sábado, 6 de novembro de 2010

Terminator Now

It’s four feet tall on four legs, weighs 1200 pounds and has a dual gas-electric hybrid power plant. It can stand on two legs to reach over ten feet to survey its surroundings.

It can see in the dark and take out targets with a 50 caliber sniper rifle from over 1 km away. It’s designed to take a direct hit from an RPG and walk away intact. It’s the Pentagon’s prototype Legged Squad Support System or L3. There are other models with different capabilities. On battery power it can sneak right up behind you whisper quiet. On full Gas power it can run 30KM/hour and pack over 500 pounds. Up to five years ago it was an interesting robotics project that got low level funding but was never prioritized as a unified weapons platform. So we have been told.

Then it went Modular. Company A made this component. Company B that Component. And Company C this engine. Company D that system. According to reports when the Generals first saw it, it was on two 2 feet. This freaked out soldiers and the four legged version was chosen because it was less psychologically intimidating.

Ultra low frequency. If a ULF sound wave resonates with the matching harmonics in the human ear, then someone could lite off a fire cracker behind you and you would hear nothing. It’s the ultimate stealth… make lots of noise and nobody can hear you.

High Density Charged Polymers. Forget liquid metal. How about a material that can instantly heat-up or cool-down to match the thermal signature of its surroundings. No more clumsy wires to get severed. The multi-layered harder than steel chassis can conduct electricity and bypass damaged parts and stay in the fight.

Terminator in the Movies was a bad design. It has a Central Processing Unit. A CPU. Distributed Computing nodes are far more efficient and offer unparalleled redundancies. Thanks to GPGPU computing hundreds of Tera-flops can be achieved with a few dozen GPU cores.

Terminator is here now. He’s the perfect urban pacification tool. He’s not here to defend you. He’s here to defend them. When the systems melts down and there are millions of hungry angry people rioting in the streets after the dollar get quantitatively eased to pennies… then the Big-Dog will have a mission.

Source: http://scarletwhore.com

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