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Penetrating The Veil Of Physical Reality: Accessing And Using Your Psychic Mind

January 11, 2010
by Doc Edwards

The information in following article is derived from those same "other' and "extra-normal" sources from which all of the information in this book, "Alien And Extra-Terrestrial Spirituality And Religion" is derived. The entire chapters of this book will be published as inclusions in Be sure and check back from time to time for more articles on this incredible subject.

I was somewhat startled, and literally taken aback when my "sources" revealed to me that evolution, at least as I understood the term as it applies to our human species, was an incorrect interpretation and assessment of what has actually happened to human beings over the last twenty-five thousand years of our development on this planet. In many respects, especially where it concerns our native and natural intuitive and psychic abilities, which at one time was literally part and party of what and who we were,... and were intended to become,have actually "devolved, thus creating a sort of "de-evolution." Things like clairvoyance, precognition, remote viewing , as well as other psychic abilities should be as natural and second nature for humans as dam-building is to a beaver, or hive-building is to a bee, yet in today's world we see very little evidence of these psycho-spiritual abilities in most people. At one time in the long ago past of our species, not only were such things, as what might be called, "second sight" commonly practiced by human beings, but were necessary for our very existence and survival as the physically weakest of all species.

Perhaps our modern day wonders and machines of human ingenuity and resourcefulness, our so-called "great outer technological advances," are what have lessened our dependence on our native, inner technology of accessing our psychic mind's abilities and powers. The evidence of human history and experience would make it seem so. The advent of our higher technologies and more creature comforts have not only softened and lessened the hardship of physical existence, they have softened and lessened our psychic minds as well. No longer do we have to psychically sense where danger might be lurking in the world around us, we have CNN and radios and cellphones to tell us. While our species might appear, at least collectively and on the surface, to be better off because of all these technological advances, it seems our individual lives, that is, as singular entities trying to make sense out of our existence, purpose, and destiny, have suffered a great loss of part of our cosmic identity in this technological transformation from ancient intuitive and psychic man to modern and technologically-oriented man. Somehow, we do not seem as whole and complete as we possibly once were, not as fully equipped to survive not only our personal inner turmoils, but even our outer turmoils as well as. our psychically developed predecessors did. We were designed to develop in two symbiotic directions, an intuitive as well as a technological, not one as we have obviously and unfortunately done.

Most of humanity would not now suspect it, given the pseudo-spiritual patina our society has veneered itself with, but unless we once again, as a species, "en mass," begin to re-access and develop these psycho-spiritual tendencies, abilities, as a part of our daily life and existence, not superficially, as now we practice our religions, but earnestly as part of our human identity, then we run the risk of expediting our own extinction as surely and certainly as if we had pressed a button unleashing our own obliteration. It would certainly be a slow and miserable death, perhaps taking place over thousands of years, an extinction accompanied by a spiritual and psychic deprivation and emptiness that even our current most spiritually devoid members could not envision.

Even from a less destitute observation, one thing is for sure, we have grown somewhat mentally lazy and certainly use less and less of our mind and inner faculties than did our prehistoric fore-bearers. One could argue that, quite literally, parts of our brain and mind have been taken over and replaced by our machines, nearly to the point of atrophy in many of our members: Consider how television has usurped the imagination of children.

I'm sure that almost everyone, at one time or another, has heard the familiar statement that "people only use ten per cent of their brain capacity," which is just another way of restating the evolutionary problem; though, most people assume this statement to mean that the great majority of us only use ten percent of our intelligence. Now, while the truth of the lessening of our intelligence can be substantiated easily by anyone willing to invest just a little time in finding some out of the way, obscure place at almost any mall, just to sit and watch for awhile how most humans behave in public, still we are left with nagging, unanswered questions: "Where is the other ninety-percent?" and "What does that ninety-percent consist of?"

Of course, human history (devolution), along with actual experience, and the modern human condition, all will show that the missing ninety-percent is not to be found in the human intelligence quotient (I.Q.) alone. No, our native intelligence is only part of this esoteric mystery; there is a whole lot more to this whole-brain business than first meets the eye, and by now it should be fairly obvious that we're not going to find it in a three and a half pound lump of quivering gray flesh.

Certainly, the human brain, as a singular, exemplary expression of the complexity, profundity, and wonder of Nature stands out above all manifested physical creations, like a bright and shining evolutionary star. It is the living and pulsing clone of the very quintessence of the intelligence of Nature herself, the mirror image of the microcosm reflecting the macrocosm.. Confronted with such a natural miracle as the human brain, surely even a trainload of atheists could not possibly do anything but bow their heads in the face of such an eloquent and obvious natural, evolutionary demonstration.

This known ten percent of the brain's more obvious capacity, which is actually only our normal, everyday human intelligence, is only the smallest point, the barest physical prick of contact, as it were, of a very large needle indeed, obviously a needle that is only ten percent visible, and ninety-percent invisible. It is here in the not-so-obvious ninety-percent where we will find mankind's missing psychic and psycho-spiritual abilities; and I would further suspect that what we really need to do is re-state the problem as follows: "Ninety-percent is not actually so much missing as it is that ninety-percent is not currently being used by most modern humans. " I would suspect further that we don't need to so much as "find" the other ninety-percent as we need to let these lost attributes and abilities, which constitute this ninety-percent, be "revealed" to us through such ancient revelatory practices as meditation, scrying, psycho-imaginative journeying and other meta-normal methods commonly handed down, encouraged, and practiced naturally by our prehistoric ancestors. The human mind, when properly tapped, is where the finite threads itself to the infinite , the measurable loops into the immeasurable, and the seen to the unseen. Here is where we will find our missing ninety-percent.

By not using this other ninety-percent, modern man has devolved into a cripple, a psycho-emotional cripple, but a cripple nonetheless, just as surely as if he had cut off both of his legs.

Human beings have mistakenly assumed the mind to be, more or less, predominantly only a natural mechanism for the manifestation of human intelligence and its powers of reason and logic; though, the truth is that somehow humanity has put the proverbial mental cart before the mental horse. Cognitive intelligence is only the smallest part of the mind's total, overall function (more closely resembling the acknowledged ten-percent) . Nature intended the mind, through its physical organ, the brain, to be a type of super-holographic-integrator that connects the microcosm, Man, to the macrocosm, God, All-That-Is, or whatever else you should want to call the Great Force that pervades the universe, and thereby giving to man the ability to tap into the infinity of universal knowledge and wisdom.

Through such meta-normal practices as those that I mentioned above (meditation, imaginative journeying, spiritual contemplation, etc) the human mind can exceed the limitations of mere cognitive intelligence, and can make great quantum leaps of holographic integration, more in what I would call "knowledge and wisdom" rather than just "basic intelligence" alone. Through such ancient psycho-spiritual practices, human beings literally become greater than the mere sum of their physical parts. Through these induced means, the awareness,and access of the human mind can reach far beyond the square confines of delineated time and space to tap into the veritable , invisible, non-corporeal fount of all knowledge --- past, present, and future. Using such ancient meta-normal practices as meditation, dream control, and cosmic contemplation, human awareness and consciousness can leap over (as Einstein himself discovered) the most complex calculations and ruminations of human intelligence to get almost instantaneous answers to otherwise insoluble problems. With these arcane psychic tools, we encounter the eternal source of our self-evident awareness; we dive into the great and formidable depth that is the unbounded sea of Pure Consciousness that ever laps at the shore of the human mind.

Here, too, is where human beings can connect directly, through these meta-normal practices, to the omniscient and eternal omnipresence of the unfathomable, unspeakable GreatTotality that is truly the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega of All-That-Is Possible, in the past, now, and forever. Here is the exponential , unseen quotient of our real human possibility, of our unlimited psychic reach, and our incomprehensible spiritual power. Here is where we sense and feel as an immediate reality and reassuring presence the heavy and awesome breath of God, and realize that it comes not out of some far off heavenly realm in the sky, but rather is coming out of our own mouths.

Contrary to what you might think, there was a time in our prehistoric past, when mankind's very existence and survival depended on his access and utilization of this now predominantly missing ninety-percent of mental capacity and prowess. Ancient man depended upon and lived in the reality and awareness of the extended reach of his mind as much as his physical body existed in the cold and dangerous world of physicality.

Because of this hyper connection to a greater percentage of his mind, prehistoric man, in spite of possessing only a visibly limited physical technology, a condition which obviously made his physical existence more challenging and arduous, nevertheless, also possessed an invisible, unlimited cosmology that allowed him to spiritually operate at a different, more psychically heightened and attenuated level of reality than his modern counterparts, which made his inner, spiritual life --- and thus his happiness and sense of peace and fulfillment --- fuller and more connected to the greater, invisible world and Nature around him than modern man is even capable of imagining. This is a psycho-spiritual world, realm, and state-of-mind, that most of modern humanity is, at least for the great majority, unfamiliar with, having replaced it with only superficial, outward forms of man-made religions and weak, tepid spiritual teachings and traditions.:Positive -thinking is no replacement for the profound reassurance and conviction that comes out of "psychic-knowing."

Most modern people are simply not aware of their own, ethnological and DNA-inscribed birthright, which is their inherited ancestral and prehistoric gift for natural clairvoyance, precognition ,along with a host of other psychic attributes. To put the matter quite simply: to be truly and wholly human is to be psychic --- and by "psychic," I don't mean a mild case of acute intuition but a full blown case of "paranormal knowing."

Often when I'm doing a psychic reading for someone, I am compelled, as if by some invisible presence, to tell them in point blank terms, "You're every bit as psychic as I am, if you would only invest the time to explore and tap into this side of your nature and ability." When I say this, I am utterly sincere and mean every word of what I'm saying to them: People are, for the most part, simply mentally lazy and will not do the few things necessary for this incredible , hidden part of their nature to open up and bloom into all of its amazing psychic glory. Most have no idea whatsoever of how much of the fullness, splendor, and wonder of life that they are missing by not learning how truly easy it is --- and I might add, incredibly enjoyable and pleasurable --- to learn to access and tap into this part of their nature and being.

Indeed, everyone does possess, not just a little, but a great degree of psychic ability --- once they know how to properly access and tap into it.. The question is not really whether one has psychic ability or not --- indeed, everyone does --- the question is to what degree do they try to use and depend on it in running the circumstances and affairs of their life. To what degree have they trained themselves to avail themselves of Nature's great gift to our species, to be able to depend on it to give them an accurate assessment of any person, situation, or future prospective outcome? Most are unaware of the extreme physical and mental euphoria and excitement that knowing something before it happens can bring into their life experience.

Never forget, Nature is a frugal mother, she only hands out those tools that are absolutely necessary for a species to survive and proliferate. Human beings possess this so-called, sSxth Sense for a good and necessary reason: we could never have survived the long, evolutionary journey of physical existence without it. Most of modern humanity is only operating at "half-power" or less. Our five physical senses, which can be comforted and pleasured by our machines and technology, still leave us spiritually and psychically depleted and empty. Man was meant to be a whole being, not a half-being as so many literally seem to be. The luminous omniscience and unfathomable intelligence of Nature itself, intended for us to experience and have much more, more that can only be found in the invisible, psychic realm of the spirit, a realm that waits for us in the other ninety-percent of our potential and psycho-spiritual functioning. If you would like to find out more about the possibilities inherent within your own "psychic mind" then visit me at my website:


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