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Aliens Are People Too!

May 1, 2009
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

There are many types of aliens and it depends on one's point of perception and point of origin as to which type you encounter and where you encounter them. The story that I am writing has to do with my own experiences. They are seen from my own point of view. The powers that I received from having both a near death and out of body experiences have been rewarding. There was a time when I never spoke of anyone about my past regarding what I termed the paranormal and supernatural. I would not even discuss the metaphysical.

As long as I was an Investigator and working for a living, I had to abide by all the rules. The rules that I lived by were manmade. They were also the laws of the states and the federal government. I learned to do what is right based on what I was taught.

Some lessons were learned in public schools. Some in Church on Sundays, and some were in the school of hard knocks. The lessons I learned about aliens and alien planets were not in any of these public places. I did not even learn what I know about aliens and alien planets in a public library. I had to experience these aliens and alien planets first hand.

I had many alien experiences and learned of many alien planets before there were people talking about such things. As a child I lived in a world that was visited by aliens that looked just like all other people on earth.

The difference was that when I was young and mother would be in the other room, they would visit me and I learned how to use my mind in ways that others did not.

These memories I still have. There were plenty of times my mother almost caught these beings with me. However, they would telepathically know when she was coming to look in on me in my room and they would disappear.

As a child, I would try to tell my mother about these beings and she would go along with what I said but I new she did not believe me.

The beings would tell me that only people they wanted to see them could see them. They taught me things in order that I could learn how to use my mind in a better way while visiting earth.

There are plenty of people on earth and we call come from another place. We are born on earth but we are not from here.

This was how it was explained to me before the age of five years on earth. This was something that was a secret. It remained a secret until now. The reasons are clear to me.

Not so much to others. For some people, they will never know these beings as guides, angels, gods, or superior intelligences. I know this now. This has been the hardest part of being human this time around with some memories of my past lives in tact.

When one finally decides to expose one's own experiences in life, it leaves one wide open to many beings who will want to judge. The judge and jury can be harsh and brutal.

This is why I believe so many people will not share the real true spirit of who they are and how they experience life on earth.

It is so much easier to fit in and go along with the critical mass and general population controlled with the way we are supposed to think and act.

As I got older, I learned about the Sputnik. This was fun and finally something was being spoken about that others could accept and relate too that was flying in space.

I decided that year of my life that sometimes, it was accepted for others to know things and see things. However, it had to do with space and science. We discussed the Sputnik in school and I learned how others thought about the future and how people agreed that they would never fly in space.

This was a limited point of view but I did not judge others. I simply learned to not share my own views about space, aliens, and planets. That is until the seventh grade. I had to share that there were twelve planets and not only nine. The eight planets were hard enough for others to share but now nine. The schoolteacher argued with me and explained to me until I could prove this beyond any doubt to keep my own ideas to my self. That was the end of me sharing in school what I knew to be the truth.

It was not until I had my four daughters and had my placenta previa and had to learn to walk all over again.

I had lost all the blood in my body and they ran out at the hospital. It was tough on the hospital and me when I passed but they finally brought me around. I was in intensive care for twenty-one days or longer. My mother knows the exact time because she lived it with me. I was in and out of my body at the time.

One of the hardest things I have ever done was learn to come back and to stay in my physical and mental bodies. The pain was terrible. I still have memories of trying to breath and the pain in the chest was almost unbearable.

After I finally came around and could keep from leaving and traveling in and out with cardiac arrests repeatedly, I had to learn to breathe. I stayed on oxygen for over a month.

The battle to learn to breathe without the oxygen was again so painful. I had to be weaned off and the pain in my longs and chest was just terrible. I thought I could not live without the oxygen mask although the string around my ears had rubbed raw places.

I had received more blood after my step-dad gave me pints of his. They said I had to have six pints replenished twice because it would run in and run out again. I was a mess.

After finally about six weeks, I could go home and recover. My mother or her mother, or my husband's grandmother would stay with me at all times.

I had to learn to use my body all over again. I could not talk and I could not walk. The only thing I did not have to learn all over again was my hearing.

The time I had learning to be human all over again as an adult was tough. I do not recommend it to anyone. The time I spent learning to be human with a physical and mental body was like living to learn and learning to live at the same time.

It took me over two months before I could walk without help. I was weak when I did. It was not until my baby girl was three months old that I could be trusted to take care of myself and my four daughters alone with out my mothers assistance.

That was the life on earth that grew into me becoming an investigator. I wanted to know more. I wanted to know more about life, people, and why we come and go on earth.

I wanted to understand life as a human. Why were the aliens whom I had grown to know as a child not by my side? Maybe they were I just could not see them. I could see and always had very sensitive eyes. The sunlight would blind me when I went outside. Now, it was worse. I could see auras around all things and all beings. This lasted throughout my adult life until I was over forty.

The seeing auras helped me with my psychic readings, which I learned to do because others would want to know how I knew so much about them. I learned that I could almost read a person's thoughts and was more empathic than I was before I died.

Many things made me wonder about why more people did not enjoy life more. I saw the routines that people were into and so many were simply about making a living and not caring about spending time out doors.

I had a new way of loving to spend time with my children out doors. We went to the Herman Zoo in Houston just about every weekend. There were good times to be had. We were all animal lovers. Loving earth and animals seemed normal and a way to live one's life.

Nevertheless, I had to have more now. I had regrouped and learned to take care of my four children. I was a PTA president and taught dance and baton. I had learned to act and put my daughters on stage with me in Birmingham, Alabama where we moved because of the husband's engineering position after leaving NASA.

I learned that there were so many people at NASA who talked behind others backs about aliens. But, I was always the one talked too in secret and never the one to share my stories. I listened but others never knew about my out of body experiences or childhood with aliens from another world. This was all kept secret.

There were more reasons than I could ever share with those who I met as business associates in passing. My own parents and siblings were never told. My school friends would make fun of my brother Charles because he was into the UFOS and believed they existed. We never talked to each other about our beliefs. He was really into Twilight Zone, the Outer Limits, and finally Star Trek. I was too busy as a teenager dating and going to football games.

Once at a football game when I was twirling two machetes, throwing them in the air, and catching them, I had a girl come up to me after my performance. She asked me to come up into the bleachers to meet her father. She said that her Father did not believe that the machetes were real and sharp. She told him that everyone knew they were and I had to get special permission to twirl the knives and the fire batons. I was good at this and the people loved the thrill and the excitement being entertained with my skills.

I learned then that being different as an entertainer made people not believe what they were seeing. It was a hard lesson but one I committed to memory.

Therefore, how would they react if they really knew what I could do with my thoughts and my life later as an adult? (To be continued.)

Source: http://www.ufodigest.com

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