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Apr 26, 2007

opening the eyes of the world

Archived Webstream Interviews with Michael Tsarion

here - Astro-Theology (An Interview with Patrick Bailey)
here - Atlantis (An Interview with Patrick Bailey)
here - The Hermetic Tradition (An Interview with Patrick Bailey)
here - Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism (With Patrick Bailey)
here - The Hermetic Arts of Divination (Health Ahead Interview)
Rob Simone Interviews (on You Tube)
here - Part 1
here - Part 2
here - Part 3
here - Part 4

The Rites of Saturn and Pluto (Maxwell, Tsarion, etc.)


here - The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth (A Free Slideshow by Michael Tsarion)
here - Weapons of Mass Deception Found (Revised Article)
here - Occult of Personality (Interview May 8th)
here - Thinking For the Mind
here - Brief History of Ireland (Interview Excerpts)
here - Kentroversy Interview (The Maybe Quarterly)
here - UFO Magazine Interview (Marrs, Tsarion, Maxwell)
here - 2012 - The Future of Mankind (Live in Los Angeles)
here - The Origins of Evil
here - Michael Tsarion Media Blog ("Quest for Atlantis")
here - For the Horizon Project, with Brent Millar
here - For Israel-Palestine Conflict Interview
here - New Webstream Interview with Freeman Fly
here - For Interview on Akhenaton & the Cult of Aton (with Dr. Tillawi)

Or watch it on Google (best quality)


The Occult of Personality (Interview)

here - Here for Interview Page

Revere Radio Network Series (with Thomas "Dire" Wolfe)

here - For revere network menu page

The Sacred Space Series (with George Rideout, Canada)
here - for interviews of vampirism, illuminati & 2012, etc.

The Perfect Slave (Interview with Alex Merklinger)
here - for link to interview

The Chris Pirillo Show (Interviews)
here - for part 1
here - for part 2
here - for part 3

Conscious Media Network Interview

here - to listen and download

Full Moon Radio (Interviews)
here - to download part 1
here - to download part 2

The Edge (Interview with Daniel Ott)

here - type 'michael tsarion' in previous shows search field

The Red Ice Series (With Henrik Palmgren, Sweden)

here - Interview (13 April 2006)
here - Interview (22 June 2006)

here - Part 1
here - Part 2
here - Part 3
here - Part 4
here - Part 5
here - Part 6
here - Part 7
here - Part 8
here - Part 9
here - Part 10
here - Part 11
here - Part 12
here - Part 13

here - For Complete "Red Ice" Interview Menu

here - For Complete Interview List
here - Other Interviews & Webstreams
here - For the "Origins & Oracles" DVD Series

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