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Extraterrestrial implications on Earth

September 2008
by Al Kay

The history of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth may be millions of years old. Surely, aliens inhabited Earth eons before mankind evolved to be the dominant species. This fact is supported by archaeological finds of technological devices that defy explanation yet are dated to be millions of years old. Space travelers from advanced civilisations have explored the Universe in crafts that have mastered the time/space dimensions. Considering the strides humans have accomplished in space travel within the past few decades, it seems quite reasonable that ET races that are millions or maybe billions of years old have achieved exponential leaps, technologically speaking, in traversing the vastness of outer space. No doubt, they utilize the electromagnetic, light and nuclear energy inherent in space.

The present ET presence on Earth is quite an enigma. UFOlogists are perplexed about the ET agenda and the physics of their spacecraft I've explored various aspects of this topic for over ten years: types of craft -- terrestrial vs. extraterrestrial; alien abductions and genetic experiments/ hybrid breeding; contactee experience; crop circles; manipulative vs. ethical ETs; Men in Black; and governments position on the ET presence.

I have not had direct contact with aliens. In 1997, in Taos, New Mexico, while outdoors at 10:30pm, I encountered an orb or ball of light. I saw an intense bluish-white globe in the middle of the foothills, about three miles distance. Mesmerized by the basketball-sized orb, it zoomed towards me and hovered 75 feet up within twenty-five yards. I stared in amazement for less than a minute, then it vanished. No drugs or booze involved! I was alone. Over the past decade, in different locales, I've seen at least a dozen unusual stationary/silent lights doing erratic manoeuvres at various distances. I viewed through binoculars an encounter between military jets and an oblong UFO in airspace over Los Alamos Weapons facility in New Mexico. Later I discovered battles between military jets and UFOs are not uncommon. I attribute my sightings to the fact that I'm receptive to knowing about UFOs and ETs.

Entering the realm of UFOlogy is akin to exploring an endless, convoluted maze of twists and turns, and dead-ends. In many ways, alien activity mirrors the gamut of human behaviour, which spans the spectrum from the horrific to the terrific. On the horrific side is non-consensual manipulation of humans --- physically and psychologically. Many abductees experience amnesia, physical ailments, invasive experiments, bodily implants, and are severely traumatized by the abduction experience.

Some victims have died from cancer and leukemia. Manipulative aliens program the human mind to forget being abducted, although some abductees have undergone hypnotic regression to recall otherwise repressed memories of the experience. Dr. Roger Lear has surgically removed alien implants from abductees. Telltale signs of bodily implants are unusual scoop marks or scars that suddenly appear, chronic nosebleed, ringing in the ears, vertigo, hearing internal voices from an outside source, nightmares of visitation, missing time, and/or conscious memory of alien visitation. Aliens can metamorphosize human anatomy causing a body to permeate solid objects, like a wall or door. Bystanders are immobilized and experience time loss with no recall.

Not all abductee experiences are entirely negative. Some people report heightened psychic abilities, rapport with their counterparts after overcoming initial trauma, increased awareness concerning world events, and a sense of responsibility in solving global social problems. Some abductees are told prophetic messages about prospective, catastrophic events. Alien abductions usually run in families with several generations having the experience. Perhaps aliens keep a chronology of their genetic experiments. When asked by abductees why aliens perform genetic experiments, aliens respond it is to ensure the survival of humanity. Aliens seem to be concerned that humanity is on the verge of extinction. With the possibility of nuclear holocaust or ecological collapse, that isn't too far fetched!

Not all ET contacts appear to be selfishly motivated. If you want to avoid abduction, then call upon God, Jesus, a saint, your guardian angels, some other deity, or simply will it and mean it. Negative thinking and behaviour may invite negative energy. Thoughts are powerful, whether they are conscious or unconscious.

Physical contact with ethical ETs is less common than abductions. Apparent Ethical ETs seemingly prefer telepathic communciation through channels, mediums, or psychically sensitive individuals. Sightings of UFOs are becoming more common throughout the world. Since governments may be involved in back engineering crashed ET vehicles, there is no way to know for sure if an unusual craft is terrestrial or extraterrestrial in origin. UFOlogists are divided on this issue. Some claim all UFOs are government black-ops projects, whereas the other side insists all UFOs are of extraterrestrial origin. Self-serving aliens may be assisting governments with advanced spacecraft and technology.

Contact with ethical ETs has been alleged by some people -- Bill Meier and Betty Andreasson, for example. Also, channelled information from alleged ethical ETs conveys spiritual messages about brotherly love, living in harmony with nature, and benign technology that aliens will share with humanity when the time is right. Since the prevailing position on the part of authority is one of hostility and aggression towards ethical ETs, progress towards global peace, prosperity, and ecological harmony is at a standstill. Humanity can substantially benefit from ethical ET contact by learning more about it and being receptive to personal experiences. Even the Pope recently acknowledged that it is not contrary to Christian theology to embrace cosmic consciousness towards benevolent space brothers. It is going to take a revolutionary step forward on the part of humankind to progress towards this lofty yet essential challenge.


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