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Blood Technology

December 27, 2009
by Tony Elliott

Blood Technology
The world would be quite a different place in technology and scientific advancements than it is today if it were not for the suppression, concealment and in certain instances outright destruction of inventions, achievements and research of technologies by Governments belonging to NATO, the WARSAW Pact of 36 years and many members of the United Nations.
At the conclusion of WWII all of these scientific and technological marvels which were researched and experimented by scientists and engineers of Nazi Germany were shelved, suppressed and or destroyed by these nations. The main reason being that these advancements were considered as tarnished by the blood of tortured and murdered Jews during the reign of Nazi controlled Germany. Thus we at the time made decisions which would effect the scientific and technological advancement of the whole civilized world for decades to come.
Presently because many advancements were included in the Blood Technology in the 1940's we are faced with virtually having no alternative scientific ideas which could free the world of fossil fuels and perhaps change the whole face of transportation from gasoline combustion engines and jet fueled propulsion engines to pollution free modes of travel which use the natural laws of attraction and repulsion from the gravity of not only planets but whole solar systems and galaxies.
I believe a prime example of government suppression of ideas related to that research done in Nazi Germany and any research remotely linked to that of the Nazis since can be seen in the Ponds and Fleishman Cold Fusion experiments.
Almost immediately after their announced discovery of CF in 1989 the rest of the Government subsidized scientific world did nothing but discredit the experiment and ridicule Ponds and Fleishman as quacks of their trade.
Aside from the fact that any energy produced from the Cold Fusion would be a fraction of the cost of comparable fossil fuel energy if done properly. The real reason behind the closed doors concerning Cold Fusion is that it was previously in experimental stages in Nazi Germany. This would be the only explanation aside from the lack of monetary gains that would make the Government controlled scientific community want to trash the idea before it could be legitimately explored.
Some city buses in Nazi Germany were run totally on a tension coil which had to be wound up by a machine at night before operation during the day. Such a pollution free mode of transportation would be in operation today if the world were allowed to capitalize on this technology.
Thus it is not a question of how our civilization can use technologies not requiring Fossil Fuels. It is a question of simply when the governments of the world who chose to suppress good technology and scientific achievements on the basis it was born out of brutal death and torture will allow such achievements to a world sorely in need of them.
With the population of the world at about eight billion the question of ethics surrounding these advancements should be taken off the table.
There are many scientific breakthroughs in the world at all times, it is only what presiding governments will allow into fruition that we are privy to.
The time has come for the control of the scientific community by governments via funding be abolished and replaced with private funding and donations. Much more would be achieved for the general public in doing this.
If it were not for the suppression of such technology and science advancements perhaps we would be considering visiting a neighboring galaxy rather than being stuck on going nowhere as we are now.


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