segunda-feira, 4 de outubro de 2010

It's True! Couples Share 6th Sense

London: In a research that points to the existence of " sixth sense", scientists claim to have found evidence that a couple can become physiologically aligned even without having physical contact with each other.

In fact, the study, led by led by Sydney's University of Technology, has found that some couples are so in tune that their brains begin to work in synchronisation — with parts of their nervous systems beating in harmony.

The scientists studied the brains and heartbeats of 30 volunteers during counselling sessions by counsellors and found identical patterns of brain activity in those who had become so close they were "physiologically aligned".

That means they reached a state in which their nervous systems were ticking in harmony, helping them to know each other's thoughts and emotions. The scientists believe the findings also shed light on the behaviour of couples, close friends or family members.

Psychologists know that some couples learn to think like each other — allowing them to "know" what their partner is thinking. But, this new study goes further by looking into the activity of the nervous system. Trisha Stratford, who led the study, said "When couples reach an aletered state they can read each other's brains."


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