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Mind Control: The Future Of Brain Implants


"I incline to the idealistic theory that consciousness is fundamental, and that the material universe is derivative from consciousness, not consciousness from the material universe... 

In general the universe seems to me to be nearer to a great thought than to a great machine. It may well be, it seems to me, that each individual consciousness ought to be compared to a brain-cell in a universal mind." 

~ Sir James Jeans, OM FRS MA DSc ScD LLD, 
physicist, astronomer and mathematician

Human thought creates in part the world as we know it—our reality. As we think, so we are. Without the freedom of thought, especially that in a positive light, we cannot live in the most optimal manner. In fact, these freedoms, which we hold to be self-evident, are the same ones which my ancestors fought for—during the American Revolution. We wished to be free, so we became free. Today, though the ruler has changed, the same fight for freedom of thought continues. The last war will be that over control of the human mind.

Like so many science fiction dreams from the future, the U.S. military funded its research of the Internet and got the connectivity up and operating in the 1960s. Today, the Internet is a global system of “interconnected computer networks,” using Internet Protocol Suite (TCP/IP) connecting billions of people both privately and publicly. Exchange of thought, music, video, and photos occurs almost instantaneously. This has altered how people interact with each other mentally, creating a new kind of possibility in global thinking. In 2009, an estimated one-quarter of the world’s population used the Internet. (1)

As of June 30, 2010, there are 1,966,514,816 Internet users worldwide, penetrating 28.7% of the population (6,845,609,960). The growth rate between 2000 and 2010 is 444.8%. In 2014, the Internet will be four times larger than it was in 2009. (2) He who controls the Internet will rule the world. And, eventually, the entire world, and its occupants will be connected with one universal language. What matters is how this occurs.

Since the development of the Internet, we have witnessed technological advancements at lightning speed, unparalleled to any in our history. And, we are now unable to keep up with these new apps, phones, softwares, etc.. Computers are taking over when we cannot quickly digest the newness.

There is a new device coming which will intercede on our behalf, an assistant within, which will implement the networking of information, to help us achieve the most optimal decision. It’s known as a Brain Implant. (3)

Sound scary? It is. To those born prior to 1960, the idea of a device injected into the brain is inconceivable. The brain after all is sacrosanct—that’s why there’s a skull, skin, and hair to protect the gray matter within. Unless of course, it might help with Parkinson’s Disease? Alzheimer’s? Or some other neurological disorder. Even then, there are side effects, and lingering questions about usage as the practice goes mainstream.

But to those born after 1960, the intuitiveness and ease of being “hands free” (think of Blue Tooth and GPS in the SUV), the choice might be a little easier. These are the generations which have grown up with Atari, video games, car phones, computers, laptops, cell phones, iPods, Kindle, and now an innovative Sixth Sense. The lusting after our own creation, drives technological development. For this last generation, the world is theirs. Or is it?

Once a device is implanted, who controls it? Who has access? And, can it read thoughts? Will the government be watching within?

This depends. Every time an invention is utilized, it generally has double applications with moral implications which could be useful against other humans. For example, take Agent Orange, an herbicide, produced by major corporations (Monsanto, Dow Chemical, Diamond Shamrock) for the U.S. Government for such major uses in Viet Nam against enemy combatants. The purpose was to defoliate forested and rural land, depriving guerrillas of coverage, and push peasants into the cities, where they could be controlled. 20,000,000 gallons were sprayed, 4.8 million Vietnamese were exposed, 400,000 of those were killed or maimed and 500,000 children were born with birth defects. Dioxins in the soil from Agent Orange, continue to affect the Vietnamese. (4)

Americans too were physically affected with side effects from exposure to the toxin while serving in Vietnam. Later, back home, their children were miscarried by their wives, or were born with birth defects. At least 39,419 veterans exposed to Agent Orange have filed disability claims. (5)

Agent Orange and other herbicides were tested in the forests of New Brunswick, Canada (with their permission), 1966-1967 by the U.S. Government. It is only recently that there has been a common sense return to the naturalness of organically grown foods—free of herbicides and pesticides, (still being produced by major companies). (6)

Just as governments try to control each other and their citizens, they play at replicating 
God. So too, is the Internet a relevant example of a manmade reflection of the God’s working of the Universe. As above, so below--the Internet mirrors the connectivity of person to person communication which is possible without wires.

To physicists, the Universe is a web of connectivity, allowing for dissemination of thought beyond the barriers of time and space. It is multi-dimensional and to many the energy and torsion behind the God-force which propels it. David Peat, physicist, writes, “The universe appears as a single, undivided whole whose patterns and forms emerge out of a ground, are sustained for a time, and then die back into the field….Consciousness too can be considered to arise out of a deeper ground that is common to both matter and mind.” (7)

MIT – trained physicist Gerald L. Schroeder writes, “Albert Einstein discovered that matter is actually pure congealed or condensed energy, energy in the form of solid matter. Everything from our bodies to boulders on a mountain is made of the energy of the big-bang creation….God used a substrate of wisdom with which to build the world. This Divine wisdom or mind is present in every iota of the world’s being. It explains how the energy of the creation, essentially super powerful light beams, could become alive and sentient, able to feel love and joy and wonder.” (8)

The necessity of brain implants to implement the facilitation of information is unnecessary, dangerous, unnatural, and will ultimately find itself in the hands of corruption. Look around yourself, governments, corporations, and religion are all filled with greed. Greed cares for no man, looking only to itself. And when man begins to assume the role of God, speaking into our minds, as if it was His still small voice, or our own, how will we distinguish thoughts? The mind is a receptor of information—like a radio antenna. We must understand who we are, what we’re thinking, and learn to control our own thoughts. If one does not pursue this avenue, someone else—a corporation or government, will do his thinking for him.

Brain implants may begin with a fun new way to be hands free, but later, the recipient may not be allowed to own his own thoughts. This is the way the final war is being fought—deceptively. Your thoughts create your reality—determine who you are, what you will do, who you will marry, and how your children will be raised. A brain implant (9) as the next step in human "evolution" would not alter one's perception of reality, it would change his reality. You must resist this temptation to laziness. Though it looks like the easy way to a good life, it will become the road to hell.

Without the capability of owning your own thoughts, you will not be able to reach God. God is the only surety in this life. Prayer or thought about and given to God, is the lifeline to hope. Reject the choice of man over God. Instead, realize that your mind is God-given. Use it. Develop it. Do not allow discouragement, negativity, or fear to con you. Neither, be fooled by the foolishness of physical promises—Yes, the world itself is changing in many ways, but fundamentally, it and the men on it are still the same. Fill yourself with Hope, and fight for the freedom to control your own mind. God still exists.


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