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Pain in the Brain

By John Kaminski

Footprints of the elephant in our living room

The last four or five attempts I've had to promote my views via radio or television (New York, Tehran, Austin) I haven't been able to get my point across sufficiently to change the establishment nature of the program. It's frustrating.

Over and over I keep repeating: It doesn’t matter who gets elected. All that stuff is a waste of time. America will continue to bomb and poison the world no matter who’s in the White House.

Most recently on Jack Blood's Genesis news radio program I attempted to talk about what I believe are two key issues — side streets ... and the elephant in our living room.

As I took a deep breath to explain them more clearly, I was deflected by either commercials, telephone callers, or the unwillingness of the host to "go" to certain places. Of course, that's exactly where the elephant is, in those certain places. Finally, an explosion down the highway on which I was driving forced me to abandon the conversation and navigate through a traffic jam.

So what do I mean by 'side streets'?

These are pressing but not central issues. The conversation on the radio show was about peace demonstrations. I commented that large peace events were nice for meeting people, but didn't accomplish anything, except reinforce the hollow illusion that we have free speech in the USA.

Yet when I make these statements, people turn away. I'm getting to be the most banned writer on the Internet because I say things that others won’t. Others of ability far superior to me have suffered much the same fate over the years. Someone even nominated me for Ezra Pound's cell at St. Elizabeth's and I said I'd be honored.

Ask yourself why I'm not included on certain websites just because I wrote The Jewish war on freedom of speech [also here, here and here]. And then ask yourself how much that means in the context of your own life, not to mention your own free speech. Then study the list of who owns what media.

There is a place now in public discourse where people are not allowed to go, and it is reinforced by laws in many countries that prohibit critical commentary about Jews, Zionists and Israelis.

What we’re seeing is that some of the finer websites on the Net are limiting themselves as to where they can go in regard to freedom of speech, because they don’t want to jeopardize their Jewish financing, or run afoul of mind-locking Holocaust laws that eat away at everyone’s free speech. Amy Goodman and Noam Chomsky fell down this rabbithole long ago, and haven’t been heard from since.

This place where we can’t talk about certain subjects is the same place where the carnage is created. The Iraq war and 9/11 are only the latest manifestations of the same behavior by the same stratum of people who have done this for years, and are now obviously engaged in a fire sale of the planet. What will your street be worth when they’re done with it? Ask an Iraqi now!

Side streets are issues such as chemtrails, global warming, government-issued AIDS, aspartame, anthrax, thimerosal, bogus voting, holographic aircraft, and biotech food that are all worthwhile areas of study, but the problem with them is they take you away from focusing on identifying the culprits, and possibly eliminating the cause of our misery. The time you spend on these side streets takes you away from the time you can spend taking effective action to reverse this course of misery we have been ejected upon by the people who control the money. And the No. 1 task is identifying the perps and bringing them to justice.

Stay focused. Keep your eye on the ball

Ever since the original 9/11 skeptics movement vaporized in a huff of aspersion and paranoia, I've been more focused on why the public doesn't and maybe can't receive valid empirical information, and to that end will inject some perspectives on that frightening phenomenon right now.

I've not sufficiently shown the gratitude I have for the many thousands of wonderful e-mails and letters I've received these past four years in response to my humble efforts to describe what is actually going on in the world. 'Bout time I did. Here are a few recent ones that beautifully pertain to the subject at hand. 
<> <> <> <>
Hi John, I'd like you to have a look at a new 9-11 expose in PDF format designed to simplify the most irrefutable 9-11 facts. It was written for members of the choir who need an additional tool to educate their friends and family members suffering from cognitive dissonance.

See it here:

You were one of the inspirations for this body of work, and for that I thank you.

Regards, Ross
And finally this poignant slice of Americana from a thoughtful mind who in this brittle and thoughtless age dares not speak his mind in the company of certain people... 
<> <>
John, I’m working as a doctor in a typically conservative Pro-Bush area. I can’t publicize my views. But I can pay you to do so. I need to make sure my children have me around for a long time and don’t get carted off by one of our gestapos.

No need to mention the Talmud — just tell Christians to get their Bibles and read the Old Testament again — from start to finish. Then think about the mindset of people who consider ... they are the Israelites. Tell them to read Deuteronomy 20:10-20. There they’ll find Jehovah’s marching orders to the Israelites.

Remember always to emphasize that the source of the problem is the IDEAS of the O.T. — not “Jews” per se. Jews are those most affected by those ideas — but so are Christians and Muslims.

Read the pseudonymous essay at

Memes — mankind is the victim of sick ideas that glorify force and thus crowd out ideas that glofiry love and cooperation.

The O.T. must be rejected — and with it Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
Needless to say, in these dark days in America, a nation now suddenly proud of its torture practices, this writer remains anonymous, as does freedom for most people. Freedom, a concept no longer relevant in the profitable scheme of things. It’s a real pain in the brain.

John Kaminski ( is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida whose Internet essays are seen on hundreds of websites around the world.

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Footnote: Deuteronomy 20:10-20 20:10 When you come to a city to fight against it, then first proclaim peace toward it.

20:11 If it answers for peace, and opens its gates to you, then all the people found therein shall be your slaves, and they shall serve you.

20:12 If it won’t make peace, but will make war against you, then you shall besiege it.

20:13 And when the LORD thy God has delivered it into your hands, you shall kill every male inside with the edge of your sword.

20:14 But the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the fortunes inside, shall you take for yourself; and you shall eat all the good things of your enemy, which the LORD thy God has given you.

20:15 Thus you shall do to every city even faraway which are not among your chosen nations.

20:16 In these cities, which the LORD thy God gives you for an inheritance, you shall leave nothing left alive:

20:17 But you shall utterly destroy them; namely, the Hittites, and the Amorites, the Canaanites, and the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; as the LORD thy God has commanded you ....

Etc. at

Comment by Peter Meyer, 2006-02-08:
The last message in the article above says:
Remember always to emphasize that the source of the problem is the IDEAS of the O.T. — not "Jews" per se. Jews are those most affected by those ideas — but so are Christians and Muslims. ... The

O.T. must be rejected — and with it Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
The Old Testament should certainly be rejected, holding up to glorificaton, as it does, a vicious deity who imbues a small group of humans with the idea that they are destined to become the Master Race by exterminating all those who will not submit to their rule. And certainly the O.T. has had a profound effect on Christians, as a result of being part of the Christian Bible. But the O.T. is much less important for Muslims. Muslims never quote, or appeal to, the O.T. For Muslims the word of (their) God is contained solely in the Koran. And the Koran, though it speaks of fighting against the unbeliever, certainly does not advocate the wholesale slaughter and enslavement recommended by the psychopathic Yahweh to his deluded followers.
The writer of the message also speaks of the "rejection" of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Again, a reservation is in order. There appears to be an effort to foment war between the (now only partly) Christian world and the Islamic world, well exemplified by the recent international row regarding the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad (quite unnecessarily republished in several European newspapers recently). War between the European and the Muslim countries can benefit only Zionists, warmongers and American imperialists, and it is unhelpful to speak of "rejecting" entire religions.
While there is little in Judaism worthy of admiration, the Christian and Islamic religions have both produced great art (music, architecture, etc.). Unfortunately the authoritarian and patriarchal nature of all three religions has had, and continues to have, pernicious effects on the societies shaped by them. Everyone should be free to live as they wish, and believe whatever they choose to, but this does not mean that anyone should be free to cause harm to others who live or believe differently. The problem is not what other people believe, it is what they do. When people act so as to cause actual harm to others (including the impoverishment of their lives, as is happening now in Palestine and many other countries) they must be exposed and opposed, before they can do more harm. To remain silent and do nothing despite perceiving what is despicable is to betray humanity, and one's own humanity.

For more on the insanity of the god of the Old Testament see John Lash'sThe ET Deception: Knowing Who the Gods Are, and Who Are Not Gods

And with regard to this matter of the Muhammad caricatures, it is worth quoting this from the Iranian journal Hamshari:
The important question for Muslims is: Does the freedom of opinion of the West permit the consideration of questions like the crimes of America and Israel or an event like the Holocaust? Or is freedom of opinion only good for insulting the holy values of religions?

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