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Underwater Humming Sound in Portugal

March 3, 2007

A resident living in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal tells of an unusual humming sound that he hears sometimes from his house, which is located close to the ocean. Occasionally, the sound is louder and our reader thinks that something unexplained is present underwater. In our previous, article The Hum - a worldwide phenomenon we wrote that the hum is an anomalous sound heard around the world. Additionally, in the article "Extraterrestrials in Our Oceans", we discussed the possibility that alien civilizations could have established secret underwater bases on our planet.

Our reader, who wishes to remain anonymous, relates the story as follows:

"Hello, my name is P.R. and I'm writing from Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal. I read your website for some time and I saw several reports about "The Hum".

I have heard the sound for several times and I can't explain it because it can last for hours. When I hear the sound it starts about 11 PM and can last for three or more hours. I also notice that some times the sound is louder than others.

The first time I heard I thought it could be a plain, because my house is located on the airplane route to the airport. I thought it could be a train stopped with the motor running, the train station is near my house or a car but the sound didn't stop.

My only explanation is that could be something in the ocean and my house is located less than a mile from the ocean. It could be a ship but some years ago, a man took a picture of an UFO over the water on a beach during night on Oporto, that is a few miles north. "

It is known that the hum can cause a variety of physical symptoms and apparently, some people living in this region have had problems with this unexplained sound.

This sighting appeared on TVI in Lisboa and their report states:

"An architect from Matosinhos told TV Channel 1 in Lisboa that he saw a UFO yesterday while walking the beach at night. He said the sighting lasted for two minutes. 'It was like a cube floating above the sand, then it flew away towards the night sky, causing an explosion of light at high altitude."

Does this suggest USO (Unidentified Submersible Object) activity in this region? It is interesting that these images were taken near the house where our reader lives, close to the ocean. The object on the image is also cube-shaped. Reports of cube-shaped UFOs are sporadic.

Thanks to P.R for sending us this story. If you have additional information about this case, contact us here at UFOArea.

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Source: http://www.niburu.nl

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