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TJ's - Alien Facts for Hardcore Readers of UFO Digest!

October 19, 2009
by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris

Aliens are real to this planet and we refer to many of them as extraterrestrials. Being a paranormal writer with real life experiences has given me a life to share and reflect on the changes occurring for our kind on this planet. I am going to share a new place of thought for those who are tired of living in this humdrum existence.

1.) Aliens are those beings who are not born on this planet we call our home.

2.) Aliens utilize spacecraft not of earth origin.

3.) Aliens are called by various names such as extra biological entities or EBEs.

4.) Aliens come in various forms with approximately 68 categorized types.

5.) Aliens have their own agenda.

6.) Aliens come to earth to research.

7.) Aliens are watching earth and those who dwell upon it.

8.) Aliens refer to our species as one of five on planet earth.

9.) Aliens prepare to protect out location in this galaxy.

10.) Aliens consider us one of may intelligent being species in the universe.

11.) Aliens choose some earth beings to communicate with on this planet.

12.) Aliens can use telepathy and other forms of communication.

13.) Aliens are far more intelligent based on evolution and time in space.

14.) Aliens are aware of many who are a warring race of beings.

15.) Aliens who come and go from this planet who have abducted beings do not kill humans.

16.) Aliens who we call Ets are extraterrestrials from other galaxies.

17.) Some beings on earth have been allowed to work with these aliens.

18.) There is a controlling race of humanoids who look like our species on earth.

19.) The Grey types of beings have more than one type as there are several similar types who are considered intelligent beings.

20.) We humans on earth, who are chosen to communicate with these aliens may or may not be aware of all the information that has been shared on earth.

21.) There are some beings on earth born on earth, who may be considered alien hybrids.

22.) The human beings on earth that presently exist may be evolving into a more congenial acceptable being to travel in space.

23.) There has been knowledge given to some beings on earth that have to do with the future communications with other beings in space.

24.) There are some beings on earth who understand being human and being connected with alien or ET DNA at the same time.

25.) There is now an upgrade or ascension process to allow time for the human race to accept the fact that they are beings who were placed on earth from another place in space.

26.) The truth of who the human race is now and has accepted in the culture, education, history, theology, philosophy, psychology of the human race is changing.

27.) Some writers of the UFO Digest, and paranormal topics has been given time to write about general terms and topics to allow time for more beings to accept the changes and truth into their own ways of thinking.

28.) There are changes to occur in general and many can already be seen with the change in thought of extraterrestrials as aliens in space.

29.) The truth is based on earth’s general critical mass acceptance of the overall understanding of who the human race perceives the human species to be in one overall way of thinking.

30.) The truth that is now understood is that alien civilizations exist.

31.) The last two years of writing by TJ was to allow time to absorb the truth that alien civilizations exist. This was the assignment for TJ with UFO Digest.

32.) Theresa Janette Thurmond was born knowing that alien civilizations exist during a time when this knowledge was not accepted on earth.


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