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The Difference Between Religion and “Spirituality”

February 11, 2010

To start, the reason why “spirituality” is in quotations is because there truly is no label for what I am trying to convey in this article. Also, there has been so much identification and many beliefs created within what some call “spirituality” that have really beaten the word to a new meaning. So as I continue, when I speak of “spirituality,” all I am really referring to is that beyond what we see in front of us, that which is our true essence. I am not referring to any belief system or set of beliefs within any structure.

Generally, we can come to a conclusion on something through a set of thoughts experienced within the mind, which is really nothing more than reading something or being told something and taking it as absolute truth based on that set of thoughts. This is a belief system – Religion. Or we can cease to make our thoughts our identity and remain much closer to our true essence, where we can see without blinders (the mind or set of thoughts) what we are experiencing.

Being religious is essentially an identity the ego grasps onto in order to keep itself fulfilled in a role it is choosing to play. Essentially, the ego now thinks that through thought, which is very limiting, it has found and experienced an absolute truth and in order to keep its identity alive, the very nature of “absolute,” will not allow it to “die.” Since the ego’s main goal is survival, it achieves this very easily by attaching to religion. (thinking, believing a set of thoughts)

It comes down to being locked up in the mind (thought and belief) vs. allowing the ego to not have an identity, not allowing the ego to strive to find a role it can latch onto. There is a general fear that we must BE something or know who we are and what we are about – “we” do not, only our ego does. When you recognize the awareness behind the labels and beliefs you have, you have found the consciousness or SELF behind the ego, showing you “spirituality” – that which lies beyond the false sense of self.

Now, I understand this is a touchy subject for where we are all collectively playing right now, but remember conflict will only come as a result of defense triggered in our minds (ego/reptilian) as it fights for survival because the information just presented was challenging. Use this experience and whatever emotions this article brings as a point of observation. Are you agreeing with it and feeling superior to others? Are you getting mad? Are you feeling some truth to it but are not quite there?

In any case, allow the feelings to be and don’t allow them to charge you. Take observation as to what presented for you. Are you limiting your experience by latching onto thought as absolute truth?

I wish to end this with a quote that came to mind that might spark something. It comes from a very fitting movie:

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself.”

-The Matrix

Peace and Love

Source: http://www.collective-evolution.com

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