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Elves, Fairies, Leprechauns And Nessie: The Unseen, Unwritten Part Of Human History

January 21, 2010
by Doc Edwards

While we humans somewhat flatter ourselves and stroke our collective egos by believing that everything that is important to know about human history has already been recorded and told in our history books, the truth is that there is a much bigger, and far more incredible and all-inclusive story of the history of humanity that has gone unwritten, and for the most part,... even unknown during the long ages since man first walked this earth.

As an example, we once lived along side of, and co-existed with, other intelligent species, intelligent beings and entities that now only exist as part of our myths like a faraway remembrance in the collective unconscious of the race. Even beyond, or rather in addition to, our being overseen by our original inter-galactic progenitors from far out in the cosmos, we were once closer to "other" inter-dimensional neighbors much nearer (as far as the word "nearer" can be applied when you are speaking of inter-dimensional connections) to us in the multi-dimensional make-up of life, right here on earth. It would be well for us to remember here what all of our so-called myths really are: just ancient old family stories of our species that have been told and retold so many times that we hardly believe now they ever happened, or ever existed.

Much of the real story of our species on this planet --- and its long involvement with other species and beings, that no longer are apparent in our present reality, seem but a faded and fond reminiscence out of the long ago childhood of our race. Specifically I am referring to beings who once co-existed with us in an inter-dimensional relationship and bond, a bond respected not only by the boundary of the different dimensions from which we sprang and evolved but also by our mutual respect for our differences as well as likenesses. Of course, I am referring here to fairies, elves, and leprechauns, and even such elusive creatures as Nessie, who obviously resides in the nether world between a lake in Scotland and an inter-dimensional lake overlapping the same ancient map. So much time has now passed since those days when we and they all shared the same warmth of the same sun that these beings and entities not only seem unreal, but mythological as well. And though most humans no longer see them, these entities have not lost their corporeality nor their reality. They are as ever present around us as they ever were; but rather it is we who have lost our ability to see and experience and interact with these other dimensions and the beings who populate them. In all truthfulness, though, we have not so much "lost " the ability as it is we simply have forgotten how to use it. Indeed, there was a time when man could just as easily see, hear, smell, and feel in other dimensions as well as this one that we are so very familiar with today.

But of course, those times when man conversed with fairies and consorted with elves have long since come and gone --- at least for most of humanity, anyway --- though a glimmer of that inter-dimensional light and possibility still hangs like a psychic mist over many a vale and many a grove that once was our mutual meeting place in the now lost, distant past.

It is this history, the history of men and elves and fairies and all sorts of other inter-dimensional beings, that has slid between the cracks, so to speak, the cracks that we humans, over the ensuing millennia, have resourcefully filled-in with what many now believe to be only the fantastic, mythological stories, made up long, long ago by our prehistoric ancestors to stuff the empty spaces and explain the gaps and missing parts that were left in our true history on this planet. Certainly these beings co-existed with human beings, as freely and easily as the many other species of flora and fauna, that fill this planet, do today. These beings were once truly our inter-dimensional neighbors; and in a way they are indeed still sentient cousins who share the same intelligence and memory and history of the greater deeds that we all once did in the long ago era of men and elves and fairies.

It is important to remember here that human beings have changed drastically over the many millennia that we have existed on this planet. As I pointed out in a previous chapter, we have "de-evolved" rather than evolving --- at least as far as it concerns our psychic sensitivity and perception of everything that is truly going on in the reality around us, including inter-dimensional beings like those of which I speak.

Humans have become so focused and centered on our own affairs, our own priorities, most of which deal exclusively with phenomena and circumstances strictly based in the hard and objectified reality that we have placed around ourselves like a stone fortress of singular, egotistical exclusivity that we have gradually filtered out everything else that did not directly concern this narrow perspective, thus some of our psychic attributes of greater inter-dimensional sensitivity have almost atrophied: Humans once were far more connected to, and aware of, the other inter-dimensional states that exist all around us, as even, today,our modern science recognizes to exist. Slowly though, as human consciousness, awareness, and human concerns (brought about primarily by the many wars that were being fought among ourselves during these prehistoric times) became more and more ensconced and focused primarily on the one dimension of hard, physical reality, which has become, as a consequence of this ancient single-mindedness, the dimension that we are predominantly focused in, out of the many dimensions that were once accessible to our consciousness and awareness; and our present reality and focus became the only reality that the great majority of us would recognize. Our inter-dimensional neighbors began to fade, more or less, leaving a great gap in the explanation and description of our true, ancient, collective history and reality.

Even the "missing gaps," involving our extra-terrestrial and alien connected past, filled in and patched back into the whole fabric of our human record by such adept writers and historians as Zecharia Sitchin and Erick von Daniken, have not, in and of themselves, gone far enough in telling the whole "secret" and so-called, prehistoric, story of man and his long and profound involvement with these "other", inter-dimensional beings. While I do not think anyone, at least anyone who has seriously studied, pondered, and analyzed the historical, as well as the anecdotal, evidence, doubts the in-depth involvement of alien life from elsewhere in the universe, directly affecting and involving itself in historical human events and circumstances, many have overlooked, and perhaps even dismissed as "pure myth" what has been shown to me (by my admittedly, unusual, "other" sources) as "the even bigger 'more correct' story," the story of the truth behind the existence and involvement of many different types of inter-dimensional life forms in the development and evolution of human life and history on this planet.

Hopefully, before you are through reading this article, you might begin to think of J.R.R. Tolkien more as a very accurate historian than merely a writer of fantasy and myth. I think that the imminent and late Austrian psychologist, C.G. Jung would have agreed with me when I say : What Mr.Tolkien actually did (probably unbeknownst to himself while he was writing) was to connect with and tap directly into the "collective unconscious" of the race/ species as a whole through the natural raising of his own awareness and brain wave function. In all probability Mr. Tolkien wrote far more actual history than mere myth and fantasy. The same is also true of other so-called "fantasy" writers like the late C.S. Lewis, to name another. Of course, this is certainly psychologically and spiritually understandable, given most writer's proclivity to psychically loose themselves in their work," giving themselves up", if you will, to a total absorption and immersion in the story unraveling before them from out of the depths of their "collective unconscious." Quite literally, under the aegis of such an intense, internal spell, and natural state of brain wave acceleration, it makes perfect sense that what would naturally come through is not invention at all, but rather "truth," and the story of probable real events as they occurred long, long ago, before "the age of the dominance of man" as Tolkien would have put it.

We can learn and condition ourselves, once again, to be able to see, encounter, and even inter-act with these inter-dimensional neighbors. I have found the key to this is the one and same key that unlocks all of our higher abilities of perception, whether you call them clairvoyance, precognition, remote viewing, or whatever, it is the one and same key to the one and same door, the door of our higher psychic sight, spiritual acumen, and inter-dimensional attunement. This key can only be found and activated by learning to accelerate, and literally speed-up, as it were, our own brain wave activity. On my website,www.tomorrowsprophecy.com, I give more details and explanation of how it is possible to do this.

All of our perception of reality, that is, what we see, and what we are able to see, depends entirely upon the amplitude and frequency of our brain wave activity. Most people stay fairly focused within the more dominate range of what scientists call the"Beta" frequency, which is the frequency that our everyday reality is attuned to; in order to see and experience these alternate views of reality, and the phenomena and entities localized within that reality, we have to learn to accelerate our brain waves to, what science calls, the "Gamma" range of brain wave activity, which is slightly higher than that of our everyday reality.

Most processes that teach you to do this are based upon listening to the rhythym of certain binaural beats, artificially and electronically produced, in order to entrain the brain to this frequency. While this method does indeed work, it brings with it several problems. What works in the laboratory is not all ways workable when you are out in the field. When you go out into the woods and forests, which is where we find that it is sometimes easier to find and access the, so-called,"portals" or "dimensional entrances," leading into these inter-dimensional states, one doesn't always have a CD player with them, so it is important to learn how to access these higher brain wave frequencies in much easier and simpler ways. In my years of research and experimentation in exploring and dealing with this fascinating subject, I have found a far easier, simpler, and more natural way to do this. But whichever way that you should choose to go, one thing is for certain: There is a whole different world waiting for you to view and experience, and possibly even, interact with--- just one step up in your own brain wave frequency.

Excerpts from Doc Edwards' new book on "Alien And Extra-Terrestrial Religion And Spirituality" will be run exclusively in UFO Digest. Be sure to check back from week to week to insure that you have read the latest installment. You can email Doc Edwards at 1luxdei@gmail.com. Check out his new website at www.tomorrowsprophecy.com.

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