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Nobody needs to serve 'Justice' for the Elite: How to Activate and have Acces to your DNA-Archive

The 'Furian Spirit' in you,
will not submit to the
Totalitarian New World Order Agenda.

By radiating True Freedom ... you inspire all sides!
including the puppets ;o)

True Empowerment does not need to have 'power over' anyone else.
It just Is.

Love ... Is ... and has no conditions,
it will serve all (!) to learn their lessons.

We all will be mirrored back in what we radiate:
'Victim Mentality' co-creates Victim Reality.

Trust your true (dormant & hidden) potentionals. Activate who you really are. By just 'Being' you have more effect around you, than 'wanting to change the other all the time'.

Stop serving (like a slave) a system that rapes the Earth Ecosystem and our (and our children's) health and our Freedoms.

Learn how to Empower Yourself. Educate Yourself.
Have Fun Exploring True Freedoms.

If you live from the heart you GET energy.
If you live from (fear based) 'rational' brain alone,
it wil DRAIN energy out of you and serve the parasites'
New World Order agenda.

Most of the time, the mainstream mass media hypnotises you, to make you 'feel powerless' unnecessary (we have over 100 examples).

Dark Ages of the Parasites that need puppet politicians & corporate controlled media are collapsing. You know it, I know it... They Know it ... so be prepared for the final 'battle' towards the Global Shift / Transition 2012. That is already happening NOW.

We all need to escape our 'MindPrison', to FREE your brain, FREE brains on all sides, by allowing yourself to Be yourself (stop self-censorship).

Transform any absolutism (fixed thinking) with humor, love, kindness, patience & unlimited creativity. :o)

Who are you really ?
Who do you serve ?
What are you gonna do ?

Enjoy who you really are,
unlimited consciousness tapping into infinite awareness.

20. 'Mind Triggers' made by

01. Do you know who you are at a soul-level ?

02. Do you know your soul-parents (origins of your soul) ?

03. How many times do you think/feel/experience that you had information/awareness downloaded to your brain for later purpose special between 2007-2012?

04. How many times have you had visions or dreams that came true?

05. How many times do you feel that you have a task to do that you have to prepare human-kind for the upcoming transformation 2007-2012 ?

06. How many angles (not angels) do you feel you need to investigate with complex (controversial) subjects?

07. How many sci-fi movies you consider part truthfull, to condition & prepare human kind for the coming transition/transformation ?

08. Have you ever considered / felt that you had an encounter with a timetraveller?

09. Are you aware that you can be a victim of many different types of mind-control?

10. How do you protect (or prevent) yourself from any mindcontrol.

11. Do you feel that SOME cropcircle-symbols are triggering a PART of your brain / sub-conscience ?

12. Do you consider that a full-disclosure of the Alien Presence by our world governments (UN), can be very extreme one-sided and serve (hidden) agenda's of secret societies to create their (fascist-like) Totalitarian 'New World Order' with a police-state system?

13. Do you feel/think/know that the Planet Nibiru or 'Planet X' is wanting us to be slaves for them, and that our planet was just a breeding zoo, to be harvested for later purpose, but that the care takers or some of the watchers disagree with their superiors and are going to rebel together with other beings to prevent us to become slaves ?

14. Do you think/feel/know that there are Ancient Beings who live in the Oceans...having many deep underwater cities that are BEYOND dualism, and interact with several other Ancient ET's (part positive Reptillians) who have a total different agenda than the Grey's & Orion-Reptillians?

15. Do you feel that a huge network of independent Key-people around the Planet are being activated to have a purpose to NOT promote group behaviour, NOT promote 'follow the leader'-syndrome etc. etc. but activate your OWN authorithy to empower yourself without the need to use or abuse anyone for your goals?

16. Are you aware that any kind of fear on whatever level, can be a blockage of your intuitive powers ?

17. Are you aware how important your quality of thinking is, and that you have responsibility for that, because you know that you are a co-creator and do not have to suffer or have any kind of self-pity ?

18. Are you aware that ANY behaviour you seed, you will be mirrored back, including from Alien-beings especially between 2007-2012.

19. Are you aware that ANY need of control over anything is a statement of distrust of your true-self ?

20. Do you allow others to have their own pace in (spiritual) evolution of comprehension and understanding ?

21. Do you ever feel like you are sitting in your body, looking through your eyes like windows ? (question by Sahfed).

Because of the incompetents and total failure of the mainstream media to expose the (shadow) governments' accountability in the illegal UFO-ET-Cover Up including the secret deal with the wrong aliens ... we live NOW towards 2012 in a STATE OF INFORMATION EMERGENCY!

If the media can not handle hard-truths, than we must take our authority back and create our own fate!

Real Freedom of Info (that creates more honest choices) through rapid unstoppable GLOBAL information awareness! ...

Time to go beyond the standard bad summaries of mainstream UFO-(pseudo) skceptics and having FUN doing it :o)

"It's better to explore life and make mistakes than to play it safe. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays for a full life"

Sofia Loren


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