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Ancient Chinese Medical Book Discovered

June 10, 2009

The treasured book of "Acupoint Therapy by Hua Tuo" has been handed down in Hua's family. (Photo from the Internet)

An ancient medical book on acupoint
treatment was recently uncovered in China. The book, written 2,000 years ago by the miraculous healer Hua Tuo, has been passed down in the Hua family, according to Hua Tuo’s 62nd generation descendent Hua Quanbing.

Recorded in the book are acupuncture points therapies and other medical remedies for bone and joint injuries and diseases. The remedies are based on the traditional theories of yin-yang and five elements, reflecting the traditional Chinese concepts that emphasize the unification and harmony between mind and body.

Hua Quanbing, graduate of Yale University, said he received the family heirloom from his grandfather in 2001. However, he was not interested in Chinese medicine and did not touch it until 2008 when he searched for a prescription for a Japanese friend suffering from sciatica. Astonishing even to himself, the friend recovered in five days. The friend asked about the book, and offered a high price for it.

Realizing the potential value of the book for the first time, Hua refused the offer and started to study the book himself in February 2009. Visits to his grandfather’s hometown Zhejiang Province revealed that his grandfather had cured many people with the help of the book.

Hua said the book was written by Hua Tuo and a martial art expert name Zhou Longfei. Zhou, the village elders said, was a master of acupuncture and often helped Hua Tuo to anesthetize patients with acupuncture techniques before surgeries.

Each generation in the Hua family copied the book when they inherited it. His grandfather generation had the book handwritten by the best calligrapher at that time.

The book has a sister volume that is unfortunately missing, Hua said.

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