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Predictions 2008

December 2007

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As with nearly all my writings much of what I say may appear enigmatic but there is a reason for this: Much better that people realise and understand things for themselves - seeing a signpost is much better than being hit by one...or so I am told.

The title of David Icke's last book.

What's wrong with this title? And what has it got to do with predictions for next year, 2008?

The answer to the first question is easy:

It has to do with the oxymoronic 'Infinite' - a word that means 'no limits, limitless' - the most defining word in the title! And that's the problem - definition. The title attempts to define 'Love', 'Truth' and 'Illusion'. To define is to limit. Infinity has limits. Freedom has limits. 'Love', 'Truth', 'Illusion' - they all have limits. Without limits there are no possibilities, no alternatives. Everything is an illusion. Wait a minute 'Every'? 'thing'? 'is'? 'an'? 'Illusion'? All these words depend upon an alternative and to have an option means that there must be a limit. Nothing can be infinite, or true; something can only be valid in minutial circumstances - which are inevitably limited in themselves. Told you it was easy (cough). An' I ain't blamin' David...more later.

Anyway back to what 2008 is about:

The inherent unconscious language invested in the shapes, locations and patterns of numbers describe the energy patterns that are extant in the moments that they are present.

The numeric symbols that define the designated year '2008' are 2, 0 and 8.

Number 2

The millenium number is Number 2; and it describes what is regarded as 'feminine' energy.

Number 2 describes peace, emotions, cooperation, attraction, reflection. Number 2 represents the moon.
Number 1 is regarded as assertive, and because of this - 'male' energy.

Number 1 both desires and resents Number 2 and so in its Roman Empire-like way sees 2 as 11 - two 'ones'. None of those soft, flim-flammy curves. Upright, erect, proud, incisive and decisive! Cocksure! Number 1 represents the sun.

Number 2, on the other hand is apprehensive not aware, or sure, of her power. Look at the figure 2. It begins to ? but then stops and tows (or follows) the line _. It bows to its predecessor the Number 1 (1234..). It is malleable, soft and encompassing (the curve) - so it is gentle and loving. It cooperates.

But then there is another side to what the figure 2 reveals. Her dominance comes when she floors 1. (Bear in mind that most all number and letter symbolism - and when it comes to that, religious symbolism - is based on the relationships between males and females - especially the sex act.) The meaning of the symbolism of the two 'ones' being floored on 11th September 2001 is surely obvious.

The Clock of Creation has turned and we are now about to embark on the 9th year of a millenium that inexorably belongs to the Goddess. Make no mistake she will have it.

Since the beginning of the 20th Century she has been stirring. The two world wars, the atomic bomb, the emergence of fe/male leaders (in business, politics etc) like Margaret Thatcher, where the gender line, at least on a mental level, is blurred.

Contrary to fundamental opinion it is not He but She that has motivated the proliferation of female skin almost everywhere one looks. All of these are consequences and indications of Her devi-ousness - it's Girl Power! And they (the Spice Girls and others of that ilk) are another vanguard of the Goddess revolution. Girls displaying male attitudes and using their femininity to encourage a devotion to woman (the Goddess).

We are still morphing out of the male (shades of Adam and Eve). This morph is also portrayed in the figure 11 - the split, severance and also the twins, or the mirrors. We see an example of this going on with the emergence of Hillary Clinton out of the side of her husband Bill Clinton. Hillary is another man/woman - someone who is safe, or at least a better option, for the Sun Cult (Number 1) that has dominated for thousands of years. She is also possessed according to psychic information I received back in 2000 - when I was told that the plan was for her to become the next president of the US.

Another is the Jesus/Mary Magdalene intrigue. I've written on it in my book, "In These Signs Conquer". Da Vinci knew what this was all about - he portrayed it in his painting of the Last Supper. Jesus and Mary are one, but in a frozen moment, he shows them in the process of parting. Time moves on. The Age of Aquarius (the womb - 2) is at the door. But is it Mary? No dichotomy here

The increase in, or increased publicising of (it doesn't matter which), homosexuality, lesbianism and gender confusion is yet another sign that we are at the point where 1 becomes 2.

Everywhere you will see male institutions (1s) making allegiances in a forlorn attempt to forestall their inevitable demise (eg the Roman Catholics and Orthodox churches, the EU, Asian and American Unions - and prior to this the USSR and China, for example.) What they are doing really of course is falling into 2s arms and becoming partnerships. The future of these organisations depends upon whether 2 is threatened by them. If she is, then... well, you've heard the one about 'a woman scorned'. At any rate the Roman Church can hardly complain for is they, knowingly I'm sure, who set these 'endtimes' in motion. They stole and inherited the accumulated wisdom of mankind - among them the Pythagorean Mystery Schools. Pythagoras taught that 'everything in the universe is number'. It is the Church that foisted the calendar upon us thereby conjuring up the laws of nature for their own intentions. Now the wheel turns.

Because fearful Number 2s feel so insecure they can become tyrannical, unsettling, bullying, servile, divisive, deceptive and/or devious.

Positively they can be charming, peaceful, respectful, cooperative, supportive and loving. The true power of 2 will emerge when the damsel's dragon has defeated the solar knight (night).

Anyway, human beings are naturally inclined to cooperation (2) rather than competition (11). Ultimately competition is a one way (11) trip to oblivion. Indigenous people's still largely adhere to this natural behaviour. Competitive inclinations are, in the main, satisfied by games - and they are treated as games, fun. They see no point in aggressively competing for something unless it has real benefit for their whole group (family). Why risk injury, ill-health or death for pointless causes?

Number 0

Zero, nothing, nought - or nowt if your from northern England. 'Bagger all' if you're an Ozzie.

This number figure represents the egg, which in turn symbolises mystery and potential. It's potential is ignited by Number 1 - the wand, fire.

0 also represents the vulva. This in turn is used to symbolise a portal, as the Sheela-na-gig of ancient Britain attempts to show stiff-necked dullwits throughout time. They are marking doorways through time, space and perception; journeying places She has been bequeathed to show us. And similarly when 0 appears in a number we are about to enter 'another state of being' stage, time - dimension.

0 represents the potential for anything or nothing. It, as well, suggests cycles, anything that turns, moves, wheels. Consequently it symbolises wind, wheels, seasons, time, life, space, astrology, etc.

Number 8

The last number in a year number, in this instance '8', describes the quick active energy that permeates and uses the central numbers (00) at the volition (command) of the first number (2) in a natural sequence.

Number 8 is the Samson number and it symbolises eternity, twists, turns, strength, severity, chains, links, illusion of freedom, captivity, moving from one state to another.

Number 8 is very into power, control of things and others, finance, insurance, government, authority, law, military, security, nuclear power, weather and any contained (or regulated) cycles. Athletics, motor racing - anything on tracks - systems - railways etc fall under 8s spell.

A Maelstrom this way comes

For the price of 1100 (the year's first numbers - see above) silver coins Delilah was persuaded to cut Samson's 7 locks of hair.

I'd love to be able to say that everything is beautiful that 2008 will be wonderful, peaceful, a heaven on earth but it won't be. Number 8 represents Karma, reward and punishment, revenge, suppression, extremism. It is always under stress. It can be violent and terrible - a maelstrom. Extreme weather (such as hurricanes, floods etc), earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, fire, avalanches, mud slides, war, martial government, financial catastrophes, bankruptcy, ruin, devastation and terror - they are all set to rear up as the Goddess takes a firmer grip on her reign from the boys who won't let go.

Amalgamations, take-overs, rumours of take-overs are amongst the illusions at large in the business and international (invasions) world. Big financial scandals, collapses of insurance, mortagage and other finance-oriented businesses and also involving governments. (The present troubles with the Labour party and football in the UK are the birthing pangs of 2008 going into the next 9 years.)

Corruption will be exposed in every sphere of society that has mass involvement or influence - government, law, sport, finance. Expect secret societies to be brought into the spotlight in all this.

Other aspects of 8 are healthwise: eyes, feminine anatomy, cancer, disease, viruses, surgery and heart.

Number 2 is the wave (wind and water - air and water - the water carrier Aquarius) and it bears relentlessly for Cock Shore where it will claim what is best of the semen (Pisces) and scatter the rest to hurling winds of no more.

All this destruction will ultimately be a good thing. It is tearing down the old order. Not for the New World Order the boys and girls who dirge in their serge have planned for us but one where the true Loving nature of humanity will be able to shine out to the stars.

Could there be Contact this year? Yes, because Number 8 enjoys making connections - be they things, cultures, people et al

Getting back to 'infinity':

On its side the figure 8 is used for the infinity sign . gives these synonyms for 'infinity':

Definition: endless
beyond, boundlessness, continuity, continuum, endless time, eternity, expanse, extent, immeasurability, immensity, infinitude, limitlessness, myriad, perpetuity, sempiternity, space, ubiquity, unlimited space, vastitude, vastness

Now, we can attempt to encapsulate 'infinity' - and the above synonyms do a pretty good job of it - but can we ever adequately describe what 'infinity' means, really means? I think not (getting back to the introduction of this article).

The sign for infinity satisfies us intellectually but it falls woefully short when it comes to gratifying our unconscious faculties - intuition and imagination; even our emotional sense. Infinity is such a vast concept that these greatly underestimated strengths alone are capable of accomodating what 'infinity' is. Words cannot ever (and never will) anywhere near adequately express the so subtle wisdom that our higher minds are privy to from the boundless ocean of Creative Nativity. To define, I think, is to disempower.

Sometimes, it may seem that we need more words when what we really need is less of them.

© Ellis Taylor 30th November 2007
(Updated 1 Dec 2007)
(Updated 2 Dec 2007)

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