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Worlds Best Remote Viewers 2010-11 Predictions

28 juni 2010

Team PsiZeta the Remote viewing super-team and future seeing group has released their 2010-11 forecast. The list of famous and controversial names involved in the project includes the likes of Ingo Swan, Yuri Geller, Ed Dames, and David Morehouse, and the Global Consciousness Project. The Vedanta Three, psychics/RVers from India also contributed.

The majority of the material was provided by remote viewing and psychic disciplines however the team also employed the use a very powerful predictive software program run on an array of HPC Tesla clusters.
Here are some of the Highlights: Probability 90%
  • the mysterious death of a former US President
  • Romania implodes and swings back to Russian control
  • targeted killings of dozens of Americans in Pakistan
  • temporary recall to service of 1 of the space shuttles
  • Germany wins the World Cup over Brazil
  • Gold hits $1800 then slowly settles back below $1000
  • Microsoft buys one of the big CPU makers
  • Huge forest fire on US/Canada Border 2010
  • 6.8 earthquake off shore Oregon 2010
  • Stem cell cure for blindness and disk regeneration
World events and conflict: China Crisis

According to the team 2011 would be the year of the China crisis. It starts off with the exchange of fire on the Korean DMZ and ends with South KoreaKorean air power and 400,000 South Korean soldiers will advance 60km into North Korean Territory.
In a desperate attempt to widen the conflict North Korean will launch its most effective missiles against Japan. Thousands of Civilians will die.
China vehemently protest against the South Korean advance but does not become involved until Japan launches a truly astonishing air operation against North Korean missile sites. making a big land grab from the North. Two nuclear devices will be used, one under the ground and the other under the ocean, both by North Korea as a defensive tactic. The massive rocket and artillery batteries of the North will be quickly destroyed by US and The Japanese Air force meets Chinese fighters on the Russian/DPRK border and destroys all of the Chinese Aircraft then proceeds to take out most of the long range missile sites in North Korea. The US will be caught off guard by the Japanese attack because it was not part of the plan as the US was still moving more air assets into the area. More surprising will be the material support given Japan by Russia, and the use of Russian air space by Japanese aircraft. The US quickly launches hundreds of cruise missiles hoping to take out any WMD sites than Japan had failed to eliminate, unfortunately the US strikes kill thousands of human shield civilians surrounding the North Korean targets.

Over a period of a few weeks the US and China rattle sabers but do not exchange fire. China pours a huge amount of resources into North Korea, primarily military equipment to shore up the crumbling regime.
China’s duplicity enrages much of the free world and there is a massive anti China backlash. The US severs all economic ties with China. China demands immediate payment of all US debt it holds. A huge Political scandal shapes up as a secret US(military/Federal Reserve) doomsday fund is brought to light. China is paid out the amount of 700 Billion USD.
3 US ships will best lost in the short conflict, including 1 carrier but the majority of the crew and aircraft would escape.
The Korean conflicts ends in another stalemate. 1,600,000 North Korean civilians will escape to the South.

In 2011 Israel will preempt the next Hezbollah attack by launching a lightning quick operation that totally destroys the terrorist organization. The Syrian army is laid waste by Israel and Damascus is pounded for weeks by the IDF. Israeli causalities will be very low. Israel stays in southern Lebanon to ensure its largest water supply.

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