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Orbo Technology, Steorn, Free Energy, Electromagnetic Energy is Here

17th December 2009
by Rett Anderson

This page is to announce and push forward the unveiling of a new energy device that will be more important than any other invention since the dawn of the industrial revolution. .. a device that will bring to our planet free energy.

The brilliance and open mindedness of scientists of Steorn Comapny in Ireland has brought forth a mechanical device that produces more energy than it takes to run it. They will not manufacture machines but will lease the concept to engineering companies to run with the concept to see what they can develop. They are predicting that these machines will run refrigerators, lights, cars through point of delivery generation. The concept is also being released to universities so young and brilliant minds can push the concept forward.

There is nothing that the oil industry nor the energy conglomerates can do to stop it now. Consider all the people of the past who have been taken out due to their inventions that held the promise of leading to free energy, who have simply died, either through murder or accident, once their technology went for patent. Those days are over.

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