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Scientific evidence suggests woman is an Extraterrestrial-Human hybrid

21. Mar 2007

Milagros Garcia is an alleged Alien and Human inter-species hybrid. The blood DNA from this Puerto Rican woman has yielded analyses so unusual and interesting that the physician involved is now interested in meeting the subject for further study. The DNA is possible in humans but is very rare.

Ms. Garcia claims that she is the offspring of an alien encounter. The Doctor is not interested in the UFO/ alien phenomena he wants answers as to why her DNA has such rare qualities.

A Case similar to this is being investigated in New Paris Ohio. A woman there has exceptional skills and get by on two hours of sleep a night. Pictured on the left is Milagros Garcia's Mother and Milagros Garcia is on the right.

The case of Omnec Onec, an alleged 'Venusian'
Omnec Onec alleges that she is a female extraterrestrial who originally came to Earth in 1955, who was born 246 Earth years ago. Omnec Onec says she was raised on the planet Venus in a town called Teutonia (a city whose name reflects earlier Venus-Earth contacts that included a trip to Venus by a German scientist). She alleges that she lived on an astral plane -- without a physical body -- until she was instructed by her leaders to travel to Earth with a message of peace and brotherhood.

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