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Interesting Facts About Ancient Kings

by Yona Williams

As you browse about this article, you will encounter interesting facts involving various ancient kings, including the ruler who holds the record for the longest reign, as well as the educational secret held by Charlemagne.

Longest Reign in Recorded History

Did you know that the longest reign in recorded history is associated with the ancient Egyptians, where Pepi II succeeded the throne of Egypt in 2272 BC? According to evidence, it is believed that his reign lasted for 90 years, which means that he took on the position of royalty when he was just a babe. Pepi must have been a decent ruler, as within two years of his passes in 2182BC, Egypt faltered.

A Diverse King

During medieval times, there was a holy Roman Emperor by the name of Frederick II, who was known to hold atheist beliefs. He set up a court that was quite diverse, as he brought in both Jews and Muslims and placed them on an equal playing field with Christians. He also admired Muslim mercenaries and found them quite helpful when he battled against the Pope.

Reading, Writing, and Ruling…

The Frankish Emperor named Charlemagne (742 to 814 AD) never learned how to write and although he practiced with the use of tablets, he could never really get the hang of it. Instead, he poured his energies into reading, which is what he was able to grasp. At the time, he was considered quite in a league of his own when compared to other rulers, as the skill of reading was thought beneath them, as they left this task for monks and others to complete.

A Powerful Bloodline

By the time that the French Revolution was under way, there was a single family of kings that came from one man – Hugh Capet – who ruled France for nearly four centuries. This was observed between 967 and 1328. Throughout history, there has been related branches that included the Valois and the Bourbons, who succeeded the Capets and took over the rule of France until the 19th century rolled around.

Longest-Lasting Power

In history, there have been two kings who have ruled for a period of seven decades. The first is Shapur II of the Persian Sassanids, who took power from 309 to 379 AD. His reign lasted for his entire life, as he was born into the world immediately after his father's passing. 13 ½ years later, Louis XIV of France ruled from 1643 to 1715. Additional rulers who gain a notable mention include the Holy Roman Emperor Francis Joseph I of Austria who ruled for 68 years (from 1848 to 1916) and Queen Victoria, who was in power for 64 years (from 1837 to 1901).

Short Stack

Pepin the Short (the King of the Franks) didn’t get this name for nothing. The ruler who was in power from 751 to 768 AD measured only four feet six inches. However, this didn’t stop him from carrying around a sword that measured six feet long. Ironically, his wife was known as "Bertha the Big Foot."


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