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Learn Secrets of Ascension

20 september 2007

How to escape the 'Wheel of Rebirth'

and why we have not achieved

Spiritual Liberation

even at death, without this

previously missing information

Discover More on the Real Secret.....of Finally Understanding the Truth Behind Our Reality......

Module 1 'Dream Matrix Override Mission' introduces some alterations to the concepts we believe define 'spirituality'. It begins to present a 'bigger picture' which directly relates to the ongoing problem of how to Escape the 'Wheel of Rebirth' - a problem that has consistently eluded us throughout untold thousands of previous rounds through a Celestial Zodiac Ages exactly the same as we are experiencing now. Yet every time, even when all the same mystical and interdimensional phenomena has occurred through these untold number of previous rounds, the spiritual practitioners of this planet have consistently failed to find the missing key which reveals Soul Liberation from the 'Wheel'. We hope you enjoy the following article:

The Secrets of the Missing Portal Co-ordinates

Recently translated and ancient records reveal information that has been denied to us for millennia. Ancient records like the Zend Avesta said to pre-date the biblical flood, reveal a very sophisticated Atomic Science and bio-spiritual anatomy, beyond our knowledge of Quantum Mechanics or General Relativity. This science is consistent with the capabilities of those who built the Pyramids and it was once taught by the Essenes who though also known by other names, gave us the teachings of Christ Alignment. Fortunately, these records are in private ownership and are still being translated. They are revelationary in their message.

Decoding surviving ancient records required a commitment to the 'inner journey' and using the ancient 'spiritual practice' techniques in order to activate more of the dormant brain abilities which then enabled more of the material to be understood. What we consider today to be 'spiritual techniques' may originally have been advanced strategies based on a scientific knowledge of the hologram in which reality takes place. Millennia later, the information required for 'Spiritual Liberation' from a circumstance that the people had forgotten the reasons for 'why', could only be presented to the uneducated masses as stories, parables, guidelines for 'good behavior' and natural health and hygiene strategies. However, the material that was taught to those who gained access to the 'inner circle' was something very different and very advanced, related to an ancient pre-Atlantean Galactic Science paradigm that understood Living Galaxies and dying [falling] Illuminati Galaxies.

Translations show a huge amount of data which on its own merits would appear to reveal an entire spiritual blueprint based on mathematics, sacred geometry [sacred gematry] the functioning of universal creation physics, sacred acoustics and the power of sound, sacred spirals, and other clearly advanced subjects of knowledge. It was this 'forbidden knowledge' and the controversial danger it exposed, for which John the Baptist was beheaded.

This ancient science details the structure upon which our reality and spirituality manifest. Interestingly, this knowledge is also written in detail, in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the more ancient Zend Avesta, but it has been misrepresented and incorrectly translated. Because of this, it has remained hidden right under our noses.........unless you happen to know what you are looking for.

Amongst other intriguing experiences, are quite extraordinary levels of memory returning. This is a memory to do with an event that took place around 12,000 years ago. Once you begin to experience this through spiritual practice and inner alignments at this special time, it is like waking up from something that happened only the day before.

Atlantis and an ancient pre-human civilization of very tall humanlike beings with conical heads.

Some of the topics covered in this essential new work, are 'other forms' of pre current human biologies. The existence of a pre-recorded history, technologically advanced world civilization, is not officially acknowledged, even though the Greek philosopher Plato, a respected academic of his day, did write about the reality of such a world called Atlantis. Atlantis was associated with Egypt, the Mediterranean and beyond. This makes the region of the Mediterranean very interesting, not just the region of Egypt. Interestingly, British academia appears to have allowed some seriously misrepresentative information to remain on official records about the sophistication of pre-history Malta for instance. Then there is the question of up to six thousand now missing human skeletons found there, all with strange conical heads. You may be aware that the artwork of the Egyptian Tel al-Amarna period of Amenhotep 1V, better known to us as Pharaoh Akhenaten, shows a biology strikingly similar to these lost skeletons. Akhenaten made a point of deliberately showing the biology/physiology of himself, the otherwise beautiful Nefertiti, and the entire lineage realistically. However, this biology was different from the Guardian/Guardener races who recorded the Ancient Library.

Atlantis, Camelot, Persia and the origin of the Maji Grail

Whether the existence of Atlantis is officially provable or not, there is never-the-less, a very interesting history given in these records. For the first time we learn about an ancient Camelot and the ' guardeners' of the Maji Grail Lineage located in Ancient Briton and Ireland, who were attacked from Atlantis (region of Bermuda). This warfare use of the Type 3 civilization's sophisticated acoustic and spiral energy power system caused massive internal explosions at Earth's core, and Earth subsequently tilted and fell off alignment from the sun. This left Earth with a wandering magnetic north and it's current wobbling axis. Even this was not the first such attempt, as geological records also show it happened at least twice before in the past 200,000 years.

Each time these anomalies were measured extensively and recorded, often in 'books', along with grave concerns about receiving increasingly stronger 'homing signals' from the descending magnetic polarity of this galaxy, presenting an anti-Source conflict. If you know your 'ancient history' you will know the 'ancients' were seemingly obsessed with measuring the planet, and building structures aligning with the sun - all in an attempt to restore the correct Arc-angles. Learning and understanding the significance of these alignments that were so vital to our 'advanced elders', will change your understanding of life forever.

Portals, and Ancient Doorways to the Stars

Machu Picchu Sanctuary, showing the prominent peak of Huayna Picchu

Shamans of Mexico, Peru and Siberia etc have long taught of hidden 'doorways' to the stars, and other dimensions. They claim there was once a time when it was normal to use these portals, and they were still in use as recent as 13,000 years ago. They know this because if one still has the 'right' biology, it is possible to still access some of the few remaining 'doors'. But in our world today, even the existence of these 'doorways' is hardly common knowledge.

Since this time, no-one has been able to escape from the planet, even at death, unless they were specifically taken into the knowledge and instructed into the mechanics given in these records.

They could however, venture into the 'Astral Worlds', also called the Shadow or 'In-Between Worlds' - and be none the wiser

With access to existing ancient records and the sacred structure of the universal physics and math - which are presented in a representative manner in this simplified interpretation of material - it is blatantly obvious that our lack of common knowledge about astral and 'shadow realms' is a fatal misunderstanding. This manual is made available so that you can learn why this is true. You will be able to satisfy the intellectual need to know, the 'hunger for more', and even satisfy the need for romanticized 'spiritual mysticism', and then make informed choices in the years to come.

UFO's and Ancient Alien Contact

Currently the entire gamut of UFO visitation is entering and leaving this reality field via counter-clockwise vortices. You can learn what this means and how to identify the origin of unfriendly alien contact, through understanding the significance of this. Some have interpreted the lack of 'invasion' as a benign interest indicating 'friendly aliens'. This is not the case. It is simply that the plan has taken many, many millennia and has not yet been completed - but it is now in its final stages. What are the steps you need to take to overcome this?

The ancient records indicate that similar contact did exist in our distant past, mainly beings called Ainu/Anu originating in Ancient Sumer and described in the Zend Avesta as beings of the 'Dark Force' which the Guardeners called Angra Mainu. Figurines of lizard-headed beings have been found in Ur in a culture known for painted pottery; large houses which can accommodate extended families; and lizard-headed figurines of both male and female gender apparently occupying these homes. Similar lizard-headed figurines have been found at other archeological sites of interest. This stage of biology is a stage of development and although it has great intellectual capacity, it does not have the ability for love and compassion. They began breeding with the original mankind and are now part of our biology in general, some much more, and some much less than others. The 'Ainu' came in through the same counter-clockwise vortices. Learn more about the counter-clockwise vortices and what they really mean.

Most psychic communication is also coming in on the same frequency bands, because our planet is now cloaked in an artificial system. It is the planetary energetic system and our biology which has been the object of an ancient 'invasion plan'. Many instructions and 'activations' are being programmed in via this false source. They are represented as 'spiritual' because they are received through the mind, and inner visual and auditory complexes. Armed with more knowledge, you will be able to recognize what this is and how such information can be broadcast and received in this way. You can also learn what affect these activations have on the human biology, and understand what it ultimately means.

DNA Activations - Eternal Life Coding and Reverse Coding aka the Tree of Live [Living Energy] and the Tree of Reverse Live

The reverse of the Tree of Life, is Mind without the biological ability for love and compassion. It is also why such uncontrolled intellect can ignorantly take out a living energy system and think nothing of it. The Christos Essaiah-Maji came to this planet because of this very reason. They are/were real people. They were a different biology to the pharaohs of Egypt whom they oversaw, and when all was going well oftentimes worked alongside. They were nice, good humored, very intelligent, and compassionate - which is why they came to help this troubled system and its hypnotized people in the first place. Sometimes called N'azurite or M'Essaiah in Ancient Palestine, they had gone there as healers of the damaged planetary system. They knew of, and taught, the structure of the Blueprint and how to not only access the 'Ascending Worlds' but how to recognize the 'phantom' astral worlds of the descending path. Without knowledge of the actual structure, it is virtually impossible to recognize that what seems to be the way, is anything but what it seems to be.

They taught exactly and precisely what the structure of a universal system is, how it functions, why it is as it is, and what happens if you get caught up in the magnetic forces of a galactic system. They taught how to correct the damage that had occurred with the planet's tilt, firstly aiming to correct the planet itself, then through training individuals. Following this began a mission taking thousands of years to help souls escape through alternative exit systems. These are the same instructions that are introduced in this manual. 3,000 years ago Pharaoh Akhenaten was one of those who started out, but did not finish, in this role.

Essaiah as M'Essaiah is indeed a real name for these people who were well aware of the falling status of Earth. Perhaps such a skill would qualify as being described as 'saviors'? It is their records, and their forefather's records that we have, and introduce in Earth-Escape. It is also the remnants of these records that have been defamed, turned into 'media entertainment', and successfully made redundant in our seemingly real reality system. Let us say that the Lords of Time, and the existence of the Matrix, have both succeeded in controlling the show.

Learn How to Override the Control of This Reality System

The earlier Essenes once known by other names, are acknowledged as the builders of the Sphinx and Hall of Records. In earlier times they were known as the 'People of the Lion' and they lived in Khemalot-Ireland-Ethiopia to Persia-India-Bali and Khemmea - the name for pre-dynastic Egypt. At the time of the assault, and as the ones under attack - and even though it may seem strange or fantastic to us now - they claim to have retreated through the Earth's once natural door system.

Also known by a number of descriptive variations of their names, such as Assayani, in Ancient Briton as Druids, and later by the description Essene, their ancient teachings show the biological alignments needed for accessing the current surviving portal alignments in time for 2012. After this window in time, Earth continues on a journey away from the portals and a possible link up time can never happen again.

No matter how sincere your search;

how straightforward it should seem to be,

or how enchanting psychically received information may be,

you must also be connected into the structure of the

correct, but now 'lost' 'Door' Network back into the

Greater Galactic System to achieve actual

Spiritual Liberation.

The records and this information exist and have continued since the time of the Christ and before. The Essene School can now begin to share this knowledge with you, so you too will have access to an ancient knowledge presented in a simplified introduction, even at Masters Level. The Essenes left this world long ago but the spiritual 'lifeline' never went away.

Can we present examples that you can identify with, to better understand the tilt, 'fall', and 'losing energy' that has happened to the Earth? Today, the Earth is often described as a 'global brain'. When we look at the obvious wobble and tilt of the Earth, we can also see that the human brain has mutated in pattern. We know we have access to less than 10% of our brain's real potential. Why is this? We now talk of being 'left brain' dominant and 'no longer balanced'. We understand that the left brain hemisphere is electrical-male-intellect, although curiously, the left side of the body is actually magnetic.

This is part of the 'fall' written of in ancient texts which taught of exercises, to bring the brain back to the 'right' and thus re-activate the 'missing' 90%' of 'who we are'. Additionally, If one has been taken into the protection of the 'Portal Master' then the soul can be escorted out of this Matrix. If we do not know this, we will still achieve a 'balance', still achieve some blinding 'illuminations', stunning experiences of brain hemisphere integration , and a sense of 'true beingness' etc, but not with Original Source! This was the warning the ancients tried to pass on to us in all the records which 'went missing'.

Then there is the matter of the 'portals', and a fact we well know, that for some reason we cannot escape this planet even at death. The university degree subject of Anthropology does show there are many cultures on this planet, including in Mexico, where the shamans are adamant about the existence of 'portals'. One famous Anthropologist who wrote extensively on this and wrote of his own experiences, is Carlos Castenada. Then there are the many former 'sacred sites' which are no longer presenting anything energetically special or different about them. If the planet changed after the 'misuse of technology in Atlantis', how can the original portals and 'tunnels' experienced at death possibly enable us to escape the planet?

In fact the lost story of this planet covers from legends of Camelot back to the days of Atlantis, the claimed misuse of the sophisticated technology followed by a worldwide Flood and a tilt to the Earth. Today Earth has an u nusual wobble and is slightly off its correct axis. The question must surely be asked, is this something to do with the dreadful secrets of an ancient civilization known to have done something terrible to this planet?

After this begins "saving" missions, even from the times of Pharaoh Akhenaten and to the time attributed to the Christ of 2000 years ago. Could the need for 'saving people' also be connected to the 'technological mistake' that happened in Atlantis?

After the 'misuse of technology' the ancient ones went to extensive lengths to measure the Earth and its new alignment to the stars. One of the times calculated as a time of trouble for the Earth is the Mayan calendar date of 2012. Some works have discovered that the Mayan calendars were actually charting the cycles of dangerous levels of solar flare activity, which translates into high levels of magnetic energies and even reversals of the Earth's Magnetosphere. Other records suggest that this is a date when the original portal links break into two separate destinies that can no longer be be reconciled. In fact even surviving data from Revelation in the Christian Bible, talks of 'two marks' and two destinies. If this is true, shouldn't we know about this? Aren't our own scientists capable of tracking and observing increased emf interaction from the sun, and are they not aware of the dangers?

*Please note, the Essene School does provide reactivated exercises which align with the lost 'Christic Portals'

"I am drawn like a moth to flame to this info..."


"I have downloaded Override Mission and just finished reading it........

This information has left me hungry for more!!"

E. L. Australia

"These modules are totally awesome in their scope. There's so many levels to this info. As I go through it and think about things later on new revelations and understandings pop up - the ah factor. Its deep stuff. I really enjoy really learning about our history and escape means".

Anthony NZ.

"Really really interesting stuff. I'm a regressionist and find it validates a lot of my data. thanks for making this available."

Jenny in Florida USA

"I am keen, and feel that you guys have a lot to offer - the introduction is a great inspiration. looking forward to learning more" f

Peter in New Zealand.

"Many thanks and my warmest regards for taking the time to compile this Advanced Knowledge into such an easy to digest format. No time needs this wisdom more than our present time. Thank you - Just a little extra for the great work you are doing. Keep it up."

M. B. - Qld Australia

"I previously bought the introductory Override Mission and I have read it over and over!"

E.E. Australia

Earth-Escape Module 2.

This module is part of the Masters Level program. It reveals important details on the 'lost knowledge' of the structure of 'Creation Physics' i.e. how a galaxy or universe functions and why we are trapped on the Wheel of Rebirth. An ancient knowledge described a rip in the fabric of space-time that altered the Earth's spiritual realms and destiny forever. Our ancestors knew then, that future generations would require a 'spiritual practice' in order to cross the 'Dark Zone' or Void wasteland created by the rip, and 'escape'.

Complementary research through known ancient texts, beginning with the mystery of why the Roman Church felt it necessary to hide the existence of the people known as Essene/Essaiah, led to a trail to the Himalaya. Their rediscovered texts and many hidden and disguised teachings showed a teaching and Scientific Model of the universe that is not known to our current understanding of science or spiritual science. It became apparent that only a handful of Teachers had preserved knowledge of this ancient teaching.

Jhahan is the descendent of a Celtic lineage and began training with her grandmother, born in the 1880's and elderly by the time Jhahan was born. This lineage still maintained unusual violet or violet-blue eyes and chestnut hair, a longevity that encompassed several generations, and a rare connection to the purity of a spiritual presence that is now lost to this world. Many of the records to which Jhahan was introduced, show a highly detailed, never before recognised, scientific model of the universe and its complementary microcosmic counterpart as human anatomy.

The level of data presented over the courses of four modules, confidently reveals what has been missing from the knowledge of our spiritual journey.

We have the missing information and only those who are knowingly or inadvertently aiding the Deception will be angered by this.

Further questioning reveals information backed up by specialized university research, which in the terminology of 'spiritual science' answers how we as humans have failed to evolve the body's electrical system in the way it was intended to evolve. If we had known how to understand our existing ancient records better, we would have clearly seen how a regressive genetic error occurred, leading to a seeding still carrying the very sophisticated, 'reptile consciousness'. 'Reptile Consciousness' is so sophisticated, it may well epitomize what many have considered to be the very essence of 'spirituality'. Learn how to master and correct this very deceptive error.

Atlantis, Camelot, Himalayan Masters, 'Reptile Genetics', Pole Shift, and an explosive new view of the structure of the science behind our reality, left to us by our Ancient Elders

..............and being taught to those who want to know.

Earth-Escape follows on from Module 1 Override Mission.

It leads into advanced, Masters Level Training.

"Escape" is Module 2.


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