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New World Order: Still A Conspiracy Theory?

April 3, 2009
by Paul Joseph Watson

Wikipedia still thinks so, despite hundreds of pronouncements during G20 summit

Despite the fact that the term “new world order” was mentioned in connection with the G20 this week hundreds of times by both global leaders and in news reports, it is still regarded as a “conspiracy theory” by that bastion of truthiness, Wikipedia.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown himself yesterday announced that the G20 heralded the creation of a “new world order” which would involve increased global regulation of economic markets.

A Google News search provides well over a thousand results of reports including the term “new world order” over the past couple of weeks.

Despite the fact that world leaders have been talking about a “new world order” for decades, in the context of the political agenda to diminish the power of sovereign states in favor of a move towards global governance, it was still regarded as a delusion of paranoid conspiracy theorists by the establishment media until relatively recently.

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