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It Has Begun.... Arctic Apocalypse

January 8, 2011

So many people have been yelling the warning… but the world has not taken heed

Ice cubes left outside on January 4, 2011 melted. This is in the Arctic. Take a look at Greenland. It is right on the edge of a total ice sheet collapse. Negative Arctic oscillation are compounding. Warm air and water are drawn in and cold air and water are exhaled… in this case into western Europe and central North America. A proof of this oscillation is the extreme temperature swings in the prairie provinces. Calgary Alberta has been having temperature swings of 45 degrees Celsius in a matter of days.

As I previously reported all the big chiefs from NATO were in Canada prior to the G20 meeting for some high-level emergency contingency planning… not to pressure Canada to stay in the Afghan mission….that was just a ruse…. but to address a much more serious matter.

[All of Canada’s fleet of Scientific research vessels have been up to strange things up near the Greenland Ice-shelf in tandem with unusual deployments by the 2 Heavy Arctic Icebreakers.

OTTAWA, October 15, 2010 — Today, David MacKenzie, Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Public Safety, on behalf of the Honourable Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, observed the National Heavy Urban Search and Rescue (HUSAR) team during Exercise MAGNITUDE ’10, which demonstrated Ottawa’s preparedness to help citizens in the event of a natural disaster or other large scale emergency.   The program allows government officials from municipal, provincial and federal public safety and emergency management organizations to view part of this national exercise that takes place in Ottawa from October 14-16, 2010.]

Canada’s Exercise Magnitude 10 had nothing to do with earthquakes. There were tier 1 defensive contractors on board Canadian Coast Guard Heavy Ice Breakers in the Arctic along with very high level US DOD representatives. All focus has been on the Arctic and the Greenland ice sheet.

All of the so called publicly available data on Arctic temperatures and Oscillation patterns has disappeared. Try to find it. There is nothing available after August 2010. The US and Canada have spent Millions on real-time monitoring in the Arctic. The data has vanished.

Above zero on Baffin Island in January is like a blizzard in the Sahara in July.

As these Warm/Cold Oscillations continue to expand Western Europe and Eastern North America are going to see EXTREME weather. In the summer the heat waves in the western U.S. are going to be downright Biblical…. just like the flooding in Australia. Nature is trying to restore a balance that has gone past the tipping point.
Real Danger. A few bird deaths. A few mega blizzards and biblical floods and rain storms of the century. These are nothing compared to the events in the near future when the Great Boreal Forest starts to die and billions of tons of methane are released into the Atmosphere. There is a lot of evidence that when the tipping point is finally reached things will happen quick. Perhaps in months… but probably in a matter of weeks. http://scarletwhore.com/?p=739

20 foot World wide Sea level rise. That’s a conservative guess. That would displace about 1 Billion people. 35% of the world farm lands would disappear.

I you were the President or a World leader and you knew this scenario was inevitable…. you would spend like there was no tomorrow. Why not? Money will mean nothing.

You have been warned. Get ready now. Get off your fat twinkie eating ass, put down the remote and start getting prepared. Make a large paypal donation to Scarletwhore.com… then go down to Walmart and buy 6 months of survival rations.

Source: http://scarletwhore.com

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