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Multi - Dimensional Vortexes and White Holes

December 22, 2009
by Lewis Brackett

Several researchers have discussed multi - dimensional vortexes as being responsible for both Terran and Galactic phenomena. Top experts insist that there are as many as 14 dimensions that exist parallel to our own. One of the evidences of this is when the tiniest parts of matter are observed, they seem to be transient in our existence. They seem to fade in and out of our dimension. They are out of phase with us, either in the past or future.

Some researchers theorize that these vortexes are responsible for phenomena such as the Bermuda triangle. Other smaller vortexes may explain some UFO phenomena. These vortexes occasionally flare out from the Planets and the sun just like the Solar Prominences on the Sun that we CAN see. The Solar prominences may even be caused by these vortexes. We certainly don’t otherwise know what really causes them.

Science is dreadfully conceited, just like scientists 100 years ago who wanted to close the patent office because everything had been invented.

One of the scientifically humorous things that science has come up with recently is Dark Matter and energy. According to these experts :) 90% of all matter in the universe is composed of dark matter. Gentlemen have yet to show me that 90% of the milk in my glass is really Dark Milk from a Dark Cow.

Gentlemen insist that since they see evidences of motion of distant galaxies that cant be explained by our laws of gravity that this proves the existence of dark matter.

Really, ladies, all that proves is that your knowledge of science in incomplete. There is science and forces out there we don’t yet know anything about. We should be searching for them. Otherwise the next generation will be laughing at you.

General Relativity allows for passage both to and from other dimensions. This has made Astrophysics very nervous since White Holes were first theorized in the 1970’s as they give a perfectly acceptable alternative to the big bang.

Cosmology allows matter and energy to exit out Space time Continuum via Black Holes. This same cosmology allows Matter and energy to enter our Space time Continuum through White Holes. Both Black and White holes have event horizons where matter is in a timeless state until it is either expelled from our continuum as in the case of black holes or injected into our continuum from a white hole.

Instead of the Big Bang theory, it is acceptable in Einsteinium physics for the matter in our galaxies to have entered our universe from a multitude of White holes.

It is also conceivable that our galaxies are being carried along by these vortexes until they reach a spot where they will disappear down the drain so to speak into a parallel continuum...

As in much of “science,” Dr Hawking said, it all depends on which assumptions you base your conclusions upon.

Dr. DO Russell Humphreys wrote the book “Starlight and Time” exploring this phenomena.

Source: http://www.ufodigest.com

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