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Unveiling the Mystics of Sacred Geometry

March 16, 2011

Sacred Geometry, how can I find the words to describe it? We wanted to do this post a long time ago, but I hardly would just scratch the surface of it. So I started doing my research a week ago, as usual the first would be a google search for “Sacred Geometry”.
A lot of esoteric links pop up and it leads to lot more, so my mind is exploding with information. There is so much more to put in, but let me try compiling what I have watched and learnt and hopefully we shall present a decent overview on this subject.
Let me start with the basic, what is sacred geometry? Certain ratios and shapes find themselves repeating throughout the universe, these geometric shapes and figures seem to radiate positivity.

According to this post from
Sacred Geometry Mandala Art, Pythagoras described geometry as visual music. Music is created by applying laws of frequency and sound in certain ways. States of harmonic resonance are produced when frequencies are combined in ways that are in unison with universal law.

These same laws can be applied to produce visual harmony. Instead of frequency and sound it is angle and shape that are combined to produce visual symphonies that show the harmonic unification of diversity.

Read the rest of the article here: fractalenlightenment.com 

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