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Fluoride and Anti-Depressants

January 2011
By Dr. DeAnne Miller

Anti-depressants act as a sedative, according to Dr. DeAnne Miller. Just how can they work? 


Here’s how: The anti-depressant Prozac is called Fluoxetine. The “FLUO” part of the name means fluoride. It is 16% fluoride. The heaviest antidepressants are constructed of fluoride: Rohypnol (date rape drug), Florinet, Haldol, Depixol.

Fluoride is often a poison to the inner fluid of cells. It features a long list of toxic effects. To prevent yourself from being sedated or poisoned because of it, avoid using products that purchased it like cockroach poisons, toothpaste, mouthwash, and city h2o.

Suicide rates were high throughout the Great Depression. They’ve never been higher. Following a Great Depression was over, they leveled off but always increase during war like WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. They’ve increased in the last four years corresponding for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Anti-depressant drug usage isn’t helping lower these rates.
A bottle of Prozac (remember: fluoride) costs eleven cents for your manufacturer to create. It retails for $247.47, a markup of 224,973%. Because of this the pharmaceutical marketplace is the richest industry in the united kingdom. It drains others of financial resources, causing these to move to less cost country like China or Mexico.

If you’re feeling down or depressed, discover the actual cause with Nutrition Response Testing. It’s not difficult to look after when approached nutritionally. I’ve come across depression caused by a variety of things. The lack of a drug never been one of these.

‘The three most toxic additives within our food supply are MSG, hydrolyzed protein, and aspartame, and also the first two have been in many of these secret sauces with “natural flavors.” Something that you buy saying “spices” or “natural flavors” contains MSG! The avoids putting MSG concerning the label by putting MSG in spice mixes, and when the mix is under 50% MSG, manufacturers do not have to use it the label. You may have noticed that that phrase “No MSG” has actually disappeared. Like MSG is within all the spice mixes. Even Bragg’s “Liquid Aminos” required to take “No MSG” off their label.
Health issues with MSG

The has known concerning the health problems caused by MSG for a long period. MSG is really a neurotoxic substance that produces a wide range of reactions, from temporary headaches to permanent brain damage. We’ve a huge rise in Alzheimer’s, brain cancer, seizures, ms, and diseases from the nervous system, and something from the chief reasons is these flavorings within our food. MSG can also be related to violent behavior.Most surprisingly, MSG causes obesity! In laboratory experiments on obese rats, scientists induce obesity by feeding the animals MSG!
Ninety-five percent of processed foods contain MSG, (yes thats right 95%!). I suggest that everyone browse the book Excitotoxins, by Dr. Russell Blaylock. He describes the way the nerve cells either disintegrate or shrivel up within the presence of free glutamic acid, that’s, MSG, if it gets passed the blood-brain barrier. The glutamates in MSG are absorbed from the mouth towards the brain.

The fast food industry couldn’t exist without MSG as well as other artificial meat flavors to create secret sauces and spice mixes that beguile the customer into eating bland and tasteless food. The sauces in processed foods are basically MSG, water, thickeners and emulsifiers and several caramel coloring. Your tongue is tricked into convinced that it’s getting something nutritious when it is getting nothing at all except some very toxic substances. The dressings, the Worcestershire sauce, rice mixes, dehydrated soups, many of these and anything that includes a meat-like taste has MSG inside. Almost all canned soups and stews contain MSG, and also the “hydrolyzed protein” bases often contain MSG in considerable amounts.
Most of the vegetarian foods contain these flavorings. Their email list of ingredients in vegetarian hamburgers, hotdogs, bacon, baloney, etc. can sometimes include hydrolyzed protein along with other “natural” flavorings. Soy foods contain huge amounts of MSG as it is formed during processing.

Source: http://www.noonehastodietomorrow.com 

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