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Expert warns of increasing water stress for Spanish public

May 13, 2007

He said 65% of the population will be suffering a negative supply and demand by 2030

An expert in water resources has warned that 65% of Spaniards will, in 2030, be experiencing water stress, something which occurs when the demand for water exceeds the amount which is available to the public.

The warning came from Luis Berga, President of the IOCLD, the International Commission on Large Dams.

Speaking in Málaga at a round table discussion organised by the Spanish Association for Water Supply and Drainage, he said that increasing population figures and fluctuations in weather make Spain particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climatic change.

He said that 36% of Spain’s population can currently be said to suffer from water stress.

Another warning came from Marta Morén, a representative of the European Commission who was also at the discussion this weekend.

She said that climatic change will not only bring with it a significant reduction in water reserves, but will also make reaping the benefits of rainwater much harder to achieve. Morén warned that the capture of rainfall will become increasingly difficult as the rainfall itself becomes ever more violent.

She said one of the European’s Commission’s priorities in the field is to support projects for reusing water, for improvements to supply networks, and rationalisation of demand.

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