sexta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2008

When Dragons Ruled the World

September 08, 2008
by Dave Smith

For eons now images and stories of dragons have abounded the world over, yet no known animal could display the many strange features of your 'average' dragon.

Small wings, serpentine body, multicolored fire-breathing beasts; surely our ancestors were just insane or their imaginations 'substance enhanced' to come up with such creatures. Or, did these stories originate from something which was actually witnessed by the ancients?

Until modern technology and research showed us otherwise, we could perhaps have been forgiven for having thought the way we did. But Plasma Cosmology demands that we re-think previous assumptions about the origins of much of what we call "myth" today as evidence is mounting that in a Plasma universe there may be a simple, logical and scientifically demonstrable answer to what motivated stories of dragons in the sky.

Chances are once you weigh up the evidence, you'll never look at a dragon the same way again.

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