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Self Healing: A journey into knowing Your Own Body & Managing Your Health, Wellness

September 1, 2010 

I have been observing my own self-healing practices for years and the most amazing thing about yoga and qigong is how “in touch” you become with your own body! When you practice yoga and qigong you begin to connect your mind to your body. When this happens the body begins to talk to you

It can help you be aware of aches, pains, sickness, potential health illnesses that can be addressed before illness sets in. When you bring these new discoveries to light and try to understand the root cause which may be mental, emotional, physical and trace them back it can be so liberating what you find and how much you can heal your own body.

Healing can begin at any time in one’s life

Some people have a nurturing instinct from the get go & then other’s don’t realize until they have become hurt, broken, abused, old, run down or ill. Rejuvenating one self should be part of our daily or at least weekly life regimen.

As we age our machines/bodies become weak, misaligned, toxic, unconnected to the other parts of the self like your mind or spirit. But, we truly have the ability to heal ourselves in simple yet profound ways. The culmination of these healings can elevate our overall health level. We do have the ability to know our own bodies, listen to them and become proactive in the way we take care of them!

Modern medicine is a must in certain situations but imagine if you were “tuned in” to your body way before you got to the level of disease. Finding ways to care for your self and rebuild your own health, when and if possible. Yes, I am speaking of diet, herbs, exercise, live/raw/organic foods, supplements, massage, reiki, qigong, chiropractic care, alternative ways of caring and healing the self.

As we continue to add more supplements to our diet, drink lots of water, pay more attention to your nutrition, get some rest, do some deep breathing, practice yoga/qigong or stretch on a regular and we can witness an improvement to our mood, energy level, fitness and maybe even our relationships.

I am amazed and aware of how much stronger my energy is and how much more deep and effective my self-healing rituals are and my ability to heal others is now as compared to the beginning of my journey due to the practice and concentration of energy cultivation. It is empowering to know how strong we as people/humans are and that we have tools to harness and extend those powers to help others and ourselves.

Taking time to care for your self can save you BIG by avoiding the culmination of bad habits, laziness, avoidance that we use instead of being proactive, motivated, health seeking individuals that build well ness in our communities of family, friends and strangers all brought together on the philosophy of respecting and caring for the self.

Promoting wellness within slowly becomes evident to others and it feels great when someone asks for advice from you because you appear to look, feel healthy and vibrant. Sharing your health practices will make you feel better and inspire others to join in the fun!

Creating energy for healing is simple and effective

* Practicing Qigong daily will increase your overall energy level, boost immune system, improve your mood and well being, reduce stress, and raise your awareness of internal energy.

* Practicing yoga will bring self-discipline, focus, coordination and stamina among many other benefits.

* These Eastern art forms are the beginning of how to tap into and cultivate your internal energy.

Of course, this is not medical advice and see your doctor if you are not feeling well. Some illnesses are genetic or imminent. I am only suggesting the more you know about your own body and keep up your health- the better off you will be in general.

Source: www.totallyzen.com

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