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Gore And The Great Luddite Hoax Of 2007

By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
This article appears in the March 9, 2007 issue of Executive Intelligence Review

We must never forget that former Vice-President Al Gore's 2000 Gore-Lieberman campaign was the midwife of the Bush-Cheney Presidency.

The issue to be considered here is no mere difference of policy. The issue is existential. At issue is a choice between one policy, under whose influence our civilization would soon cease to exist, that of Gore's policy, against the directly opposite choice of policy required, if civilization is to continue to exist during the immediately foreseeable future.

Let us now proceed in the confidence that the issue treated here is of no lesser importance than just that.

Essentially, after Al Gore's marbles are counted, his recent Hollywood, pulp-science-fiction-style production, on the theme of "Global Warming," is, obviously, a fraud designed by someone. Whoever that someone was, Al's fraud was done, apparently, for the pleasure of what were, obviously, swindlers, and has served to titillate many among our nation's, and others' current crop of the more excitably credulous, middle-class "bio-fools."

Stated for the record, the essentials of the relevant scientific evidence against Gore's latest version of the "Global Warming" hoax, are adequately summarized, in the weekly Executive Intelligence Review's March 2, 2007 edition.[1] Some people, no doubt, will also see the ironical hand of Mother Nature (no Hard Gore Luddite herself) in the great winter storm which chose to wrack entire regions of North America, at just the time that Gore's off-season Hollywood Hallowe'en party was being staged. Since those of us whose attention is focused more intently upon the actual dynamics of the U.S. political landscape, have never considered Al Gore the brightest bulb in the cloakroom, the question for us, is: who is using the notoriously mean, dumb, and clearly fat-headed Al "Ozymandias" Gore, again, and why, this time, in this way? [2]

However, our duty in this matter does not end there. In addition to the first issue, the evidence that Gore's package itself is a hoax, there are two elements of scientific method which must be addressed, if the larger, much more crucial issues involved are to be settled.

Second on the list of three, is the larger scientific issue: Gore's fraud aside, what are the considerations which actually govern the principal features of the Earth's cycles of alternate warming and cooling? What about the pattern of recent intensification of Solar radiation hitting the Earth? Does this year's early report from Denmark on the role of cosmic rays, answer the question, at least in significant part? [3] If so, what is the relationship to the earlier indications of the concentration of cosmic rays received from the area of the Crab Nebula?

Or, what about the movement of population out of traditional family-farm agriculture and productive employment in industry, into the ruin of a so-called "post-industrial society," all of which post-1968 trends of change away from a science-driver, agro-industrial economy, have had pernicious effects on the environment which we manage and inhabit? What about "Bio-Fuels," which are inherently energy-inefficient, and which will, if continued, cause a generations-long ecological disaster, and pro-genocidal food-crisis for our nation in particular, and the planet as whole?

Third on the same list, we have the principal subject taken up in the body of this report: what is the actual strategic motive for the continuing persistence of the promotion of the Kyoto hoax at this particular time? This third point, is the crucial point addressed in this present report.

The case of Gore himself, is a simple one, in every sense of the word. Whatever the intended implications of simple-minded Gore's travesty, the motive for his being used in the way he has been used most recently, takes us to much deeper political issues, as in the issues treated in the body of this present report, after the immediately following, additional prefatory remarks.

Unfortunately, Al Gore is not the only fool of his type among our republic's and Europe's political classes. Were he the only such fool, we might treasure him, even despite his bad temper, vicious fits, and silly Hallowe'en pranks, as we would value an endangered species of Madagascan forest lemur.

Unfortunately, Gore's type of so-called "Baby-Boomer" generation of North America and western and central Europe, is not a lovably rare species. It is a generation already represented by a great excess of the modern Sophist types from among the so-called "68er" generation, sometimes regarded justly as a "de-generation," born during the 1945-1956 interval: a species which proliferated between the close of World War II and the culturally shocking advent of the 1957-1960 U.S. economic recession. Therefore, we have that third point which I shall address in this present report: I explain.

On That Third Point
It is most notable, on account of this third point, that, today, those representatives of the professions of honest scientists and political historians who were capable of seeing, truthfully, the future actually embedded in the present, are those who, in the case of those nominally considered scientists, are a precious minority of their profession, and, who, among historians, appear to be almost a vanishing species.[4] When compared to the school of American historians, for example, even into the early parts of the post-World War II decades, the greater part of the currently reigning "Sixty-Eighter white collar" political class, has shown itself, with remarkable exceptions, as now, as a generation of the astonishingly credulous, which avoids any actual knowledge of science, and yet expresses opinions about science and its effects, which reveal either the influence of the most evil man of the Twentieth Century, Bertrand Russell, or simply a generation virtually incapable of thinking either historically or scientifically.

This has been a persisting, increasing challenge in my dealings with even some among my own associates who have expressed the characteristic moral failing of the predominantly Sophist Baby-Boomer generation, albeit on different issues than Gore's Luddite followers.[5] In my experience, today's usual Baby Boomer refuses to recognize what is happening to our nation, or even his, or her own generation. He or she is therefore a member of what had been called, ironically, "the Now Generation," the representative of a kind of species which recognizes moral accountability to neither a predecessor generation, nor a follower. It is a social stratum, unique to this interval of our national history, which is relatively hostile to the generation of its own parents, and, also, like the typical President George W. Bush, Jr., is blind to what are, in fact, the essential interests of the present young and future adult generations, and beyond.

The typical representative of that Baby-Boomer type, usually lacks even a semblance of the standard of comparison which the history of ideas had provided to the able scholars, scientists, and strategists of earlier generations. It might be said, that he, or she, as the "68er" and former Vice-President Al Gore illustrate the type, is a Luddite fanatic, or, if you prefer Classical references, an heir of the ancient, pro-Satanic, Delphic cult of Dionysus.

Therefore, those cases, like Gore, very rarely think in terms of a successful period of history as a process of an emergence of an added phase of the lawful evolution of human culture, to higher states out of a preceding one. Rather, all too typically, cardboard, or wind-up-toy personalities like Gore, think in terms of arbitrarily adopted "rules of thumb," as merely current fads in styles of "fashions"; typically Sophists, they think in terms of opinions about opinions: Athens' Pericles should blush. These are opinions which they tend to treat in a more reckless and hostile disregard for discoveries of any actual notions of principle, as this hostility to principle was expressed in the emergence of even such cults of Sophistry as ancient followers of Euclid, or, a grim, medieval Sophist variety of theologian among those of the Scholastic persuasion.[6]

I encounter this same problem in the course of reviewing the briefings produced among today's usual political figures, commentators, and so forth. The relevant types to which I refer have few principles, or even none; but, nonetheless, they produce an abundance of opinions, and curious "assessments" of sets of alleged facts, such as momentary opinions about the auspicious implications of an ephemeral item of news, or the like.

This pattern of behavior is typical of a stubborn persistence of the kind of sophistry we might associate with today's typical representatives of the Baby Boomers among North Americans, or those from western and central Europe. Those types are reacting to their narrowly defined immediate experience, but evade the reality of that process of those long waves of historical change, within which merely current events and decisions are trapped, often as passing exceptions.

It is, in other words, as we read, in Plato, the report of the ancient Egyptians, warning the ancient Greeks that "you have no old men among you." Today's leading political classes, and most others, too, rarely show any sense of an historical process as being anything more than a kind of mechanistic-statistical system of percussive interactions, interactions occurring chiefly within the confines of the local time of a certain generation's hope of rising to political and related ascendancy. They are Sophists, who think in terms of trend-lines in mere opinions, not realities. Therefore, usually, their assessment of almost any situation of significance, as in economic forecasting, is tragically wrong-headed, and stubbornly so.

So much for the unfortunate Gore and his sociological type; the question is: Who is using him now, in that way, and why? The answer is to be found within the realm of Riemannian dynamics.


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