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Into The Fractal Core: Get Ready For The Shift

October 03, 2008

The fractal spiral is the evolutionary movement of consciousness through the universe. Each iterative resolution of the fractal is encoded with the whole, meaning that every element and compound, from a hydrogen molecule to a Beethoven symphony, unfolds from the same elegant rule set and is capable of connecting to, or becoming, anything else in the universe. Every holographic fragment contains the big picture. It is the frequency of one’s own channel of consciousness that determines how deeply we can go.

Consciousness traces the logarithmic spiral arcs into ever higher dimensions of being, or more precise configurations of energy, as you prefer. It is useful to visualize the spiral as a three dimensional object, a cone. As we move towards the point, each augmentation of the fractal indicates an exponentially higher level of density and complexity. More information in less space, deeper awareness in less time, all accumulating from each previous resolution. This continues as we progress through the spiral, which becomes denser as we approach its singularity point, where no further complexity or geometric enfoldment is possible. This represents a natural completion and integration stage. A dimensional shift. We are at one of these points now.

That which springs from the spiral contains the whole spiral. With sufficient awareness, intuition and symbol decoding, one can determine specific imprints of the fractal spiral in any component of its creative expression. This can be used to plot trends, calculate future events or connect seemingly diverse memes into a more coherent whole. So, if we accept that (a) we are currently at the completion stage of the current resolution of the fractal spiral, and (b) we live in a time of high-density information saturation, we can fairly assume that imprinting of the spiral is omnipresent in our felt experience of the world. It is all around us.

Oceans Of Synchronicity

The holographic spiral messages can be detected in any direct experience, such as connecting with nature, listening to live music, deep dreaming and spontaneous spoken language. However, it is within the modern media technology itself that we find the remarkable power to actually control temporality – to freeze frame, slow down, rewind and zoom in on the spiral artefacts. This permits degrees of recognition and analysis usually reserved for shamans travelling deep along the vines of the fourth dimensional plane. Something many of us have forgotten how to do using the classical organic method.

The term synchromysticism has arisen to denote the practice of locating meaningful trans-temporal resonances within diverse and apparently separate media artefacts. Film has proven itself to be one of the richest sources of study, perhaps due to its financial backing, multi-layered informational density and global audience. However, virtually any media portal can be studied including TV shows, music, literature, video games, comics, advertisements, product packaging, posters, text books, logos. Where there is dynamic information flow, there are spiral messages.

A good bitesize example of a synchromystic discovery is the unearthing of a straight data connection between the transparent symbolism of Gnostic transcendence in the movie The Matrix [1999], with the mega-ritual of simultaneous destruction and awakening of the 911 event. The resonance is found in the date itself - 11th September 2001, this appearing as the expiry date on the passport of the character Thomas Anderson, aka Neo. Such a clear informational resonator is sometimes referred to as a sync wink amongst researchers. These links are best comprehended as key nodal intersection points, holographic resonators of strong resolution, hinting at the larger framework.

It is not only direct informational correlations that synchromysticism highlights, but also broader patterns and themes. Stargates, sacred geometry, messiahs, eschatology, astrological and occult symbolism are frequently traced and decoded through the media portals. Through this wider analysis, synchromystic researchers can be seen to represent very different detection formulae and interpretational perspectives in their work. Some are openly creative and artistic in their association of synchronous connections, almost using free association techniques, whilst others emphasize corroborating data and embedded numerological or geometrical data as a foundation for rendering a consequential thread. This demonstrates the distinctive blend of subjective and objective perceptions used to articulate the wider causal matrix. Indeed, conscious subject-object crossover is required for optimum efficacy and clarity.

Those new to synchromysticism often ask the question, “can’t you find meaning in anything if you look hard enough?” The answer to this is yes. After all, everything is connected. However, the strong resonances that indicate transcendental synchronicities follow certain subtle but definite patterns and seem to dynamically attract themselves to the researcher, rather than the researcher needing to fit data to his theories. This is best observed by experimenting with synchromysticism yourself. It becomes clear that open and fluid consciousness, unbound by the arbitrary restraints of any belief systems, is quite essential for proper study.

Mapping synchromystic elements together is an act of creation. A reductionist scientific method is unlikely to accommodate the inherently asymmetrical shapes of even the most basic syncs. As for locating the amorphous gigablobs of truly epic resonance, a sort of 4D shamanic jazz trance is required to unswervingly and lucidly conduct the torrent of interrelated data streams. In this sense, synchromysticism is one of a small number of dynamic research disciplines that requires the practitioner to operate beyond the default Newtonian-Cartesian causal guidelines. Another notable example is quantum physics.

Time Donuts

Critics of the value of synchromysticism often overlook the necessity of moving beyond such causal models of linear time. Synchromysticism does not operate in the consensus left > right, past > future timeline of the ticking clock. Within that model, synchromysticism is naked abstract expressionism; Rothko, Kandinsky, Newman or Still. A vibrant fusion of emotion and manifestation, but without higher gnosis. A broader perspective of a higher dimensional quantum modality is required to grasp how messages that appear to be outside of current time frames (especially from the invisible future) can present highly synchronous and prescient information about a given subject in the present moment. Time is better perceived as waves of energy moving along the surface of a torus (see diagram below).

One of the most absorbing aspects of synchromystic study is the fact that many of the most profound resonators are not intentional on the part of those who manifested them. The film makers are not aware they are expressing higher dimensional resonances from the fractal spiral in their cinematic work. Instead, spontaneous 4D field uplink is just pulling it right down from the spiral and channelling it into their ostensibly ‘original’ creative work. It is feasible in this sense that nothing is created, only discovered and envisioned as one’s own construct.

Of course there are those films that intentionally load symbolism into their narratives, such as National Treasure, The DaVinci Code, Eyes Wide Shut, Contact, Stargate etc. Ironically it can lessen the gravitation of a resonator when it has been consciously placed into a film. It seems that the more organic a resonance is - the more naturally it has filtered out from the spiral and into the media space - the more powerful and deep-rooted its effect. Then there are those productions that have both: conscious and unconscious trans-temporal resonance. Even amid the super symbolic attention to detail of The Matrix, it is both unthinkable and improbable that the Wachowski Brothers had any prior knowledge of 911. Yet that key date, symbolising (a) the end of Thomas Anderson’s consensus reality life and the beginning of his transcendental reincarnation as Neo, and (b) the 911 ending of one consensus reality façade and the transcendental wakeup of millions, must be observed as highly remarkable in the very least, if not staggering in its implications. For the shrewd observer of the spiral, it is yet another graceful articulation of the intelligent universe.

The Grand Unfoldment

From a higher dimensional perspective, everything has already happened. The vast multi-dimensional construct is wholly existent and perfectly complete. It is only whilst journeying through it that we experience the phenomenon of temporality, the passage of time, this being consciousness itself filtering information flow through us. It’s important to note that this is very much two way traffic: from the spiral into us, from us into the spiral. We are agents of consciousness, exploring and articulating the colossal holographic spiral. Yet, if the spiral already exists in its entirety, do we ever truly get to choose anything? Are we masters of our own destiny or pieces on a chessboard, simply shuffling from one predictable square to another?

Such questions of fatalism and free will melt into inconsequentiality in the face of the extreme complexity of the spiral at higher dimensional resolutions. The ability to choose from any of the trillions of paths available at every junction in every moment is as good as free will from our perspective. It’s a numbers thing. The greater the resolution, the more choices become available. The expanse of the planet is as good as infinite to a mouse. Only super advanced entities who have ascended the higher dimensional spiral architecture are able to perceive and process the vast oceans of possibilities further down the spiral. Only at such an evolutionary plateau is it viable to precisely envisage timelines, to see outcomes and choices. Even then, individual units of consciousness are prone to making unexpected decisions. As we consistently hear from channelled material, nothing is certain.

There is much information at the moment concerning major events coming in October 2008. Dates of the 14th October recur, as do the 7th & 13th October. There are 10 commonly discussed scenarios. (1) large scale false flag terror, (2) nuclear exchange, (3) fake alien contact, (4) real alien contact, (5) messianic return, (6) incoming 'planet x'/nibiru, (7) coronal mass ejection from the sun (knocking out anything electronic), (8) magnetic pole shift, (9) physical pole shift, (10) comet strike. If one doesn’t scare you, another one will. If one is improbable, another is probable. Belief or no belief, a full spectrum eruption of paradigms is with us right now – today - and is melting the ignorance of the modern inauthentic life. The polarity consciousness model has had its day. Study into these subjects certainly takes more energy than it gives. Without sufficient psychological grounding and context, it’s easy to understand why the newcomer would reject this material in favour of easy-to-swallow sugared pills of media distraction. Nevertheless, it seems the universe has the next level of the game ready to roll for earthlings.

To formulate a better idea of what the spiral has to say about coming events, both during October 2008 and the years leading up to 2012 (and beyond), I would recommend a study of the 2008 crop circle season. Examination will lead to earlier years too, but the 2008 season has been particularly fruitful. Personally, though I did not set out to prove anything, I have now satisfied myself that the majority of formations are not made by the hand of contemporary man. The knowledge and technique appears to emanate from outside of the current homo sapiens sapiens time-knowledge platform. This is an easy conclusion to derive. All the information is out there, one only need spend the time to look.

Though I had watched and analyzed the crop circles since 1996, my hands-on study did not begin until a decade later. By the Summer of 2007, I realized that it was the information, the geometry and the non-dualistic gnosis embedded within the crop formations that was the most entrancing piece of the whole jigsaw. Not who made them or how. Starmaps, coordinates, technology, spiritual wisdom, Gaian medicine, personal development, intimate yet open – with sacred geometry forming the basis of nearly everything. Sacred geometry may be the common galactic language.

The only real preparation is spiritual preparation. Psychological and emotional balance, together with a real, deep connectedness with oneself and the natural world has never been so important. Be who you really are. Dissolve inauthentic behaviours and attitudes. Allow the universe into you. The chrysalis that we thought was the whole world, is beginning to crack open. Examine the photograph, above. The small lifeform on the left is about to leave its entire world behind. Perhaps better to stay put. But the nature of the universe is evolution. The great fractal spiral. So it emerges a different form of consciousness than before, not the same being at all. When the transformation is complete, it stretches its newly created wings in an entirely different dimension of existence.

Greater dimensions of being await. Observe non-attachment. Do not cling to anything, and there shall be no suffering. Easier said than done, some may say, but take the first step. Know in your heart that all is one. Feel the impermanence of all things. Know the indestructibility of your soul. We have chosen to be here now, in this time of revelation, unveiling and transformation. Stand at the centre. You are the change.

Footnotes & references

(1) Crop Circle Links

(a) Good visual intro to the phenomenon:-

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(3) In modern virtual-world games, the player’s avatar will often encounter landscapes which are ‘procedurally drawn’ - dynamically forming themselves, as they are encountered, according to a defined rule set. This is the same principle as fractal spiral encoding. A glance into its mechanics is useful for a greater understanding of this article. See

4) Second image is Gaia (1989), by Alex Grey


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