which are not real and do not stand up to any examination for reality.


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