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Chlorella as a Weight Loss Supplement

November 17, 2009
by Byron Richards

Several new animal studies show that chlorella is yet another nutritional tool to assist in the battle of the bulge. One study showed it could improve leptin and insulin function despite a high fat diet. Another study showed it prevents the accumulation of fat in fat cells (blunting the storage of calories).

In the first study 9 weeks of chlorella supplementation lowered leptin levels in rats on a normal diet and in those on a high fat diet. Chlorella prevented the insulin resistance that otherwise occurs from a high fat diet. Furthermore, chlorella improved the functionality of glutamate transporters, which clear excess glutamate from nerves and thereby prevent excitotoxic damage to nerves. This is a novel finding since obesity is clearly linked to cognitive decline.

The second study showed that chlorella inhibited the growth of baby fat cells. This is important because these baby fat cells readily mature and become active fat-storing cells when a person eats too much. Chlorella also inhibited existing mature fat cells from storing new fat. Furthermore, higher doses of chlorella helped to knock out the excess fat cell population.

Chlorella is a green superfood that promotes many aspects of health including detoxification, nerve health, and immunity. These studies shown it has the potential to be excellent support for weight management efforts.



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